LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day

LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day

by Viveka von Rosen


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ISBN-13: 9781118358702
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/02/2012
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Viveka von Rosen is known internationally as the "LinkedInExpert" and has trained more than 10,000 business professionals onusing the popular social media platform. She hosts the weekly#LinkedInChat on Twitter and is co-moderator of LinkedStrategies,the largest LinkedIn strategy group on LinkedIn. With 25,000+first-level LinkedIn connections, she is regularly quoted in suchoutlets as,, and theMiami Herald. In January 2012, she was named a Top 50 SocialMedia Influencer by Forbes.

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Table of Contents

Foreword xxiii

Introduction xxv

Chapter 1 Get LinkedIn 1

Social Marketing Is Marketing 2

The Theory of Inbound Marketing 3

Understanding LinkedIn 4

The History of LinkedIn 5

Why People Think LinkedIn Isn’t a Social Network 7

The Rise of LinkedIn 8

Using LinkedIn 10

How Your Network and Advanced Search Come Together 11

What You Can Do on LinkedIn 11

Types of Profi les 11

Businesses on LinkedIn 17

The Future of LinkedIn 19

Customer Relationship Management 20

Third-Party Apps 21

The LinkedIn Profi le 22

Analytics 22

Chapter 2 Weeks 1–2: Get Started on LinkedIn 25

Week 1: Prepare Your LinkedIn Presence  26

Monday: Find Your Résumé 26

Tuesday: Gather Your Existing Business Documents 26

Wednesday: Compile Your Existing Marketing Materials 27

Thursday: Google Yourself and Create a List of Web References27

Friday: Review the Executive LinkedIn Profile Questionnaire28

Week 2: Define Goals and Join LinkedIn 29

Monday: Create Your LinkedIn Account 29

Tuesday: Understand LinkedIn’s Features 33

Wednesday: Establish Initial Settings 44

Thursday: Define and Create Goals for Your LinkedIn Presence55

Friday: Establish Success Metrics for Your Goals 58

Chapter 3 Weeks 3–6: Ready, Set, Profile 67

Week 3: Nifty Tools and Ninja Tricks for Creating Your KeywordList  68

Monday: Use LinkedIn’s Related Skills 68

Tuesday: Discover Keywords through Google Ads 70

Wednesday: Use LinkedIn’s People Search 71

Thursday: Use and 72

Friday: Make Your List 72

Week 4: Optimize Your Profi le and Be Findable 73

Monday: Optimizing Your Professional Headline 73

Tuesday: Optimize Your Title Fields 75

Wednesday: Optimize Your Summary Section – Specialties81

Thursday: Optimize Your Summary – Professional Experienceand Goals 81

Friday: Optimizing Your Interests 83

Week 5: Customize Your Profile to Stand Out in the Crowd 84

Monday: Personalize Your Public Profile and Customize YourWebsites 84

Tuesday: Customizing Education 85

Wednesday: Customize Groups and Associations 88

Thursday: Customizing Awards 89

Friday: Add Sections: Publications, Licenses, Patents,Languages, Courses, Volunteer Work 90

