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Lips Like Sugar: Women's Erotic Fantasies
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Lips Like Sugar: Women's Erotic Fantasies

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by Violet Blue

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Read Lips Like Sugar in private or aloud to your favorite bedmate. Or turn down the corner of your favorite story's opening page and slip the book into just the right spot, where someone is sure to discover it... Violet Blue is known for erotica anthologies depicting joyful, unabashed sex dished up without qualifiers or apologies. The stories in this volume, written


Read Lips Like Sugar in private or aloud to your favorite bedmate. Or turn down the corner of your favorite story's opening page and slip the book into just the right spot, where someone is sure to discover it... Violet Blue is known for erotica anthologies depicting joyful, unabashed sex dished up without qualifiers or apologies. The stories in this volume, written by both veterans and new voices, feature women on top, bottom, and everyplace in between. Running the gamut from sweet to scintillating to downright raw, they cover just about every conceivable sexual scenario. Debra Hyde’s “Accidental Exhibitionist” explores the thoughts of corseted slavegirl Cara as she models her new fetish gear and services her master in public. Teresa Lamai’s “Idyll” finds poetry and passion in a scorching three-way set in Croatia. And Carolina John’s “The 9:30 to Edinburgh” shows just how accommodating a British train compartment can be to a group of sexually charged strangers.

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The 9.30 to Edinburgh
by Carolina John

Sarah smiled warmly and nodded, then glanced out the window.
The train was pulling away from the station and nobody else had entered their compartment.
“It looks as though we’re alone until York,” she said.
“The train doesn’t stop again until then.” Max grinned.“I wonder what we can do to amuse ourselves for three and a half hours?” he mused, his long, tapered fingers drumming restlessly on his lap.
“Max hates to be bored,” explained Sarah to Alison, who was finding it increasingly difficult to drag her eyes away from the man opposite, who was now staring moodily out the window. For a moment he reminded Alison of Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights—dark, handsome, brooding.
Then Sarah went on, “Sometimes I have to help him to amuse himself,” she added, turning to him and beginning to stroke his thigh. “Isn’t that right, Max?”
Max nodded.“Quite right,” he agreed. “And you always do it so beautifully Sarah. Like now. Did I ever tell you that you have a wonderful touch?”
“Many times, darling,” she murmured.
He closed his eyes and Alison watched as Sarah’s hand moved farther and farther up his leg, stroking slowly and sensually until it reached his groin. Her eyes widened. Surely they weren’t going to start groping each other right in front of her? These were respectable business colleagues, she thought. Any minute now they would realise that what they were doing was just not socially acceptable.
“This helps him to relax, Alison,” murmured Sarah apologetically as she began to caress his penis over the well-cut dark grey trousers. “But this helps him even more.”
With one deft movement she unzipped his fly and slid her hand into the opening, where it remained, caressing and teasing the penis that was hidden from Alison, but that she suddenly wanted desperately to see. She could just make out the outline of it, long and fat. Much bigger than Mike’s. She gasped. This had happened to her in dreams before—but had never even been hinted at in reality.
“You don’t object if Sarah helps me to relax?” asked Max.
“No! No, of course not,” stammered Alison, her eyes transfixed by the hand that was moving up and down beneath the fabric of Max’s trousers.
Once or twice she thought she caught a glimpse of flesh and her heart jumped. A familiar wetness began to form in the gusset of her panties and she felt a flutter in her breast. Hardly aware of what she was doing, she leaned forward slightly, her mouth hanging open a bit and her eyes wide with curiosity. Her face began to burn and she was sure that she must be blushing, but even so she couldn’t tear her eyes away. She was appalled—and yet she was fascinated. She wanted them to stop doing what they were doing—and yet if they had stopped she would have been more disappointed than she had ever been in her life.
Sarah’s fingers kept moving and Max began to groan with pleasure. He squirmed on the seat and his eyes were dark with passion. His hand moved to his waistband and a moment later he had undone the button of his trousers, so that they opened wide, revealing navy-blue underpants. Still Sarah rubbed and caressed him and as Alison watched, the tip of his penis began to appear between the folds of his zip. She gasped as she feasted her eyes on the shiny, bulbous end, which moved through Sarah’s fingers as easily as if it had been oiled. As the foreskin slid up and down he began to moan.
“Not so fast, Sarah. Slow down. Maybe you should stop doing this. What will Alison think?”

Meet the Author

Violet Blue is the bestselling author of four sex instruction books: The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus, The Ultimate Guide to Adult Videos, and The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy; the editor of five erotica collections: Sweet Life, Sweet Life 2, Taboo, Best Women's Erotica 2006, and Lips Like Sugar; and the editor of the nonfiction collection Best Sex Writing 2005, all published by Cleis Press. Violet also writes about erotica, pornography, and sexual pleasure and health for various magazines, and she is the creator of the popular podcast Open Source Sex. Violet Blue has appeared in dozens of publications and radio and TV programs; the following is a selected list. Violet has been interviewed and quoted by national and international magazines including O, The Oprah Magazine, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Jane, First for Women, Glamour, Grace Woman, Maxim, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Blender, Penthouse, Redbook, Wired, and more; TV appearances on The History Channel’s Sex in History series and Playboy TV’s Sexcetera; radio interviews including The Dr. Laura Berman Show, The Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue Johansen, and a regular monthly guest appearance on Sirius OutQ Radio’s Derek and Romaine Show; and selected websites including CBS Healthwatch, Jane’s Guide, and Salon.com. She has been the subject of feature articles in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, San Jose Mercury News, and the Wall Street Journal and has been quoted extensively in several books including 365 Days of Sensational Sex by Lou Paget and The Guide to Getting it On! by Paul Joannides. Violet is a trained sex educator and lectures to human sexuality students at San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, and to trainees at the national sex crisis and information hotline San Francisco Sex Information. She lives in San Francisco. Visit her at www.tinynibbles.com. The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys "A very useful introduction to the many different types of toys currently available. Packed with practical advice, this should be required reading for new retail staff." —Erotic Trade Only Advance praise: "No longer are toys solely for solo pleasure. Violet's vast research and expertise in this area can guide both novice and toy-experienced couples." — Lou Paget, author of The Great Lover Playbook

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