Little Bolton: The Story of a Lancashire Working Class Family at the Start of the Industrial Revolution

Little Bolton: The Story of a Lancashire Working Class Family at the Start of the Industrial Revolution

by Nora Lönn


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In a small Lancashire town in the 1840s, three working class orphans struggle to survive. Despite technological advancement, life is harder for Nell, Bill and Luke than it was for their parents.

As they grow up, they each find their own way of improving their situation, through marriage, education, or illegal means.

But family scandal that no one will talk about, and the mysterious Edward Ainsworth who will stop at nothing to destroy their family, threaten to ruin what progress they’ve made.

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ISBN-13: 9789198322903
Publisher: Skriv in English AB
Publication date: 01/14/2017
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Nora has been writing since the age of seven, producing reams of unpublished stories. A not so short foray into the world of academia resulted in her first published work. Many scientific articles and an Assistant professorship later, she eventually realised her love for writing was greater than her love for the medical sciences. Changing careers, she produced a number of short stories before progressing to a novel. Little Bolton is her first published work of fiction. Nora lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her family and two cats.

Table of Contents




The families

The Halls

The Booths, The Flemings

PART 1 - 1841

The funeral. January 1841

The wake. January 1841

Back to Bolton. January 1841

The mill. January 1841

Another new home. February 1841

Leaving for Manchester. February 1841

PART 2 - 1845–1848

Apprenticed. February 1845

The soapbox. May 1847

Temperance. May 1847

Nell’s homecoming. February 1848

The suitcase. March 1848

Answers. March 1848

The Chartist march. April 1848

The diary. April 1848

PART 3 - 1850–1852

The family secret. March 1850

The wedding. May 1850

Head over heels. August 1850

Lies. November 1850

A daughter. June 1851

The reunion. November 1851

The proposal. March 1852

Another wedding. April 1852

PART 4 - 1853

Accusations. March 1853

Leaving Bolton again. March 1853

A confession. March 1853

The confrontation. March 1853

The journey to Salford. March 1853

Scarlet fever. April 1853

The loss. April 1853

Emigration. April 1853

Life in Liverpool. April 1853

Revenge. September 1853

The truth finally revealed. September–December 1853

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