by Mariana Zapata


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ISBN-13: 9780990429234
Publisher: Mariana Zapata
Publication date: 11/21/2015
Pages: 500
Sales rank: 261,425
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.11(d)

About the Author

Mariana Zapata is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Lingus, Kulti, and Under Locke. A native Texan, she now makes her home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, with her husband, Chris, and their two Great Danes. Visit Mariana at

Callie Dalton is an actor and voice artist who loves feisty heroines and brooding boyfriends. She lives in Los Angeles with her own brooding (but not always) boyfriend and her schnauzer, Ella.

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Lingus 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
lenorewastaken More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars — I’m having a hard time deciding on the final rating for this book, b/c it was simultaneously a lot of different ratings. I’m settling it at 3.5, but I kind of want to set it at 3 stars just because the ending dragged out a LOT and left me bored and wanting to skim, and so it left a bad taste in my mouth, you know? But I’m trying to keep the parts that gave me tummy butterflies in mind to balance it off. Needless to say, this is going to be a very mixed review. Now, I realize that this is likely Ms. Zapata’s first published work, so I knew going in it was likely to be a bit rougher…and it was in parts. I felt like the characters were a bit more caricature-ish than normal, and so I had a hard time connecting with them at times. I both appreciated the dorkiness of Kat and Tristan, while at the same time cringing at them occasionally. It was the same with Kat’s relationship with her BFFs…I enjoyed that she had such strong relationships with them, but I also felt like they were seriously over the top at times. And here’s one of my doesn’t-fit-my-personal-taste things: I know that women calling each other sluts and whores and the like is a thing, and perhaps even a “take it back and own it” kind of thing…but I’m not *personally* a fan. I try not to judge people who do, but it does make me uncomfortable…and so it made it hard to connect with Kat, Nikki, Zoey and Josh sometimes. I also found that on occasion they felt like the kinds of people who would enjoy being on reality TV, and I’m not a fan of that either. *shrugs* I did appreciate that this book felt very sex positive in most ways. I kind of get tired of the judginess that goes with the porn industry, and while I totally understand that there are a lot of bad things that can arise from it, I don’t believe it’s all black and white. So I appreciated that this showcased an interesting take on people in the industry themselves. And for the most part I think it succeeds. I appreciated that it tackled the hard question of how does a porn star have a serious relationship, because that is fraught with complications. On occasion I felt like Kat had a hard time letting some things go, and I was bummed by that…but all in all that part was a strange success. I’m used to Ms. Zapata’s books being on the extreme end of slow burn, and I appreciated that this one was more of a normal slow burn. And I can 100% say that the chemistry between Tristan and Kat totally gave me butterflies and tummy tingles and I was super duper invested. Strangely, it was after the LA convention that I started to get bored with the story. Why strange? Because I had complained in another book by this author how I wanted more of an HEA. But with this one I felt like it kept going and going without much conflict and development. The pacing changed, and I kept waiting for something to happen, and then…not much did. Apparently I can’t be satisfied. So yeah. I think if the book had been trimmed down, I would have enjoyed it much more. Even with some of the other things that bugged me, it was counterbalanced nicely with the things I enjoyed…but then the ending dragged out and that’s what sunk it for me. Ah well! I think I’m going to take a break from this author and try again later…when I’m not so rushed to get books read before Book Bonanza.
thereadingchick More than 1 year ago
