The Little Book of Leadership: The 12.5 Strengths of Responsible, Reliable, Remarkable Leaders That Create Results, Rewards, and Resilience

The Little Book of Leadership: The 12.5 Strengths of Responsible, Reliable, Remarkable Leaders That Create Results, Rewards, and Resilience


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The Little Book of Leadership: The 12.5 Strengths of Responsible, Reliable, Remarkable Leaders That Create Results, Rewards, and Resilience by Jeffrey Gitomer

A new and impactful book on leadership from the perspective ofleaders

What makes a leader relevant? It's not their place ofemployment, job title, experience, or status in life'it's theirresilience. The true measure of any leader is his or her ability toreact based on past experience and gut feelings, respond in realtime to current circumstances, and then to recover quickly and moveon with new lessons learned. The Little Book of Leadership combinesclassic style with the latest innovations to challenges the readerto self-evaluate every facet of their leadership, coaching, andcommunication abilities in order to better formulate what actionscan be taken to improve their natural skills. Ideas and answers areprovided for every challenge.

  • Chapters include information about the 12.5 leadershipstrengths: From insights to legacy and every element in between.Morale, Attitude, Resilience, Opportunity, Guts, Measurement,Coach, Celebration, Next-level, and Lost Secret of Leadership
  • Foreword by Dr. Paul "Doc" Hersey, creator of SituationalLeadership
  • Other books by Gitomer: The Sales Bible: The Ultimate SalesResource, Revised Edition, also by Wiley, The Little RedBook of Selling (Bard Press) The Little Gold Book of YES!Attitude (Pearson)

Whereas other books rely on theory or philosophy, The LittleBook of Leadership takes leadership into the real world ofbusiness, providing proven methods for becoming a successfulleader.

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ISBN-13: 9780470944578
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/19/2011
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 173,236
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About the Author

Jeffrey Gitomer (Charlotte, NC) ( ( is a leading authority in sales and customer service. Jeffrey gives over 100 presentations a year and writes a weekly column that reaches more than four million readers and a weekly e-zine with over 500,000 subscribers. In 2008, he was inducted into the National Speaker Association's Speaker Hall of Fame.

Table of Contents

The Time for a Real-World Leadership Book ins NOW!

How to Use This Book to Succeed.

Define Leadership, Now Redefine It in Terms of You.

Foreword by Doc Hersey.

1. Leadership Insight.

The 19.5 Principles of Leadership.

The Respect Factor – Earning Versus Demanding.

Do They Want to Listen to You? Or Do They Have to Listen toYou?

2. Mental Leadership.

Developing a Leadership Attitude.

Why is YES! Attitude at the Fulcrum Point of Leadership,Managerial, and Workplace Success?

Attitude In. Attitude Out. (That’s the Real 360).

It’s Not Morale; It’s Attitude.

Developing a Leadership Philosophy.

3. Resilient Leadership.

The Resilient Leader: You Are the Essence of Your Reactions,Your Responses, Your Recovery, and Your Reputation.

What Can I Do to Beat Stress? What Can I Do to Beat Worry?

Resilience Is.

4. Reality Leadership.

The 9.5 Tragic Flaws of Leaders.

Why Can’t You Achieve the Goals You Set? Why Can’tYour People?

Manage Yourself …..Lead Others.

How You Train Determines Their Results – and Yours.

Self-Evaluation of the Basic Elements of Leadership.

Don’t Ask Me, Ask Yourself! How RARE Are You?

Leaders Can Help or Hurt, It’s Up to You!

Self-Evaluation of the Attributes of an Ideal Leader.

Are You in Sales, Negotiation, and Mediation? Answer: YouBet!

Adaptive Leadership.

The Day To Day and the Day BY Day.

Sandy Carter Leads From the From Row.

5. Coach Leadership.

Are You a Leader or a Coach? Yes!

Put Me in, Coach!

One’s Coach’s Opinion.

Dealing with Winners, Losers, and Mediocres.

Team or Family?

Some People Want a Team, Some People Don’t .

6. (The New) Situational Leadership.

Hersey Situational Leadership® Model Situational Leadership2010-2020.

Ready, Willing, Able, Best.

Personal Enthusiasm and Task Enthusiasm .

7. Measurement Leadership.

Sales Leaders and the Classic Example of Measured Results.

Measuring Results.

Measuring Yourself: The 360 Strategy.

Smart or Du…er, Less Than Prefact?

8. Opportunity Leadership.

Crisis is the Best Time to Effect Change.

Help – We’re Growing. Help – the Market isChanging.

Help - the Economy is in the Tank. Help – We’reMerging.

Help – My Budget’s Been Slashed. Help –Change!

9. Guts Leadership.

Having the Guts to Decide.

The Leadership Delta.

The Reality of a Wild Card.

Pain in the Ass People.

The Delegation.

To Hire or Not to Hire.

To Fire or Not to Fire.

10. Personal Leadership.

Can Leaders Influence Without Authority? … Hardly.

What REALLY Motivates?

What REALLY Inspires?

Win One for the Gipper? Eh, Not This Year.

To Serve is to Rule.

A Few More Personal Leadership Insights.

11. Celebration Leadership.

Recognize Employee Recognition for What It is GOLD!


12. Next-Level Leadership.

Leadership 360.5 and 365 – Adding Impact and Measurementto the Standard 360 Process.

The Lost Secret of Leadership.

Got a Mission! Or Just a Mission Statement?

The Garcia Principle of Mission.

12.5 Legacy Leadership.

Got Legacy?

Some Legacies are Obvious.

Leadership Affirmations.

The Golden Rule of Leadership, and Life.

Who is Jeffrey Gitomer?  I?

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Little Book of Leadership 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
mastermindMICHAEL More than 1 year ago
Jeffrey Gitomer is Back! Firing off another Little Book with BIG teeth. His cutting-edge style of writing and selling makes any of his little books a must for any SELLING LIBRARY, especially THIS ONE. Finally comes the truth on LEADERSHIP in a marketplace that is in desperate need of more than the "status quo" blah, blah, blah on leading. Jeffrey PROVOKES in true Gitomer-style that makes him "the greatest sales trainer in the world.(Don't believe it...just ask him)" It's his sold-out delivery of his real-world instruction and inspiration that lands his books at the top of the charts over and over. Not only is this book now in my personal library but I've given several copies away to customers, clients and other LEADERS I know. Which pays a great compliment to them and their LEADERSHIP skills, while challenging each of us to become an even better leader NOW! Congrats to Gitomer on smacking us around again to THINK DIFFERENTLY about LEADERSHIP in a BIG way. This one is a MUST HAVE.