Lillian Holmes and the Leaping Man

Lillian Holmes and the Leaping Man

by Ciar Cullen


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At the cusp of the twentieth century, an heiress turned detective enters a world of deception and danger and must learn to trust her nemesis with both her life and her love.

Tormented by a tragic past, Miss Lillian Holmes nonetheless found the strength to go on, to become the greatest female detective of her time. To make her uncle proud. Except...he was not truly her uncle. Sherlock was a fictional character, and Lil was less a true detective than a sheltered twenty-six year old heiress with taste for mystery...and morphine. But then she saw him. Leaping from her neighbor's second story window, a beautiful stranger. With the recent murders plaguing Baltimore, here was a chance to reveal the truth.

Except, the Leaping Man was far more than he seemed. A wanton creature of darkness, an entry point to a realm of deception and evil, and to a Truth she had waited countless years to uncover, he would threaten far more than Lillian's life. He would take both her heart and soul. And she would rejoice in it.

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ISBN-13: 9781942886426
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/10/2015
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.39(d)

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Lillian Holmes and the Leaping Man 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Jesse_Kimmel-Freeman More than 1 year ago
Let's begin with the obvious, Ciar is a freaking genius! Now that this out of the way, we can begin to look at this amazing book! One of the great things about doing book reviews and being a writer- I can get green with envy over the brilliance of others... this is one of those books. Ciar has created amazing characters, an amazing setting, and a plot that makes you want to keep reading- what more could you want? Nothing! Why did I love this book? Lillian! She is such a great character. There is a lot of depth and you can see her grow and change in the story! She's sort of mousy in the beginning- not in the way you think, but because of the barriers that she's created for herself against the cruelties of the world that have been slapped against her young blossoming heart! By the end of the book, you know that this girl could rip someone's throat out if she needed to. A big change from the girl that hid her night rides on a motorbike... but she goes through some big changes! But do not mistake what I've said as a way to make her a less character in the beginning of the book- oh hell no! The girl dresses in men's clothing so she can go out for her night rides, stands in front of a window naked as the day she was born and watches the Leaping Man (oh, yum, by the way!). Okay, I've said too much about her and perhaps too much of the beginning? I never know what to say and what not to say! I want you all to read the book! Bask in the awesomeness that is this book and remember that I'm the one that pointed you in that direction! If you love Sherlock Holmes, even if it is only because of the smexy Robert Downey Jr., then you'll want to read this book. I completely imagine George as a RDJ kinda handsome rouge. I'm sure his brother would be just as delicious- but there is something about the character qualities that cause George to be that bad boy type that draws women to him in the flocks and I want to be there too! Yes, I could totally imagine him as George and maybe we could cast Phillip as Johnny Depp... I might just die and go to that special place reserved for woman that drool over these men! Although looking at in this light, perhaps Johnny would make the better bad boy and Robert would be the good one? Oh, no! I've done it... I picked two smexy bad boys as brothers! This is all wrong! But still sooo good! LOL. Anyways, back to my point! This book has characters and stuff in it for everyone. We have the strong eccentric female; the soft mild-mannered best friend; the smexy brothers (one the bad boy and one the favorite); mysticism; death threats; rowdy street urchins & their trusty mutt; love; murder; mayhem; paranormal; and enough real life to slap reality in the face. I am truly in love with this book and I cannot wait until Ciar writes the next one! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write it soon and let me proof read it! I will be totally honest and kick some serious proofreading butt! I highly recommend this book for everyone! You love romance (check!), action (check), historial (check), paranormal (check), strong females (check!), strong males (check!), insanity brought about by "medicines" (yep, that is there too!)... it's just a great book for the start of what I know will be an AMAZING series!
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Was it her active imagination? A morphine addiction? A desire to be a legendary detective like her hero and imaginary uncle, Sherlock? Whatever the reason, Lillian KNOWS she was not hallucinating when she saw the dark figure of what she called, a leaping man, of course there are those around her who would rather see her committed for her ‘peculiarities’ freeing up the opportunity to pounce on her vast fortune. The leaping man is real, cheeky, charming and devilishly handsome, but who and what he really is will change Lillian in ways she could never have foreseen. Will he be her savior or her ultimate doom? Will he open doors to her past that have remained closed to Lillian? Lillian Holmes and the Leaping Man by Ciar Cullen has all the flavor and atmosphere of turn-of-the-century historical fantasy and makes a great addition to the lighter side of vampire lore. Ms. Cullen has a created completely lovable and endearingly flawed heroine in Lillian, while coloring her vampire a roguish hue, to cover the true hero he held within! I was transported into their world and their era through her characters’ witty banter, and dialogue as well as the attention to each background scene! I was provided a review copy of this book by Ciar Cullen in exchange for my honest review.
Tourman More than 1 year ago
I was sent this book to give a quote for the cover by the editor, and I always approach that with trepidation. What if I don't like it? What if I have to refuse to give a quote? I opened this book (squinching up my eyes, just in case) and was relieved to find that it was wonderful. Lillian is a unique character, with real problems and a great way of shielding herself psychologically from her past. And the tortured vampire hero is perfect for her. Think a delightfully reluctant female Sherlock Holmes meets a very sexy Dracula, who has just supped on her next door neighbor. The humor is tongue-in-cheek, the relationship is well-drawn, and there's action to boot. Ms. Cullen uses historical detail very effectively. I haven't read anything like it recently, and I was so glad to be able to give a quote, and tell others how much fun it was to read. -- NY Times Bestselling author Susan Squires
Anonymous More than 1 year ago