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Live: Radically Saved

Live: Radically Saved

by Carman
A breakthrough album with Christian rap, R&B, and a little rock.


A breakthrough album with Christian rap, R&B, and a little rock.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Carman   Primary Artist,Guitar,Ukulele,Vocals,Barking
Michael English   Background Vocals
Donna McElroy   Background Vocals
Robert Strickland   Choir, Chorus
Carla Thomas   Choir, Chorus
Jack Jezzro   Performing Ensemble
Wild Bill Davis   Organ
Michael Thompson   Guitar
Jon Goin   Acoustic Guitar
Teri DeSario   Background Vocals
David Maddux   Choir, Chorus
Ronn Huff   Conductor
Keith Thomas   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Percussion,Keyboards,Background Vocals,Multi Instruments,Synclavier
Walt Harrah   Background Vocals
Thomas Davis   Choir, Chorus
Beverly Darnall   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
David Angell   Performing Ensemble
Sam Bacco   Percussion,Marimbas,Performing Ensemble,Bird Calls
Stan Beard   Background Vocals
Francine Belcher   Choir, Chorus
Lisa Bevill   Background Vocals
George Binkley   Performing Ensemble
John Borg   Performing Ensemble
Jesse Boyce   Choir, Chorus
John Catchings   Performing Ensemble
Roy Christensen   Performing Ensemble
Virginia Christensen   Performing Ensemble
Sheldon Curry   Background Vocals
Jackie Cusic   Choir, Chorus
David Davidson   Performing Ensemble
Kim Fleming   Background Vocals
Leon Gaer   Bass
Carl Gorodetzky   Performing Ensemble
Barry Green   Horn,Performing Ensemble
Jim Grosjean   Performing Ensemble
Mark Hammond   Percussion,Drums
Michael Haynes   Trumpet,Horn
Mike Haynes   Performing Ensemble
Tom Hemby   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin
Mary Hoepfinger   Performing Ensemble
Joe Hogue   Background Vocals
Dennis Holt   Percussion
Dann Huff   Guitar
Don Huff   Guitar
Lee Larrison   Performing Ensemble
Derrick Lee   Choir, Chorus
Sam Levine   Horn
Ralph Lofton   Choir, Chorus
Ted Madsen   Performing Ensemble
Myrna Matthews   Background Vocals
Russell Mauldin   Choir, Chorus
Thomas McAninch   Performing Ensemble
Chris McDonald   Horn,Background Vocals,Performing Ensemble
Jerry McPherson   Guitar
Dennis Molchan   Performing Ensemble
Laura Molyneaux   Performing Ensemble
Farrell Morris   Performing Ensemble
Ellen Musick   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Gary Musick   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Craig Nelson   Bass,Performing Ensemble
Mark O'Connor   Fiddle
Guy Penrod   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Brett Perry   Sampling,Synclavier
Darryl Phinnessee   Background Vocals
David Reid   Choir, Chorus
Martin Resch   Guitar
Chris Rodriguez   Background Vocals
Julia Tillman Waters   Background Vocals
John Andrew Shreiner   Keyboards
Pamela Sixfin   Performing Ensemble
Buddy Skipper   Horn
Jimmie Lee Sloas   Bass
Gino Speight   Background Vocals
Bobby G. Taylor   Performing Ensemble
Leah Taylor   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
George Tidwell   Horn,Performing Ensemble
Alan Umstead   Performing Ensemble
Catherine Umstead   Performing Ensemble
Gary VanOsdale   Performing Ensemble
Jackie Verdell   Choir, Chorus
Scott Wajhan   Background Vocals
Darrell Walker   Choir, Chorus
Maxine Willard Waters   Background Vocals
Bobby White   Background Vocals
Johnny Whittaker   Choir, Chorus
BeBe & CeCe Winans   Background Vocals
Ed Little Cook   Choir, Chorus
Nancy Allen   Choir, Chorus
Jim Long   Choir, Chorus
John Schreiner   Keyboards
Mark Tanner   Performing Ensemble
Michael Hart Thompson   Guitar
Julia Waters   Background Vocals
Bob Wilson   Percussion
James Alexander   Choir, Chorus
Emily Harris   Choir, Chorus
BeBe Winans   Background Vocals
Bobby Lee Jones   Choir, Chorus
Earl Scott   Choir, Chorus
John Rommel   Performing Ensemble
Melodie Tunney   Choir, Chorus
Louis Jr. Upkins   Choir, Chorus
Christian Wilson   Choir, Chorus
Cynthia Estill   Performing Ensemble
Mark OConner   Fiddle
Donnie Harper   Choir, Chorus
Bill Riley   Choir, Chorus
Bob Wynne   Narrator
Bev Bartsch   Choir, Chorus
Karen Franz   Choir, Chorus
Bob Heuer   Performing Ensemble
Rick Ricker   Performing Ensemble
Rosa Marcus   Choir, Chorus
Alvin S. White   Choir, Chorus
Barbara Moore   Choir, Chorus
Mary Bates   Choir, Chorus
Ben White   Choir, Chorus
Charles Wyatt   Performing Ensemble
Willie Davis   Organ,Tambourine,Choir, Chorus
Robin Johnson   Choir, Chorus
Terri Abel   Choir, Chorus
Dennis Jay   Choir, Chorus
Ann Richards   Performing Ensemble
William Bastian   Choir, Chorus
Mike Green   Horn
Corlina Brooks   Choir, Chorus
Billy E. Brown   Choir, Chorus
Mrs. Billy E. Brown   Choir, Chorus
Val Buick   Choir, Chorus
Tresa Bun   Choir, Chorus
Mendy Caldwell   Choir, Chorus
Virginia Lee Carroll   Performing Ensemble
Angie Carson   Choir, Chorus
Bill Chaffe   Choir, Chorus
Sylvester Chase   Choir, Chorus
Joanie Clark   Choir, Chorus
Ben Cults   Choir, Chorus
Sheila Cults   Choir, Chorus
Stevie Cults   Choir, Chorus
Nathan Digefare   Choir, Chorus
Don Eldridge   Choir, Chorus
Rev. Rebecca Ellis   Choir, Chorus
Joe Sr. Erexson   Choir, Chorus
McLauren Foster   Choir, Chorus
Barbara A. Horton   Choir, Chorus
Steve Hurst   Choir, Chorus
Cindy Jack   Choir, Chorus
Cynthia Jointer   Choir, Chorus
Ben Lampley   Choir, Chorus
Soon ik Lee   Performing Ensemble
Nancy Licciardello   Accordion
James Locker   Choir, Chorus
Oyoko Lovings   Choir, Chorus
Bob Mason   Performing Ensemble
Lynn McCain   Choir, Chorus
Steven McClain   Choir, Chorus
Roy McNeil   Choir, Chorus
George Michaud   Choir, Chorus
Clyde Munn   Choir, Chorus
Donald Parham   Choir, Chorus
Bobbie Patterson   Choir, Chorus
Walker Rev   Choir, Chorus
David Ford   Choir, Chorus
Eberhard Ramm   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Carman   Executive Producer
Ronn Huff   Arranger,Orchestration
Keith Thomas   Arranger,Producer,Introduction
Sam Bacco   Poetry
Jeff Balding   Engineer
Ronnie Brookshire   Engineer
Jonathan David Brown   Engineer
Sheldon Curry   Contributor
Nick Froome   Engineer
Chris McDonald   Horn Arrangements
Bill Whittington   Engineer
Johnny Rosen   Engineer
John Schreiner   Producer
Ricky Crabtree   Engineer
David Brown   Engineer

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