LINQ Pocket Reference

LINQ Pocket Reference

by Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari


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ISBN-13: 9780596519247
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/28/2008
Series: Pocket Reference (O'Reilly) Series
Pages: 174
Sales rank: 780,880
Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Joseph Albahari is a core C# design architect at Egton Medical Information Systems, the largest primary healthcare software supplier in the UK. He has been developing large-scale enterprise applications on .NET and other platforms for more than 15 years, working in medical, telecommunication and education industries. Joseph specializes in writing custom components and controls, and has designed application component frameworks for three companies.

Ben Albahari is currently involved in the bioinformatics business. He was a Program Manager at Microsoft for 5 years, where he worked on several projects, including the .NET Compact Framework and ADO.NET.

He was the cofounder of Genamics, a provider of tools for C# and J++ programmers, as well as software for DNA and protein sequence analysis. He is a co-author of C# Essentials, the first C# book from O'Reilly, and of previous editions of C# in a Nutshell.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: LINQ Pocket Reference;
1.1 Getting Started;
1.2 Lambda Queries;
1.3 Comprehension Queries;
1.4 Deferred Execution;
1.5 Subqueries;
1.6 Composition Strategies;
1.7 Projection Strategies;
1.8 Interpreted Queries;
1.9 LINQ to SQL;
1.10 Building Query Expressions;
1.11 Query Operator Overview;
1.12 Filtering;
1.13 Projecting;
1.14 Joining;
1.15 Ordering;
1.16 Grouping;
1.17 Set Operators;
1.18 Conversion Methods;
1.19 Element Operators;
1.20 Aggregation Methods;
1.21 Quantifiers;
1.22 Generation Methods;
1.23 LINQ to XML;
1.24 X-DOM Overview;
1.25 Instantiating an X-DOM;
1.26 Navigating/Querying an X-DOM;
1.27 Updating an X-DOM;
1.28 Working with Values;
1.29 Documents and Declarations;
1.30 Names and Namespaces;
1.31 Projecting into an X-DOM;

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