Lipids in Plant and Algae Development

Lipids in Plant and Algae Development


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This book summarizes recent advances in understanding the functions of plant and algal lipids in photosynthesis, in development and signaling, and in industrial applications. As readers will discover, biochemistry, enzymology and analytical chemistry, as well as gene knock-out studies have all contributed to our rapidly increasing understanding of the functions of lipids. In the past few decades, distinct physical and biochemical properties of specific lipid classes were revealed in plant and algal lipids and the functional aspects of lipids in modulating critical biological processes have been uncovered.

These chapters from international authors across relevant research fields highlight the underlying evolutionary context of lipid function in photosynthetic unicellular and multicellular organisms. The book goes on to encompass what lipids can do for industrial applications at a time of fascination with plants and algae in carbon fixation and as sources for production of food, energy and novel chemicals. The developmental context is a part of the fresh and engaging perspective that is presented in this work which graduate students and scientists will find both illuminating and useful.

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ISBN-13: 9783319259789
Publisher: Springer Nature B.V.
Publication date: 04/01/2016
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

1. Lipids: from chemical structures, biosynthesis, and analyses to industrial applications; Yonghua Li-Beisson, Yuki Nakamura and John Harwood

2. Role of lipids in photosynthesis; Koichi Kobayashi, Kaichiro Endo and Hajime Wada

3. DGDG and glycolipids in plants and algae; Barbara Kalisch, Peter Dörmann and Georg Hölzl

4. Galactolipids for the thylakoid development in cyanobacteria; Koichiro Awai

5. Role of lipids in chloroplast biogenesis; Koichi Kobayashi and Hajime Wada

6. Role of MGDG and non-bilayer lipid phases in the structure and dynamics of chloroplast thylakoid membranes; 

Győző Garab, Bettina Ughy and Reimund Goss

7. Chemical genetics in dissecting membrane glycerolipid functions; Florian Chevalier, Laura Cuyàs Carrera, Laurent Nussaume and Eric Marechal1

8. Triacylglycerol accumulation under abiotic stress in plants and algae; Zhi-Yan Du and Christoph Benning 

9. Cellular organization of  triacylglycerol biosynthesis in microalgae; 

Changcheng Xu, Carl Andre, Jilian Fan and John Shanklin

10. High-Throughput Genetics strategies for identifying new components of lipid metabolism in the alga Chlamy

domonas reinhardtii; Xiaobo Li and Martin Jonikas


Plant Sphingolipid Metabolism and Function; Kyle Luttgeharm, Athen N. Kimberlin and Edgar B. Cahoon 

12. Plant surface lipids and epidermis development; Camille Delude, Steven Moussu, Jérôme Joubès, Gwyneth Ingram and Frédéric


13. Role of lipids in plant pollen development; Dabing Zhang, Xijia Yang and Jianxin Shi

14. Long-distance lipid signaling and its role in plant development and stress response; Susanne Benning

15. Acyl-CoA binding proteins (ACBPs) in plant development; Shiu-Cheung Lung and Mee-Len Chye

16. The rise and fall of jasmonate biological act

ivities; Thierry Heitz, Ekaterina Smirnova, Emilie Widemann, Yann Aubert, Franck Pinot and Rozenn Ménard

17. Green leaf volatiles in plant signaling and response; Kenji Matsui and Takao Koeduka

18. Omics of Chlamydomonas for biofuel production; Hanna R. Aucoin, Joseph Gardnerand Nanette R. Boyle

19. Microalgae as a source for PUFA production; Inna Khozin-Goldberg, Stefan Leu and Sammy Boussiba

20. Understanding and engineering of the primary metabolism of cyanobacteria for bioproduction; Takashi ;Osanai, Kazuki Saito ‎and Masami Yokota Hirai

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