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Little Book of Beliefs: From Philosophy to Religion & Spiritual Metaphysics too

Little Book of Beliefs: From Philosophy to Religion & Spiritual Metaphysics too

by Philip Koehn


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Little Book of Beliefs is an express tour of belief topics for curious minds. Is there a God? What is the purpose of life? Do humans have souls? Why do bad things happen to good people and vice versa? Life is a mystery and we're still guessing about its meaning and purpose.

Our personal beliefs, whether vague or specific, philosophical or spiritual, surely influence our values and outlook on life. Philip Koehn, author of Choosing your Religion and Exploring the Major Faiths, presents a brief synopsis of key philosophical and spiritual topics in this compact analysis.

Questions about existence? What does it mean to be a human being? Does reality exist only in the mind of the beholder or is reality independent of human perception? Do humans create the human condition or does a higher being impose it? Little Book of Beliefs explores some of the possible answers to these and other existential questions. It raises many of the questions that are likely to remain unsettled and answered only by beliefs.

Little Book of Beliefs is divided into three sections: Philosophy, Religion, and Spiritual Metaphysics. The book roams far and wide to look at this mystery from different angles. It looks at the big philosophical questions, important points of faith, and esoteric beliefs, the subjects that often define one's belief orientation. It examines topics as diverse as auras, God, ethics, existentialism, the human condition, karma, moral values, mysticism, nature spirits, and salvation, pieces of a puzzle we may never fit together. It is a "believe it or not" book about beliefs themselves.

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