Lily Was the Valley: Undone by Adoption

Lily Was the Valley: Undone by Adoption

by Dann Robert Johnson


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Difficulty unlooked for. Loss unforeseen. Hope forever.

They’d never heard about the darker sides of adoption. Never counted on illness. Or loss. As for Dann, his head had always ruled his heart. Now Lily was dying, and he was about to find out just how little he knew about love.

Dann Robert Johnson’s humor and acute honesty hurtle the reader through a memoir that reads like fiction but shines with hope for the times real life deals us its worst. It's for adoptive families. It’s for those who have lived cross-culturally. But more than anything it may be a story for adoptees who wonder if someone could have loved them before they came home. It’s the story of a flawless Lily in the darkest valley.

"This gut-wrenching struggle through the mysterious strains of deepest love arrested me. It’s no fairy-tale version of a princess in a castle.”

Dr. Ken Castor, adoptive father, 2002, and contributing editor for the Jesus Centered Bible.

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ISBN-13: 9780996315807
Publisher: Floor 34 Books
Publication date: 01/04/2016
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

About the Author

I live in China (and have since 2003: Chongqing, Beijing, Xi'an, Xining) with my wife of twenty years and our burgeoning number of kids. I speak fluent (whatever that means) Mandarin and precious little Norwegian, Spanish, Thai, or French anymore because of it. I enjoy relaxing, reading, cooking (sometimes), journaling, pondering, and (over?)-analyzing, and I deeply miss golf, owning a motorcycle, and long road trips.

I wildly prefer editing to creating, have been known to floor my children with my coloring skills (yes, crayons), and hope I get the chance to visit twenty more countries. I like mountains, shorelines, forests, and thunderheads, and can't seem to get enough blue sky, clean air, or stargazing.

I get my kicks from witty humor, learning, and overusing parentheses. I love my family, my wife the most, and Jesus more.

I have worked as a behavioral-disorder school TA and a YMCA after-school program head teacher in Chicago; as an ESL teacher in Taipei; as a middle/high school English/math teacher, real estate investor, and youth director in Texas; as a grad student in New York; and as a technical consultant, accountant, and general manager of a coffee shop and language center in China. I enjoyed it all, in a passionless sort of way, as it wasn't half the glamorous life it may sound like.

I am currently toiling under the weight of a doctoral-program impasse resulting from an inflexible, underage advisor unlikely to grant the Candy Landoctorate that has already more than been earned. I have spoken publicly wherever I've gone, but then, really doesn't everyone? For years I hoped to eventually stumble on what I was born to do, and then I wrote my first book. It was the most fun I've ever had.

Table of Contents


PART I: Difficulty
With a Capital D
A Birthday Party
She Married a Complete Pain Noob
Adoption's First Beginnings: Conflicted To Say the Least
The Boring Part
Just About There
Surgery and More Screaming
Back to the Future

Part II: Loss
Really Sick
Fighting for Her Life
Reeling Silk
Toward Health
Fabulously Harebrained
All Roads Lead to Beijing
Relentless Father

Part III: Hope
Beijing Again
Goodbye, My Dearest
The Bravest Thing of All
Mommy's Trip
Nothing Happens...While Everything Happens
Moving Mountains
The Ending
Yet, Hope


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