Lincoln's Ghost

Lincoln's Ghost

by Garret Moffett


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Abraham Lincoln may have believed in a supernatural world. Accounts by Lincoln tell us about strange visions and foreboding dreams that he had throughout his life, and one dream in particular may have predicted his own death! Now, nearly 150 years after Lincoln's assassination, people still speak of ghostly encounters with the martyred president today. The book Lincoln's Ghost: Legends & Lore is based on the award winning historical walking tour Lincoln's Ghost Walk: Legends & Lore in Springfield, Illinois. Moffett has gathered the ghostly legends and lore surrounding Lincoln's life and death and packed them all together in this short book. These are the stories not typically told about Lincoln until now. Stories of Lincoln's ghost wandering are known all over the world. His troubled soul is said to haunt the White House, his tomb, and the very streets of Springfield where local folklore claims Lincoln walks the streets after midnight. Moffett covers a variety of fascinating topics including Lincoln's spiritual beliefs, and his prophetic visions and dreams. There's tales of Mary's séances in the White House, the death of her children, and her insanity trial. Moffett brings it together with Lincoln's funeral train and his final funeral in Springfield. The text closes with macabre tales of the tomb site, the attempted theft of Lincoln's body, and the last viewing of Lincoln in 1901. The book is packed with tons of factual history, plenty of lore, and historical photos. Moffett's closing memorializes Lincoln and his family and hopes his readers finish the book with a better understanding of what the family of Lincoln endured just to save a nation. Moffett's unique style of story telling is now put into print and combines factual Lincoln history with the ghostly legends and lore to tell the story of a haunted president.

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Pages: 96
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