Live at the Acropolis

Live at the Acropolis

by Yanni
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Live at the Acropolis

It's no surprise that Yanni is most identified with this amazingly powerful experience (also presented as one of PBS' most popular concerts ever), because it seems like the musical project he was most destined to perform. After making millions stateside, he returns to the historic, ancient Acropolis of his Greek homeland to share his sweeping music with his countrymen. One of the most impressive aspects of Yanni in this live setting is the way his beautiful piano passages blend with the occasional boom of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Shardad Rohani). Whereas it's easy to complain that his studio recordings are overly reliant on synthesized strings, here it's the real deal. "Santorini" epitomizes the musical balance, opening with several minutes of percussive string fanfare, then allowing Yanni to be simply expressive on the acoustic piano as the orchestra tones down and provides a caress of accompaniment. "Until the Last Moment" flows along tenderly with the same effect. Even songs like "Keys to the Imagination," which are played on synth, are taken to more emotional levels with the dramatic swells of the orchestra. The concert features its share of familiar tunes ("Swept Away," "Reflections of Passion"), but surprises in spots with more drawn out, thoughtful dishes of exotica like "Acroval/Standing in Motion," which begins with atmosphere and chime effects, then evolves into an adventurous orchestral and synth explosion more ambitious than anything Yanni has attempted on his studio recordings. The sticker on the original disc release also informs listeners that it's recorded in 48-track digital sound. The same sticker calls it the event of a lifetime. It's an amazing concert, but more the core event of Yanni's life and career than anyone listening to this recording. [This CD/DVD edition features interviews, behind the scenes footage and four bonus tracks on the DVD side.]

Product Details

Release Date: 10/11/2005
Label: Rca Victor
UPC: 0828767169828
catalogNumber: 71698


Disc 1

  1. Santorini
  2. Keys to Imagination
  3. Until the Last Moment
  4. The Rain Must Fall
  5. Acroyali/Standing in Motion [Medley]
  6. One Man's Dream
  7. Within Attraction
  8. Nostalgia
  9. Swept Away
  10. Reflections of Passion

Disc 2

  1. Santorini
  2. Until the Last Moment
  3. Keys to Imagination
  4. The Rain Must Fall
  5. Felitsa
  6. Within Attraction
  7. One Man's Dream
  8. Marching Season
  9. Nostalgia
  10. Acroyali/Standing in Motion
  11. Aria
  12. Reflections of Passion
  13. Swept Away
  14. The End of August
  15. Backstage Interviews with Yanni and Members of His Band
  16. Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Yanni   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals
Shardad Rohani   Violin,Conductor
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Karen Briggs   Violin
Michael Bruno   Percussion
Ric Fierabracci   Bass,Bass Guitar
Julie Homi   Keyboards
Bradley Joseph   Keyboards
Charlie Adam   Drums

Technical Credits

Shardad Rohani   Arranger,Orchestration,Duet
Yanni   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer,Audio Production
Karen Briggs   Duet
John Dillberto   Liner Notes
Andy Rose   Engineer
Norman Moore   Art Direction
Richard Boukas   Arranger
Jeffrey Mark Silverman   Orchestration
Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra   Contributor

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Live at the Acropolis 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this CD. I've listened to it a million times and never tire of it. It literally puts me in a different world when I hear it. I especially love the violins.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is Yanni's best work! Being a live concert in his country of birth gives the music an intensity that really brings it to life. Yanni has given his best to the people of Greece in this superb performance. By doing so, he has also given his best to all of us. I haven't heard better yet!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Excellant performance, the best I have ever seen........ To this I will never forget his performance.. Live Acropolis
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is very fantastic..... Yanni's music is soothing and engaging...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Unrestrained by the rigidities of Classical Music and yet, unaffected by the obnoxious outporings of modern rock, Yanni's music is a tribute to the greatness that men dream of attaining. It is sweet as well as sensuous, conventional as well as daring. Live at the Acropolis is an experience few people will ever forget.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I believe this man touches and can express an energy that has been with mankind for centuries. He chooses to express it through the medium of music. If you choose to bring this music into to your home/life, you choose to connect, or begin your connection with all people and souls. We are, after all the same. Amelia, Boulder, Co.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is without a doubt one of the G-R-E-A-T-E-S-T live albums ever made. A MUST-HAVE!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best New Age CD I have ever heard. The way the songs are mixed is incredible you feel the ups and downs. Great for people practicing Yoga.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't know how to express my feeling.It is a great combination of all styles of music.Buy it,listen to it and enjoy it!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a must have...if you are in search of yourself, in search of the meaning of life, or if you need direction...these songs will guide you, entertain you, and inspire you...