Lily Quinn - Volume 2

Lily Quinn - Volume 2

by Natalie Severine, Eric Severine


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Volume 2 includes the middle four books of the Lily Quinn series:

Book 6: Raising the Dead

My name is Lily Quinn and I’m a sex-powered half-demon monster hunter. That sets my bar for weird pretty high. So trust me when I say there’s something really weird about this job.

I’ve got two dead College wizards, murdered by a… cute junior advertising executive? Rick Sung is no kind of monster I know of, so how the hell did an ordinary human manage to kill a pair of trained mages?

I’ve got about a million questions for Rick, but first I need to catch him before he can kill anyone else. That shouldn’t be too hard. The guy is only human… right?

Book 7: One Night Sand

For eight years, I’ve hunted any monster that the College is willing to pay me for. They’ve pitted me against vampires, werewolves, fairies, and rogue wizards. After all that, it seems that I’ve finally earned a bit of trust.

Now the College has a problem. A mummy named Ptah has managed to secure a stranglehold on real quicksilver, a rare alchemical reagent. I don’t do magic, but that’s exactly why they called me – wizards aren’t welcome in Egypt.

So the High Magus is sending me in alone. First I need to get permission from the djinni to enter their lands and then try to negotiate with an immortal alchemist on behalf of the entire Merlinic order for a resource no longer obtainable anywhere else on Earth.

No pressure.

But I have some ideas on how to get them on my side. I can be very persuasive…

Book 8: Tangled Limbs

My name is Lily Quinn and my life is a strange one, I’ll admit. But it’s mine. I hunt monsters for gold and even when my plans to get them in bed go awry, I’ve still got my sex-fueled supernatural strength, speed and senses to take them down. I always get the job done.

Right now, I have two jobs: take down a particularly bloodthirsty vampire, and make sure that Max’s new girlfriend is good enough for him. Two tasks of equal importance, if you ask me. Both of them seemed to be going just great, but then Max found something that reminds us both of a werewolf.

No one’s said anything about a werewolf in the city, but there’s something out there. Something dangerous. Well, that’s what they pay me the big bucks to deal with. Now I need to figure out what I’m up against and how to find it.

I’ve got some long nights ahead of me.

Book 9: Coming Into Power

I’m Lily Quinn: half-succubus, monster hunter, insatiable sex fiend… but you know all that by now. So maybe it’s finally time to tell the first story, the one about how all of this began.

How I discovered the whole supernatural world and my place in it.

How I met Evaine and everything she taught me.

How I managed to convince the College that I wasn’t a monster.

How I nearly lost Max forever.

How I became… me.

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Series: Lily Quinn
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