Week 6: Utilizing Extra Real Estate 92

Monday: Customize Contact Me 92

Tuesday: Create Rules of Engagement 94

Wednesday: Add LinkedIn Skills & Expertise 95

Thursday: Moving Things Around 96

Friday: Back It Up 98

Chapter 4 Weeks 7–9: Use Your Company Profile

for Branding and Positioning 101

Week 7: Creating a Company Profile 102

Monday: Get Started on Your Company Profile 102

Tuesday: Name Your Company 103

Wednesday: Add a Company Description 104

Thursday: Designate Company Administrators 108

Friday: Edit and Revise 109

Week 8: Adding Products and Services 109

Monday: Add Photos, Descriptions, and Specialties 110

Tuesday: Create Offers 111

Wednesday: Add Disclaimers and Employee Promotion 112

Thursday: Add Video and Recommendations 113

Friday: Use Targeted Product and Service Pages 115

Week 9: Company Updates, Analytics, and Job Postings—Yoursand Others 118

Monday: Create Your Own (Targeted) Updates 118

Tuesday: View Your Company Analytics 121

Wednesday: Create Job Postings 123

Thursday: Follow a Company 125

Friday: Explore Other Company Analytics 126

Chapter 5 Weeks 10–15: Creating and Managing a NetworkThat Works 129

Week 10: Using LinkedIn’s Add Connections Tool 130

Monday: Decide on a LION or LamB Network 130

Tuesday: Clean Up Your Email List 132

Wednesday: Import Your Outlook, iContacts, or CSV Email List133

Thursday: Connecting with Email 134

Friday: Send Individual Email Invitations 136

Week 11: Connecting to Strategic Contacts 138

Monday: Create a List of Strategic Connections 141

Tuesday: Identify Potential Connections 142

Wednesday: Write Proper Messages and Invitations 143

Thursday: Contact People You Don’t Know 146

Friday: Get Introduced 146

Week 12: Using LinkedIn’s People You May Know Feature148

Monday: Invite People Using Home Page Suggestions 148

Tuesday: Invite People Using Inbox Suggestions 151

Wednesday: Invite Colleagues and Classmates 151

Thursday: Understand InMail Etiquette 153

Friday: Get TopLinked—People You Don’t Know butShould 154

Week 13: Managing Your Network 155

Monday: Tag Your Connections 155

Tuesday: Use the Profi le Organizer 158

Wednesday: Manually Organize by PDF 160

Thursday: Use the Outlook Social Connector Or Xobni 161

Friday: Explore Paid Management Tools—JibberJobber andSalesforce 162

Week 14: Monitoring Your Network 163

Monday: Use Network Statistics 164

Tuesday: Use Your Home Page 165

Wednesday: Monitor Your Connections 167

Thursday: Getting Reports on LinkedIn 168

Friday: Monitor Your Competition 170

Week 15: Giving and Getting Recommendations from Your Network172

Monday: Find Recommendations 172

Tuesday: Ask for Recommendations 172

Wednesday: Give Recommendations 174

Thursday: Manage LinkedIn Recommendations 176

Friday: Leverage Non-LinkedIn Testimonials 177

Chapter 6 Weeks 16–18: Getting Strategic with Groups179

Week 16: Building Your Network with Strategic Groups 180

Monday: Learn Why Groups Are Important to You 180

Tuesday: Find Groups 182

Wednesday: Decide Which Groups to Join 186

Thursday: Explore Discussions, Polls, Promotions, Jobs, and More187

Friday: Consider “Big” Groups 191

Week 17: Creating Relationships with Groups 192

Monday: Understand Group Rules 193

Tuesday: Learn What to Do (and Not Do) in Your Group 195

Wednesday: Manage Your Groups 196

Thursday: Search for Strategic Contacts 198

Friday: Employ Reverse Engineering 201

Week 18: Creating Your Own Group 202

Monday: Name and Set Up Your Group 202

Tuesday: Select a Management Team and Create Group Rules 206

Wednesday: Learn Best Practices for Inviting Members 210

Thursday: Use Templates, RSS Feeds, and Announcements 211

Friday: Group Statistics 216

Chapter 7 Weeks 19–22: Get Strategic with LinkedIn’s“Other” Options 219

Week 19: Using LinkedIn Answers 220

Monday: Understand Answers 221

Tuesday: Use Answers to Build Relationships 222

Wednesday: Use Answers to Repurpose SME Materials 224

Thursday: Use Answers for Blog Fodder 225

Friday: Identify Experts on LinkedIn 226

Week 20: Using LinkedIn Events 227

Monday: Learn Best Practices for Event Setup 227

Tuesday: Share Events Through Events App and Updates 231

Wednesday: Use Messages to Share Your Event with Key People231

Thursday: Use Share Profi le to Highlight Your Speaker andSharing with LinkedIn Ads 233

