Linda in the Light: The Incredible True Story That Will Change Your Life Forever

Linda in the Light: The Incredible True Story That Will Change Your Life Forever

by Frank A. La Batto
Linda in the Light: The Incredible True Story That Will Change Your Life Forever

Linda in the Light: The Incredible True Story That Will Change Your Life Forever

by Frank A. La Batto


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Dr. Frank A. La Batto presents Linda in The Light, a true story, a memoir, written by a father honoring the request of his daughter after she transitions into the light of eternal life; a transition we will all experience. What lies ahead is a glorious and true journey of angels, healers, and guides. Everything is real. Everything is normal. Any fear of death will be erased for we are the lucky ones. We have been given the opportunity to examine our lives, to change our courses, to alter our destinies, because our children, our teachers, via their transitions, have courageously fulfilled the promises they made before they were born, allowing us to learn, grow, and love. We cannot let them down. Our children, by their transformations, lift the mask between the physical and non-physical, allowing us to experience eternity as an undeniable, normal, natural, essential birthright. It is through this book that Dr. La Batto introduces Linda's earthly sojourn, his earthly sojourn, and the ensuing intertwining of their journeys simultaneously in the physical and non-physical bound by pure unconditional love. Dr. La Batto takes you through a simplified, easily navigated knowing, an essential birthright available to all, by relating his life experiences, Linda's life experiences in both the physical and non-physical, books he has read, people he has met; expounding in unequivocal, common, daily, reproducible encounters, the uninterruption of existence, the verifiability of immortality, and the fact there is no separation, just a shift from one embodiment to the next. There is no special formula or unique path, no near-death or profound religious experience necessary in order to lift the veil between the physical and non-physical and reconnect with our children and loved ones. This true story, this road, this journey of Dr. La Batto and his daughter Linda, is one of an infinite number of journeys, something he expresses many times throughout the book. Linda in The Light goes beyond giving hope, healing, and closure to the millions of us who have lost children or loved ones no matter what the cause of their transition; it brings reality - - real, normal, everyday communication, enlightenment, a conscious awakening, a dawning of a new way of thinking, acting, and viewing this finite world we inhabit. Dr. La Batto introduces freedom to all through concrete, reproducible, verifiable experiences, opening all to the gifts our children and loved ones have given us. They are our teachers, courageously fulfilling their mission to be our guides and healers. Spirituality, not religion, facts, not fiction, are what we are here to experience. As you will see, Linda presents herself to him in the now as their journeys interweave, and he shares these experiences and knowing with all. He includes time, dates, locations, and real events to bring her to you. She communicates with him through his five senses; sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, but also through his heart, thoughts, emotions, humor, music, objects, lights, movies, phones, messengers, healers, guides, angels, mediums, meditations, and out-of-body experiences. Since he is not unique, Dr. La Batto ascertains what follows will be very familiar to many of you. His words will resonate inside of you an awakening within you of your own individual journey, your own knowing with your children and loved ones. You shall come to realize your own training and preparation for the lifting of your veil, recognizing the gifts your children have bestowed upon you. Dr. La Batto has no innate ability as do many of the people he introduces to you. He shares what he learns through curiosity, exploration, courage, participation and guidance from Linda. Simply put, if writing this book helps one person to learn how to experience their child or loved one as truly alive beyond this physical world, that life eternal is real, then Dr. La Batto and Linda's intentions have been fulfilled!

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ISBN-13: 9781534937871
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/05/2016
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Dr. Frank A. La Batto was born in Brooklyn, New York. After having his first out-of-body experience (OBE) at 18 years of age, he became curious, read books, attended many programs at The Monroe Institute©, developed abilities in conscious expansion, rescued souls who transitioned to the other side, and worked on many levels in the non-physical. Though not being born with the natural gift of accessing the other side, he has become aware through his personal life-journey the reality of the continuum of life on all planes of existence. The ability to access the other side as real and normal is a gift we all possess as part of our essential birthright and is readily available to all.

Dr. La Batto developed a specialized practice in dentistry for 33 years in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He combined his training in dentistry with his devotion to conscious expansion and healing and created a practice that treated patients of all ages suffering from extreme fear and anxiety, especially those wounded by prior dental experiences. He intuitively understood he worked in the sacred space between the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. This allowed him to not only heal the patient physically, but also work with the patient in healing past life imprints that manifested itself in the human condition. Dr. La Batto knew the patients that sought him out were in need of more than just dental treatment.

Linda made her transition on May 7th, 2012. He now engages with Linda in the non-physical a relationship free from the distractions of human existence. Incarnated in the same Earth Life Cycle as twin souls, something very rare and sacred when not born as identical twins, Linda works with him in both the physical and non-physical as their journeys intertwine. Linda vibrates in the highest level in the light. She helps many people in the physical and many souls who have transitioned to the non-physical.

Dr. La Batto shares with us the experiences given to him by Linda and proves that the gifts our loved ones, especially our children, present to us are real, normal, and natural. They are our teachers, guides, and angels in the light. Our children want us to live, laugh, and love. By doing so, we honor the courage and sacrifice they made before entering this physical life. Pure unconditional love is what we are here to learn. It heals the tragedy, the wounds, the pain, the sadness, the anger of the physical separation we all experience when we lose a child or loved one.

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