Lily Quinn - Volume 3

Lily Quinn - Volume 3

by Natalie Severine, Eric Severine


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Volume 3 includes the final books of the Lily Quinn series, including the special short story epilogue, Magic Max:

Book 10: A Made Man

In nine years of monster hunting, I’ve never faced anything like this. The College calls him a golem, and we’re not talking about a cute little homunculus. Someone has sliced up a human and stitched him together with parts of a demon, and the result frightens even me.

Now I’ve been forbidden to pursue the golem. But why would anyone make a creature like him? And why am I being told to leave it alone? Something weird is going on here and I’m going to find out what.

But before I can ask any questions, I have to get close to the golem. And trust me when I say that he isn’t the cuddling type. I like a challenge, but this one may be too big for me to handle.

Book 11: Deep Woods

My name is Lily Quinn and I was supposed to be the best monster hunter in the city. After everything that’s happened, though, I’m not even sure I want to do this job anymore. I’ve lost everything.

But what else is a girl like me going to do with herself?

So I’ve taken another bounty, one high in the mountains where a yeti’s been tearing it up. And I don’t mean throwing parties. This job might take a while and my powers only last about a day, so I’m bringing something with me that I never have before – Max.

Deep Woods also includes the bonus short story ‘Dirty Hands.’

Book 12: Spells of Binding

Two months ago, everything went to hell. What should have been a routine monster hunt ended with a demon in my living room. He killed one of my best friends that night and I still don’t understand why.

Now I’ve got a lead on the wizard who summoned up my demonic trouble from the Nether and nothing in this world or any other will keep me from hunting him down. But the College has put the rest of the bounty hunters on the job and barred me from joining in!

This won’t be easy, but I like hard just fine. Even the little information I’ve been able to uncover is suspicious as hell. To find my answers and some measure of justice, I’ll have to face my own demons – and considering I’m half succubus, that’s saying something.

Book 13: Sealed With a Kiss

My name is Lily Quinn and this could be my last story.

It’s been a long, strange year. The strangest of my life and you know by now just how weird that is. I fought off everything that Asmodai could throw at me and thought it was all finally over. I thought the world was safe and Asmodai had no more tricks left to pull.

I was wrong.

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