Live Your Bliss: Practices That Produce Happiness and Prosperity

Live Your Bliss: Practices That Produce Happiness and Prosperity

by Terry Cole-Whittaker


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ISBN-13: 9781577316855
Publisher: New World Library
Publication date: 11/10/2009
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Pages: 240
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Terry Cole-Whittaker is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and the author of many bestselling books, including What You Think of Me Is None of My Business, How to Have More in a Have-Not World, and Dare to Be Great. In addition to hosting her own television show for many years, Terry has been a guest on Oprah and other national programs. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Live Your Bliss

Practices that Produce Happiness and Prosperity

By Terry Cole-Whittaker

New World Library

Copyright © 2009 Terry Cole-Whittaker
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57731-686-2


You Are Already Powerful

You and I are more powerful than we have been taught to believe. Each of us possesses creative powers that have mystical, even supernatural qualities and potential, and whatever happens in our personal lives, as well as globally, is directly related to how we use these amazing powers. As intelligent people, we seek to be happy and prosperous and to avoid pain and poverty. Doing so is possible when we know three things: who we are as spiritual beings, how life works, and our divine purpose and life's mission. Sacred knowledge offered to us in the revelations of mystic masters of ancient times, as well as our own realizations, are the keys that open the doors to the great secrets and treasure house of divine bliss and opulence. All forms of wealth are waiting for us in the form of knowledge that we can apply to get the results we desire.

Who Are We?

"Be ye as gods," we are told in the Holy Bible. It also states that we are made in the image and likeness of God, so we must be godlike in nature, possessing godlike qualities and powers. We are souls: not bodies or minds, but pure spirit. The Sanskrit phrase Sat chit ananda tells us that the nature of each soul is eternity, consciousness, and bliss. Whatever God is, we are too to some degree. Obviously we are not the Supreme Creator, but creators we are. Just as a wave is part of the ocean, but not the whole ocean, we are part of God, possessing godly qualities and powers, but are not the Absolute Controller. We already have the ability to be, do, and have whatever we desire, including happiness, peace of mind, and the intelligence to solve all personal and global problems. How do we solve them and find the happiness, love, and peace of mind we seek? There are three steps in solving any problem or attaining what we want: find out how something works naturally; stop doing what does not work; start doing what does work.

The universe and everything in it was, and is being, created perfectly. When we know how something works, we can work it as it was designed to work, and this includes life on earth. You and I are perfect, and nothing is wrong with anyone. But we must recognize who we are as spiritual beings, how we function naturally in our optimal condition as godlike souls, and how to use our supernatural powers. Once we know these things, we can attain our hearts' desires and fulfill our highest potential for supreme happiness, the goal and purpose of life.

But when we misuse our godlike and creative powers of manifestation, we create wars, poverty, sickness, unhappiness, and all personal and global troubles. In this respect, our powers are like electricity, which can light our homes and cook our food or, when used incorrectly, can cause a destructive fire. Many blame God for their problems, but each of us has free will. Free will puts the ball in our court: we decide how to use our powers of creativity. This means, whether we use our powers for good or ill, the choice is ours.

Think of your soul power as having one "vote." Because all souls are equal and have the exact same amount of supernatural powers, spiritual abilities, and other qualities, all votes have the same power. You give your one vote to what you choose to believe and focus your attention on, and this gives that thought the power to manifest by taking on a physical form or a condition that is the equivalent of the thought. For example, dwelling on a fear will cocreate it in your world. Dwelling on your fondest desire for a home or relationship will cocreate that. I use the word cocreate because we are creating with God's energy flowing through our essence.

No one has more power than anyone else, so each determines his or her destiny by how each uses this creative power of manifestation. This is why each person lives a unique life, and why, when we join our votes, our creative powers, with those of others, we determine even the global circumstances of our lives. But no matter what others do with their powers, we always have the freedom of choice, and we use this freedom to cocreate our personal lives.

Each of us possesses several creative tools, in the same way that an artist has tools with which to create her art. These creative tools are hearing, thinking, imagining, speaking, desiring, feeling, and behaving. We use these tools all the time, and unless we use them consciously and deliberately to produce our highest good, we use them to produce troubles. Everyone — and this means everyone — possesses and uses these same creative tools. No one has more or fewer than anyone else, regardless of who he is considered to be.

Thoughts are the foundation of all personal and global creations and manifestations. Thoughts are concepts, and each has a specific vibration, that is, a characteristic emanation. When we believe our thoughts, when we accept them as true, these thoughts act like magnets and draw to us their exact manifestation in our world. The world is constantly changing to reflect the thoughts of the people in it. For example, we create scarcity by believing in scarcity. Everything is made up of energy, and abundance always exists — except for the persons who believe in scarcity. Our thoughts either open us up to our infinite possibilities, or they close the door. We get what we accept, because what we accept we act on; we create a vibrational frequency that must, by the law of life, bring to us what corresponds to our thoughts.

