The Literature of Al-Andalus

The Literature of Al-Andalus

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Cambridge University Press
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The Literature of Al-Andalus

The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature.' The Literature of Al-Andalus explores the culture of Iberia from the eighth to the thirteenth century, and to the centuries following the Christian conquest, when Arabic continued to be used. While the focus is on literature, the study extends to the related fields of philosophy, art, architecture and music.

Maria Rosa Menocal, D. F. Ruggles, Consuelo Lopez Morillas, Dwight Reynolds, Jerrilynn D. Dodds, Peter Heath, Michael Sells, Tova Rosen, Rina Drory, Beatrice Gruendler, Cynthia Robinson, Eric Ormsby, Raymond P Scheindlin, Ross Brann, Lourdes Maria Alavarez, Amila Buturovic, Devin J. Stewart, Lenn Goodman, Alexander Knysh, Gregory B. Stone, Karla Mallette, William Granara, Thomas E. Burman, H. D. Miller, Samuel G. Armistead, Luce Lopez-Baralt

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ISBN-13: 9780521030236
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 08/28/2006
Series: Cambridge History of Arabic Literature Series
Pages: 520
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 1.14(d)

Table of Contents

List of illustrations; Notes on transliteration; 1. Visions of al-Andalus Mariá Rosa Menocal; Madinat al-Zahrã' and the Umayyad palace D. F. Ruggles; Part I. The Shapes of Culture: 2. Language Consuelo López-Morillas; 3. Music Dwight Reynolds; 4. Spaces Jerrilynn D. Dodds; 5. Knowledge Peter Heath; 6. Love Michael Sells; The Great Mosque of Córdoba D. F. Ruggles; Part II. The Shapes of Literature: 7. The muwashshah Tova Rosen; 8. The maqama Rina Drory; 9. The qasida Beatrice Gruendler; The Aljafería in Saragossa and Taifa spaces Cynthia Robinson; Part III. Andalusians: 10. Ibn Hazm Eric Ormsby; 11. Moses Ibn Ezra Raymond P. Scheindlin; 12. Judah Halevi Ross Brann; 13. Petrus Alfonsi Lourdes María Alvárez; 14. Ibn Quzmãn Amila Buturovic; 15. Ibn Zaydun Devin J. Stewart; 16. Ibn Tufayl Lenn Goodman; 17. Ibn 'Arabi Alexander Knysh; 18. Ramon Llull Gregory B. Stone; 19. Ibn al-Khatib Alexander Knysh; The dual heritage in Sicilian monuments D. F. Ruggles; Part IV. To Sicily: 20. Poetries of the Norman courts Karla Mallette; 21. Ibn Hamdis and the poetry of nostalgia William Granara; 22. Michael Scot and the translators Thomas E. Burman; Mudejar Teruel and Spanish identity D. F. Ruggles; Part V. Marriages and Exiles: 23. The Mozarabs H. D. Miller and Hanna E. Kassis; 24. The Arabized Jews Ross Brann; 25. The Sephardim Samuel G. Armistead; 26. The Moriscos Luce López-Baralt; Part VI. To al-Andalus, Would She Return the Greeting: The Nuniyya (poem in N) of Ibn Zaydun; Index.

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