Kat is your average ordinary twenty something young woman. She teaches grade school, has had a few boyfriends, has a group of very close girlfriends, and has a wonderful relationship with her father. She also loves porn. Yep! You got it, porn. Kat gets dragged to a porn convention by one of her best friends, and although she is constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure no one she knows see’s her, she is having a blast. While waiting for her best friend to get her favorite male porn star’s autograph, she meets Tristan. Beautiful Tristan who is just sweet as can be. They strike up a funny conversation and inadvertently end up eating lunch together. While he is gorgeous with a capital G, it doesn’t occur to Kat that she is at a PORN convention and that Tristan could be a porn star. Not until she see’s him signing his own autographs at a table later on that same day and he beckons her over asking if he can see her later. Except for the porn aspect of this novel, this is your typical Mariana Zapata friends to lovers novel. (I would’ve said “typical slow burn” novel, but porn and slow burn, ewww!) Tristan wants to be Kat’s friend. He doesn’t have girlfriends because he doesn’t think it’s healthy to be doing porn and trying to have a relationship. Well, ok, that makes a ton of sense! However, Tristan and Kat have this incredible energy together and even though it takes a while to get there, they do end up together. What makes this novel so different is that this crisis of sorts is well, porn. That is what is keeping them apart. Told entirely from Kat’s perspective, she agonizes over his job. We see that, we hear her feelings, and we know how knowing what he does disrupts her peace of mind. Tristan through Kat’s eyes is perfect. Beautiful, great personality, fun, and a really really nice person. His explanation for why he does porn doesn’t really ring true for me, but then I’m not a guy and don’t have guy sexual thoughts, so who knows! Maybe it’s that easy to get into porn! Knowing what he did for a living would be a deal breaker for me, but Kat and Tristan are just friends, and one of her other best friends is in that industry. So, even though it’s kind of common to Kat, it’s still strange to me, but I kept reading. LOL. I’ll give the author some kudos for making me like her writing enough to pick up a novel where the lead characters meet at a porn convention. The friends to lovers story rang true and their friendship did not revolve around porn. (thank God!) I loved both Kat and Tristan and rooted for them to find their happy together. They were quirky, the dialog was fun and just as with her other novels, Ms. Zapata delivered!
Boundlessbookreviews More than 1 year ago
I did not read the blurb before I downloaded this Audiobook because Zapata hasn’t written anything wrong.  It’s not that this is bad or that I am a prude.  It’s just it revolves around a woman falling in love with a Pornstar. Kat loves porn so much her friend drags her to a porn convention,   where she meets Tristan.  He is funny, charming, great looking and she is instantly smitten.  Then she finds out he is the Pornstar Robby Lingus, she is crushed.   For a woman who loves porn, I found this to be hypocritical.  You like porn and love to watch it, yet she has a massive problem with what the man she wants does as a profession.  There were a lot of double standards.   The story has Zapata’s usual funny flair and witty writing style, with a slow burn that culminates at the end of the story.  I just couldn’t get into the story or get behind the characters.   Overall I am giving Lingus 3 Boundless stars, it was good.
BreeLauren More than 1 year ago
Read the full review here: Lingus was my 3rd Mariana Zapata book that I’ve ever read. The first two, Kulti and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, I also read this week. So, obviously, I’m a little obsessed with her books right now. Why? Because MZ (that’s what I call her in my head because, in my head, we are BFFs) has a way of not only bringing you into the lives of these characters she creates with such ease, but also gently tugging you down until you’ve fallen in love with everyone. Lingus was no different. This book caught my eye because of the plot. A romance between a girl and a porn star? I mean, come on! Of course, I wanted to read it! And MZ didn’t disappoint. This was just as interesting and unique as I hoped it would be and it somehow had me considering dating a porn star, though that is definitely not something I otherwise ever would be comfortable with. (I’m so easy.) Kat is quirky and funny without trying too hard. I love how she just brushes off embarrassing situations and knows how to laugh at herself. Her relationship with her friends is just as awesome as her relationship with Tristan. And Tristan, he’d be a little too perfect if he wasn’t, you know, a porn star. It was a great balance. Read the rest here:
toniFMAMTC More than 1 year ago
I adored this story. I had been told that it was wonderful over and over, but I had never even taken the time to read the blurb. I had no idea it involved porn stars. What a nice surprise! I love the interaction between all the friends. The way they support each other and the banter are great. I developed a crush on both the male and female leads. This is a must read for RomCom lovers.