Lion in My Garden: Devotional Activity Journal

Lion in My Garden: Devotional Activity Journal

by Kathryne Leach


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Do you long for a thriving spiritual life where you feel God’s Presence each day? Come meet the Lion of Judah in the garden where treasure awaits. Neither stone, nor tame, this lion longs to take you on thrilling adventures of discovery and make your heart His private garden (Song of Songs 4:15). Uncover treasures buried in His garden exclusively for you. Unearthing Kingdom treasure requires more than a few minutes per morning. True learning comes in the experience, not the concept alone. Sensory involvement engages us with the Father.

Lion in My Garden - Devotional Activity Journal is an interactive, 30-day journal with room to write, draw and create art. Meaty, scripturally sound readings, introspective questions and tactile activities are designed to set you up for a heart encounter with the Living God. Adapting the learning theory developed by Bernice McCarthy, Ph.D., Leach presents four styles in which people connect to God. Find out if you are a Contemplative, Conceptual, Practical or Creative Connector. Great as a personal devotional or in small group study.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692183748
Publisher: Pure Heart Media
Publication date: 09/04/2018
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

Author, Bible teacher, blogger and inspirational speaker, Kathryne Leach, M.A. desires seeing lives encounter the transforming presence of God. Jesus remodeled her life after divorce, suicidal depression and post-adoption birthmother trauma. Called to write words of hope that make the darkness tremble, she blogs at Kathryne resides in North Carolina with her husband Bill and two grey rescue cats. She is a Word Weaver who has written for Christian Devotions and various ministries. A former volunteer jail chaplain and Aglow past President, Kathryne is also active in altar ministry.

Table of Contents

1. The Adventure Begins

2. Awaken the Dawn

3. Show Me Your Glory

4. What and Who Do You Love?

5. Our God-Given Purpose

6. Rest in the Lord

7. Embracing Adversity

8. Stop Fighting God in Your Wilderness

9. The Will of God—Joyfully Living Within the Ruts

10. The Power of Seduction

11. No One Likes a Stinky Heart

12. Following That Slight Impression

13. Patriarchy Died at Calvary

14. Trust in the Slow Work of God

15. Carefree Delight

16. Christ of the Abyss Speaks

17. Overcoming Self-Reproach

18. Sitting in His Shade

19. The Abounding, Surrounding Love of God

20. Scheduling Stillness

21. Tear Down That Wall!

22. Eyes Wide Open for Adventure

23. The Good, the Bad, the Clean and Messy Days

24. Anyone Seen My Phone?

25. Nobody Sees the Wizard

26. Walking in Favor

27. Divine Dreams—Words of Hope in the Night

28. God Encounters in the Night

29. Crystal Vase Christians

30. New Port Decanters


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