Friday: Connect Through Other’s Events 234

Week 21: Sharing with Applications 235

Monday: Learn More about Applications 235

Tuesday: Use 237

Wednesday: Showcase Your Business with SlideShare 240

Thursday: Share with Projects and Teamspaces 242

Friday: Get WordPress or Blog Link 243

Week 22: Exploring Industry-Based and LinkedIn Apps 244

Monday: Explore Apps for Legal, Business, and CreativeProfessionals 245

Tuesday: Create an Amazon Reading List 248

Wednesday: Engage Your Audience with Polls 249

Thursday: Organize Your Travel with My Travel 251

Friday: Use Skills 253

Chapter 8 Week 23: Putting It All Together 255

Monday: Use Updates for Inbound Marketing 256

Planning Status Updates Related to Your LinkedIn Goals 256

Planning Campaign-Specifi c Status Updates 257

Tuesday: Use LinkedIn Signal 259

Creating Your Lists 260

Monitoring Your List 260

Wednesday: Create a Powerful Inbound Marketing ConnectionsStrategy 263

Create Your Message Worksheet 264

Craft Your Message 264

Sending Your Message 265

Thursday: Showcase Your Skills in Answers 267

Marketing via Best Answers 267

Scheduling Your Blog Using Answers 268

Friday: Understand 3 and 3 268

Chapter 9 Optimizing Your Time Using LinkedIn 271

Getting Started on Your Checklist 272

Monthly, Daily, and Weekly Checklists 272

Checklists for Each Day of the Week 278

Chapter 10 LinkedIn Ads, Labs, Apps, and Tools 283

LinkedIn Ads 284

Where Are LinkedIn Ads? 285

What Can You Advertise on LinkedIn? 287

How Much Will You Need to Invest? 288

Is It Worth It? (Case Studies) 288

LinkedIn Labs 289

What Is an API and Why Should You Care? 290

Labs 290

LinkedIn Mobile 292

LinkedIn for Your iPad 292

LinkedIn on Your Smart Phone: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, andPalm 294

LinkedIn Tools 294

Email Signature 294

Mac Search Widget 296

Outlook Social Connector 296

LinkedIn Widget for Lotus Notes 296

Sharing Bookmarklet 296

LinkedIn Third-Party Applications 297

CardMunch 297

Here on Biz 297

Connected HQ 298

Rapportive 299

JibberJobber 299

Hachi 299

Cloze 300

Hootsuite 300

BufferApp 300

Grading Tools: Klout, Kred, and PeerIndex 301

Responding to Your Searches 260

Chapter 11 LinkedIn and You: Getting Specific 303

LinkedIn and Job Seekers 304

Jason Alba’s Tips for Connecting and Engaging 304

Brett Fairall’s Tips for Getting Noticed 307

LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs 310

Find High-Traffic, Low-Competition Keywords Using Google’sKeyword Tool 310

Create Subgroups 312

Amazon Reading List 312

Subscribe to SlideShare 313

Consider a Paid Account 314

Other Tools Miles Recommends 314

Final Words of Advice 315

Recruiters, HR Personnel, and Hiring Managers 316

Share Your Contact Information Clearly on Your Profile 316

LinkedIn Recruiter Alternatives 316

“Mine” the Knowledge from Your Own Company 317

Join Local and Big Groups 317

Use Templates 318

Do’s and Don’ts for Recruiters 320

Legal Professionals  321

Mistakes to Avoid 322

Ethical Considerations for LinkedIn 324

Women on LinkedIn  326

Get Over the “Little Ol’ Me” Syndrome 326

Get a Good Photo 327

Get Video 328

Give Yourself Credit 329

Get Recommendations 330

Final Words 330

Real Estate Professionals 331

Participate 331

Participate in Groups 331

Brand Yourself 332

Make Use of LinkedIn’s Features 332

Share Valuable Content 332

Limit Your Time 332

Nonprofi ts and LinkedIn 333

Groups to Join 333

LinkedIn and Nonprofit Tools 333

You Might Want to Pay for LinkedIn 336

Wrapping Up 336

Some Final Tips on LinkedIn for Marketing 336

Index 339

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is an excellent read. Whether you are new at Linkedin or not, this book should be at your finder tips. Alot of great tip and thought starter on the proper way to get started or improve your linkedin experience. You will certainly walk away with a good and better understanding on the true benefits of this business social media leader.