The Little Dream

The Little Dream

by John Galsworthy


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The Little Dream by John Galsworthy

SCENE I It is just after sunset of an August evening. The scene is aroom in a mountain hut, furnished only with a table, benches.and a low broad window seat. Through this window three rockypeaks are seen by the light of a moon which is slowly whiteningthe last hues of sunset. An oil lamp is burning. SEELCHEN, amountain girl, eighteen years old, is humming a folk-song, andputting away in a cupboard freshly washed soup-bowls andglasses. She is dressed in a tight-fitting black velvet bodice.square-cut at the neck and partly filled in with a gayhandkerchief, coloured rose-pink, blue, and golden, like thealpen-rose, the gentian, and the mountain dandelion; alabasterbeads, pale as edelweiss, are round her throat; her stiffened.white linen sleeves finish at the elbow; and her full well-wornskirt is of gentian blue. The two thick plaits of her hair arecrossed, and turned round her head. As she puts away the lastbowl, there is a knock; and LAMOND opens the outer door. He isyoung, tanned, and good-looking, dressed like a climber, andcarries a plaid, a ruck-sack, and an ice-axe.
LAMOND. Good evening!

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