LITTLE BOYS' ADVENTURE AT THE BEACH: Treasure Hunt & Magical Ocean Adventures

LITTLE BOYS' ADVENTURE AT THE BEACH: Treasure Hunt & Magical Ocean Adventures

by Irene Jane Holmes


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781641331067
Publisher: AuthorCentrix, Inc.
Publication date: 05/10/2018
Pages: 26
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.07(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 12 Years

About the Author

Author was born in Bountiful Utah and was raised in Boardman, Oregon. Author graduated from High School in Chehalis, WA and, currently, lives in Olympia, WA. She was always interested in literature writing stories.

I started writing stories in general classes in English class. I thought it was interesting but, did not start writing tell 2001-2003. This is when I started to write Boys Adventure Through the West; Ghost Town Adventures. Later on, I added Wild to the title to give excitement to the story.
She started to go to SNHU in 2013 and majoring in BA Creative writing, English; Screenwriting and graduate in 2018.. She started to get more into writing literature for all ages in fiction adventure, poems, song lyrics. She first published her short story for children in Aug 31, 2015 @ Book Venture Publishers for ABC 123 Color Animal Kid; The Journey Through the Forest is the first book for this series. She published her 2nd book in short novel @ Author House Publishers Nov, 21, 2015 for Boys Adventure Through the Wild West; Ghost Town Adventures.

The author is exploring many options in researching projects that she writes. She loves to write explorer adventure stories for children and adults of all ages to help them grow and learn in their daily life. She likes to feel the characters exploring their experiences as they explore on many adventures in the story. The author hopes her audience can feel like the story is alive and learn as they read through her stories and other writing. Her idea she has is to help children and adults of all ages with various learning education like phonics, problem-solving decrease fear by facing it and many other learning strategies along the way as; she writes more Explore Adventure for children to an adult of all ages.

She is working on other children adventures for all ages to help the children in their education like ABC, 123 Color Phonics with animals and a boy character who helps other children learn his or her education skills. She writes fiction fantasy paranormal comedy short stories for adults are written in script format. She writes fiction fantasy adventures and the paranormal fantasy, and some Sci-Fie and paranormal western fantasy for all ages. In many adventures that are to come your way can help you with your problem solving like in the Boys Adventure Through the West. The Explore Boys help each other and solve problems.

She has explored many options to make her stories come to life as the audience reads her stories, poems, and songs. She loves to write; it helps her with her daily stress that comes upon her. Writing is crucial to her because she loves to help people out. She hopes that some of her writing like in her songs, poems, or even her stories can contribute to aspire, someone, to keep their heads up. Children development, stage learning song that she wrote for her three older boys "I want to be like my brothers." This song helps all her kids keep going and never give up. This is a development Learning song encourages the kids to keep going.

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