Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship the Heroes of the Vietnam War: Book One

Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship the Heroes of the Vietnam War: Book One

by Marjorie Haun


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South Vietnamese Airforce Major Bung-Ly narrowly escapes being shot down as he takes off from Con Son Island in his little Cessna Bird Dog. The plane is too heavy to fly for long because his five young children and wife are on board. The invasion of enemies from North Vietnam makes it impossible for him to stay in his beloved country. Brave Bung-Ly loads his terrified wife and children on to the little Bird Dog and desperately heads out to sea, not knowing where he will land, or if there will be a place for him to take his family.

Out at sea is the gigantic aircraft carrier, the USS Midway. Bung-Ly spots the ship in the distance, but when he gets closer he sees that its decks are crowded with equipment, helicopters, and hundreds of people. There is no room for him to land his airplane. How will this story end for brave Major Bung-Ly and his family?

This true story is one of the amazing tales of heroism and sacrifice from from the Vietnam War.

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ISBN-13: 9781468560596
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/15/2012
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.11(d)

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Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship

The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Book One
By Marjorie Haun


Copyright © 2012 Marjorie Haun
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-6059-6

Chapter One

Tikka-tikka, zing!

Men with machine guns spotted the little Bird Dog airplane on the runway of beautiful, but chaotic and noisy, Con Son Island. Bullets were whizzing out of stands of palm trees lining the runway, and past the little airplane. Tikka-tikka-tikka! South Vietnamese Air Force Major Bung Ly was escaping with his wife and five young children. "Mother," asked Diep, the oldest daughter, "what is happening?"

"We are taking a ride in Daddy's airplane."

"Why? Where are we going?" pleaded the girl.

"Shhhh," said Mrs. Ly. "Just get in, fast!"

Mrs. Ly pushed the children into the plane while her husband started its engine. His eyes were wide with concentration. He had to save his family. The children where whimpering in fear. Tikka-tikka-tikka, zing! The sound of machine gun bullets ripping past the little Bird Dog stung the ears of the terrified Ly children.

The gigantic aircraft carrier, USS Midway, was cruising on the waters of the South China Sea. It had become a big rescue ship for Operation Frequent Wind. When the American Forces left Southeast Asia, the enemies poured into South Vietnam, taking over its towns and cities, and making threats to the people who had helped the Americans. The deck of the Midway was no longer a landing strip for jet fighters, but was now a haven for refugees from the mainland. The frightened evacuees boarded big transport helicopters, and skilled American and Vietnamese pilots flew them to safety on the deck of the Midway. Hundreds of innocent South Vietnamese people were saved by the pilots flying the big helicopters called Super Stallions.

The flight deck of the Midway was crowded with helicopters, equipment, and hundreds of refugees who were being guided to safety by the crewmen of the gigantic ship.

South Vietnam had been a peaceful nation and its people were very kind to America. But enemies from the North fought for years trying to overrun the beautiful, tropical country which was home to farmers, fishermen, and merchants. The American Military went to South Vietnam to help their government fight invaders from the North who wanted to take over everything and force the people to live in a way they did not want to live. After many years of war, the Americans were ordered by their government to leave. Sadly the enemies from North Vietnam took over the country. Thousands of good and peaceful people from South Vietnam where rescued, and the Aircraft Carrier Midway became their temporary home.

The Cessna O-1 Bird Dog airplane was not made to carry seven people. It was almost too heavy to take off from the little Island. But Major Bung Ly was an expert pilot. He managed to get the little Bird dog into the air. And by zigging and zagging this way and that in the little airplane, Bung Ly evaded the bullets of the enemy machine guns. The Ly children were crying as the airplane zoomed up from the runway at Con Son Island. The green tracers and the constant "tikka-tikka" from the machine guns, had frightened and bewildered the five Ly children. Mrs. Ly calmed them. "Do you know what that sound reminds me of?" she whispered in a sweet and encouraging voice, "The fireworks of Tet." Her soothing words drew their memories back to the New Year's celebrations they loved so much.


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Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Book One 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
JAHunsinger More than 1 year ago
Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Book One (Paperback) I bought two copies of this title as a gift for children in the family. While writing a review for a children's book is somewhat out of my line, this book is not an ordinary book for children. It is far from a run of the mill, "See Spot Run," type of children's book. The author is passionate about the subject of the heroes of the Vietnam War, and rightly so, especially the tale she spins of a man attempting to save his family from an uncertain future in their war-torn country. Her knowledge of the central theme of her book is admirable and she conveys the tension and terror of escaping the clutches of the enemy in such a way that it will engage the young reader. The artwork conveys the story line well, enhancing the tale as the author builds tension to the inevitable conclusion. I highly recommend this title for the parent who wishes to teach as well as entertain. Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship will do that for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a heart-warming story in an unexpected setting. The display of humanity and sacrifice on the parts of the men who served on the USS Midway, and the bravery of those who had to endure the nightmare at the end of the Vietnam War are truly moving and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.
spooky218 More than 1 year ago
The Vietnam war and its stories are not to be found in history books. it is remebered only by pain in the hearts of those that served in that place and time. in this story we fined a writer that dose her homework well. This book is writen in a way that can be enjoyed by bouth young and old. It is a ture story about those that lived there and what they had to do to servive . It tells part of the history of an era you won't find any place. I feel it is a must read. This is a FIVE STAR book
MishDad More than 1 year ago
Pass on this one. Don't know what this author was thinking. Poorly written and disjointed narrative. Nice pictures "I guess" but many better choices on this site and for less money.
MidwaySailor136 More than 1 year ago
Although this is intended as a children's book, the story is very captivating and educational. It's refreshing to read the personal story and observations of the people involved instead of having to rely on just the official accounts. This is a nice addition to anyone's USS Midway collection. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the author did a wonderful job telling the story along with the illustrator's beautiful artwork.