Literary Strategy in the Epistle of Jude

Literary Strategy in the Epistle of Jude

by J. Daryl Charles




Traditionally, New Testament scholarship has subsumed examination of Jude under the study of 2 Peter, concentrating primarily on the question of literary dependence. The present work, however, with its focus on the unique features of the epistle, endeavors to penetrate the distinct literary and theological world of Jude and thus illuminate what for many has been an obscure part of the New Testament canon.

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Publication date: 01/01/1993
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J. Daryl Charles was educated at West Chester State University, Southern California College, the University of Siegen (Germany), and Westminster Theological Seminary, where he received a Ph.D. in hermeneutics. He currently teaches Christian Studies at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
2. Literary-Rhetorical Analysis of the Epistle of Jude
The Form of Jude's Polemic
The Polemic of Jude:   A Theological Analysis
3. The Epistle of Jude in Its Palestinian Milieu
The Influence of Hellenism in First-Century Palestine
James and Jude:  Early Christianity and the Jewish Matrix
Appendix:  The Catholic Epistles and the Question of Pseudonymity
4. The Use of the Old Testament in Jude
Jude's Dependence on Old Testament Motifs
Typological Exegesis in Jude—A Closer Look
5. The Use of Extrabiblical Source Material in Jude
The Use of Tradition-Material in the New Testament
Jewish Tradition-Material in Jude
The Use of Tradition-Material in Jude: A Summary
6. Conclusion: In Search of a Literary Strategy
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