We Must Control Our Minds

People who are unaware of their eternal, godlike nature suffer from the effects of their sad and abusive thoughts and the mean-spirited words and actions of others. People die of broken hearts because they dwell on sad thoughts, when happy thoughts are the sustenance of our lives. Souls live on thoughts in the same way that bodies live on nourishing food and drink. Joyful thoughts are pleasurable and inspiring. Divine, godly thoughts give us good feelings and spiritual vision and intelligence. Fear- based thoughts of lack produce lack, and spiritual thoughts of prosperity and opulence produce sufficiency and abundance. Thoughts are creative because, when we believe a thought, then we take on the emotional equivalent of the thought, feel it, and act on it. Every action has a reaction, for cause and effect is a basic law of life.

Hearing is our highest sense, because what we hear goes directly to the soul. The thoughts that we hear over and over will, unless we reject them, become the thoughts we believe are true, whether or not they really are true. When the mind, the subconscious, fills up with limiting, negative, fearful, and lack-based thoughts, we believe these thoughts are true and close our minds to anything that does not fit into our accepted reality or belief system. When we hear, for example, that life is hard, then life will be hard for those of us who believe this; conversely, life will be a joy and pleasure for those who believe that.

We are the bliss of life, for this is our divine nature, the nature of every soul. We are nourished and motivated by positive and loving thoughts and emotions, and this is why we seek to be happy, to be ourselves. Happy thoughts feed us at the core of our being and cleanse our hearts of past hurts and broken dreams. All negative emotions and fear-based thoughts are destructive, for they make us feel sad, bad, and powerless. Acting on these negative thoughts and emotions produces unwanted results. In a moment's time, simply by a change of mind, a person can switch from being happy to being unhappy — or vice versa. People destroy their lives by dwelling on fear-based negative thoughts and emotions, because these thoughts draw to them the very situations they fear. Whatever we desire, we must be vigilant and accept only the thoughts that will give us what we want, and reject the others, no matter who feeds them to us or what we have accepted and believed in the past.

The most powerful terrorist weapon ever invented is an out-of-control mind. Anyone who exploits our fears can control our lives. Conversely, our greatest friend is our controlled mind, which we use for our purposes. We have a mind and a body, but we are not a mind or body: we are a soul riding within the computer-like system of the mind and body. We can use these tools, these vehicles, in order to live our dreams and attain full Self-realization, the actualization of our godlike nature.

Believing that we are only a body or mind is the source of all our problems. Misidentifying ourselves as a body or mind — forgetting that we are a spiritual being — is the source of all suffering, because when we do this we perceive scarcity, lack, and competition. But when we know and acknowledge that we are, as spiritual beings, superior to the world, we identify with our divine, eternal nature. There is an unlimited, opulent supply of love, happiness, and intelligence always ready and available to each of us regardless of our sex, skin color, the age of our body, education, finances, past experiences, religion, or nationality. To access this treasure house of spiritual and material riches, all we need to do is use our godlike qualities and powers as they were designed to be used for ultimate good. We are the precious children of Mother/Father God, but many of us live in mental, emotional, and physical poverty and suffer from every kind of abuse. Yet God is not punishing us and depriving us of what we need or even desire: we are punishing ourselves because of what we believe and act on.

Thoughts are powerful, for they are the seeds of future circumstances, events, and things. We move through life as we move from one thought to the next. Thoughts are stored within the subconscious as beliefs. Unless we know that the mind is like a computer, and that it only knows what has been programmed in, we can only be, do, or have what our thoughts permit, even if the majority of those thoughts are not true spiritual thoughts, and are false, limiting, and misery-causing thoughts. Souls are thought-generators; we generate thoughts by means of our emotions, words, imagination, and actions. Ideally, what we want is access to the greatest and most pleasure-giving thoughts and possibilities for us now and always. Why not, if all is possible? This means that we need to know how to access thoughts that will give us what we want and eliminate what we do not want.

I call fear-based beliefs poverty thoughts, for they deprive us of our divine rights and pleasures as children of God and make us believe we are unable to change the conditions of our lives, when we are actually cocreating them and can manifest something else if we choose. Poverty thoughts and limiting beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation. The subconscious mind, in a computer-like way, records everything we have ever learned, experienced, or been told; it categorizes things according to whether we like or dislike them and whether they are good or bad for us, and it determines who and what we think we must have in order to be happy and prosperous. This information makes up our prejudices and forms our decision-making criteria. But this creates a big problem if we allow the information stored in the subconscious memory bank to make our decisions for us or control our feelings and actions. The mind is not supposed to control us, but we are to control the mind by learning how to use it and also learning to discern whether or not the information we are being fed from the mind is true or false. We must place the mind in a holding position, which I call the transcendental position, so that we are able to use the mind to receive higher, spiritual thoughts and information. It isn't just what we know; it's being able to discern between what we know that isn't true and what is true. Our fate is set with every decision we make.

