Lippincott's Video Series for Nursing Assistants: Student DVD

Lippincott's Video Series for Nursing Assistants: Student DVD

by Pamela J. Carter

Multimedia(DVD ROM - Student)



This dual-layer DVD shows complete demonstrations of more than 30 key nursing assisting skills and procedures. In addition to teaching step-by-step technical skills, and in keeping with the focus of Lippincott Textbook for Nursing Assistants, Second Edition and Lippincott Essentials for Nursing Assistants, the videos promote qualities such as compassion and empathy, and demonstrate non-technical skills such as respecting the individual, caring for people with dementia, coping with death and dying, and entry into the workforce. The dual-layer DVD will play on a computer or a DVD player, and will allow students to review key skills at their leisure.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780781785570
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publication date: 06/01/2007
Edition description: Student
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

Pre- and Post-Procedure Actions

  • Getting Ready
  • Finishing Up
  • Reporting and Recording
Infection Control
  • How To Wash Your Hands
  • How To Remove Your Gloves
  • How To Put On and Remove A Gown
  • How To Put On and Remove A Mask
  • How To Use Standard Precautions
Positioning and Lifting
  • Observing Body Mechanics and Back Safety
  • How To Move A Person Up In Bed
  • How To Turn A Person Onto the Side
  • How To Transfer A Person from Bed to Wheelchair
  • How To Transfer A Person from Wheelchair to Bed
  • How to Transfer A Person Using a Mechanical Lifting Device
  • How to Make An Unoccupied Bed
  • How to Make An Occupied Bed
Vital Signs, Height, and Weight
  • How to Measure Oral Temperature
  • How to Measure Rectal Temperature
  • How to Take A Radial Pulse
  • How to Measure Respiration
  • How to Measure Blood Pressure
  • How to Measure Height and Weight Using An Upright Scale
Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Brushing and Flossing the Teeth
  • Providing Oral Care for A Person with Dentures
  • Providing Oral Care for An Unconscious Person
  • How To Give A Shower or Tub Bath
  • How To Give A Complete Bed Bath
  • How To Provide Perineal Care
  • How To Assist With Dressing
  • How To Change A Hospital Gown
  • How To Shampoo A Person's Hair in Bed
  • How To Shave A Man's Face
  • How To Assist with Care of Hands and Feet
Basic Nutrition
  • How To Assist A Dependent Person with Eating
  • How To Measure Intake
  • How To Assist With Bedpans
  • How To Assist With Urinals
  • How To Provide Catheter Care
  • How To Measure Urine Output
  • How To Assist with Ambulation
  • How to Assist with Range-of-Motion Exercises
Special Topics
  • How to Care For A Person with Dementia
  • The Competency Evaluation

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