In the same way that we can be hypnotized into believing something whether it's true or not, unless we are conscious of who we are, and are awake spiritually, we can be, and have been, dumbed down, repressed, and misled into believing that we are limited. Repetition can be used for or against us, because whatever we hear, see, read, or imagine, and especially what we say over and over, becomes established as true for us, even if it's false. All else that counters what we believe to be true becomes, for us, unreal, not possible, even a fantasy, and false. But remember, all thoughts are vibrations that attract to the thinker the circumstances that are equivalent to those thoughts. No matter what we are told or who says it, if we believe it, then through our mystic manifesting powers we, as the generators behind the thought, empower the thought to create itself in a material form or circumstance. This is true for each and every soul/person.

Great Souls

Not all people are controlled by what is contained in their subconscious minds or by the words and actions of others. Extraordinary people are ordinary people who do extraordinary things because they believe they can. Instead of giving their lives over to others and letting them tell them what they can and cannot be, do, or have, these exceptional persons seek out the secrets of life. Throughout history the most extraordinary people have been the ones who refused to be controlled or suppressed by the words, beliefs, or demands of others. Anyone who has ever been, is now, or ever will be is another person just like you and me, with all the same mystical and creative powers that we have. Extraordinary persons are ordinary persons who do extraordinary things. What sets extraordinary persons apart from the majority of people is that they take it upon themselves to accomplish their objectives instead of waiting for others to give them permission or to tell them that it is possible. They are willing to live without the approval of others who do not have faith in them or their work.

Other people can be the greatest obstacles in our being true to ourselves and living our bliss, but only if we allow this by giving them the power to control our lives. Believing that our happiness, financial status, enjoyment, and peace of mind depend on anyone other than God and ourselves is misdirected faith and trust.

Split Personality

Trying to be what others want us to be, instead of being true to ourselves, causes a split in our personality, and this is damaging to us. A house divided cannot stand, and in war "divide and conquer" has always been a successful weapon. What this means for us personally is that, when we are torn between following our heart (doing what we want) and following rules and regulations that we believe we must follow to avoid punishment, we usually shut down and do what we have been programmed to do. When this happens, the soul is conquered, because it abandons its shelter, God Within, the Higher Self that knows everything. Souls must express themselves, must be who they are in order to be happy and self-fulfilled. But when we believe it is wrong to be who we are and do what we want — as if there is something wrong with us, and we are not smart enough or able to do this — or if we fear that we will be punished, the soul restricts and constricts itself. This is painful — the most painful experience of not being and expressing our beautiful selves.

When we are split between trying to follow the demands and rules of others, and finding out who we are and doing what is right for us, we become confused. The result is that we feel bad about not being perfect, or about not being good enough to be what others want us to be. But all the while we are perfect souls, complete with all we need to live abundant, fulfilling, and satisfying lives. We did not come here to live someone else's idea about what we are to be, do, and obtain; this is our life to live as we choose. The thought that there is something wrong with us is a cause of great pain, for we want to be loved. We want to feel good.

Self-alienation is the root of our self-inflicted suffering, because with our thoughts and subsequent emotions we stop the flow of bliss that is our eternal nature. Many of us are not doing what is best for us, but are acting according to social pressures and the demands of others who do not have our best interests in mind. It is common for people to do what they do not want, because they are afraid of what others will do to them if they don't. There is no beginning to the suffering that comes from ignorance of our godlike self, how we function, and how life works. But there is an end that comes with the sacred knowledge that has withstood the test of time, and which originates beyond the material universe and in the realms of pure Spirit.

When a soul is liberated from the shroud of ignorance, which acts like a cloud covering the sun, all neurosis and psychosis, all abuse and impoverishment, disappears. Misconceptions — which result in fear and a belief in scarcity, violence, and limitation — create a filter through which we view life, and they distort our perception of reality. In the same way that the sun is shining above the clouds, we exist beyond our concepts. The fundamental metaphysical teachings of Eastern mysticism and the teachings of Jesus tell us that we are spiritual beings of limitless potential, and though we have bodies and minds, we are not these limited bodies or minds.


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2 Receive the Abundant Flow of Divine Bliss and Opulence 29

3 Expand beyond Self-Imposed Limitations into the Realms of Greatness 59

4 Prosper and Live Blissfully by Doing What You Love 87

5 Pleasure-Producing Relationships 109

6 Who Were You Before, and Who Will You Be Next? 141

7 The Pleasurable Way to Be Healthy and Vibrant 161

8 Entrance into the Realm of Divine Pleasures 187

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