Live Your Divinity: Inspiration for New Consciousness

Live Your Divinity: Inspiration for New Consciousness


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Live Your Divinity: Inspiration for New Consciousness by Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey Hoppe, Linda Hoppe

Wellknown channelers Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe share the spiritual messages of Adamus SaintGermain, the ascended master and teacher from the angelic Crimson Council, in Live Your Divinity. Saint Germain has manifested in many lifetimes, expressing various identities in many adventures on Earth: from a rebellious rabbi in the time of Jesus to Mark Twain. Many believe that Adamus St. Germain is here today to teach us about new consciousness and new energy.

In Live Your Divinity, the wisdom of Adamus comes through loud and clear in the plaintalking voice of Geoffrey Hoppe. Culled from Adamus's messages given before live audiences around the world, these excerpts relay that, ultimately, personal growth and spiritual development can only be realized through an increased awareness of the very experience the reader is already having on their path of awakening.

Among the messages:

    Everything is simple and it's already within you.
  • Your dreams are messages from your divine, parts of you that exist in the other realms.
  • Your "lost love" and "soul mate" is you.
  • You have already ascended and now you're going backwards in time to experience how you got there.
  • There is no need for redemption, only acceptance.

Live Your Divinity is for those who are waking up and hungry for channeled information from the ascended masters. It reinforces, clarifies, validates, and encouragesbringing readers increased awareness as they move through the Awakening Zone.

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ISBN-13: 9781578635245
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 06/01/2012
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 1,223,232
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe are the founders of Crimson Circle, an international community of spirituallyminded people. They are the authors of Live Your Divinity and The Tobias Materials. They have channeled spiritual wisdom from ascended masters Tobias, Kuthumi Lal Singh, and Adamus SaintGermain. They are also the founders of The Awakening Zone radio network, They live in Golden, CO. Visit them at

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Inspiration for New Consciousness

By Adamus Saint-Germain, Transmitted by Geoffrey Hoppe, Linda Hoppe

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2012 Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Hoppe
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57863-524-5


Into Your Awakening

Your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is changing because your consciousness is changing, and the first thing that changes within your DNA is your ancestral karma, your bloodline. You generally incarnate into the same bloodline lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. You probably have known your children and your parents and your partners before, because right before you are ready for another incarnation, the strong karmic attraction of that bloodline pulls you into it again. Even if you've said, "I'm never going back to that family again," it sucks you in.

The bloodline is woven into your DNA. That's why you have a tendency to look like, act like, and even think like your family members.

But now your DNA structure is being washed away, cleared away, and going back to natural pure energy. That's the good news. It releases you from the karma of your family. It releases you from the debts and obligations of your forefathers. It even releases you from biological predetermination. For instance, if cancer or diabetes is a part of your family's genetics, it's evaporating now so that you can remake yourself in the image that you want, no longer trapped in old family bloodlines.

As the DNA coding is washed out, you're going to find that your looks change. Maybe a change in the color of your eyes or maybe in the way your face is shaped. The changes will be subtle but one day you're going to look in the mirror or see a picture of yourself and realize how much you're changing.

It can change the way you carry weight on your body. It can change your muscle structure. It's also going to dramatically change the way you energetically relate to your family. Part of you is no longer going to feel that deep connection. You may wake up one morning and hardly feel any sense of familiarity with your family.

This can be shocking if you've had a good, strong, loving connection with your family, or a dramatic relationship with your family. Don't be surprised if your feelings and connection with your family change, and with your children as well. Some of you who are mothers and fathers are going to think there's something wrong with you because suddenly you don't feel that child is really yours anymore.

Something else important is happening. As you release the code in your DNA, it also changes the code of the ones who are about to incarnate back into your family line, perhaps a deceased parent or grandparent who's planning to come back soon. It frees them from being stuck in this old ancestral karma. So, you see, you're freeing yourself, you're moving your energy, but you're also changing the potential of the future with others. Amazing.

Dream Changes

Next, your dreams. I probably don't even have to say this, but your dreams have changed recently. They're becoming very intense, sometimes frightening, very vivid, and they will continue to be that way for a while.

You think that you go to sleep, you dream, then you stop dreaming when you wake up. Not at all. Your dreams are occurring all of the time. You're dreaming right now. You're here, but the dreams are still occurring on other levels. And it's not just one dream; it's layers of dreams. You generally block yourself out from this dream reality until you go to sleep. When you go to sleep, you land on just one dream layer, even though there are many layers occurring at the same time.

Your dreams are changing, but in reality you are changing, because now when you go to sleep, you're tapping into many different dream layers at the same time. This can appear to be confusing because your mind hasn't quite adjusted to multidimensional thinking, or more accurately, multidimensional interpretation. You are dreaming in multiple layers and will become more aware of it in your waking state.

The good news is that it allows you to experience and to create potentials in many realms at the same time. The challenge is that your dreams will appear to be very confusing for a while. You'll wake up in the morning not wanting to even remember them. It might be more restful to be awake than to be asleep.

You're also going to begin experiencing multiple realities in your everyday life. You'll be able to tap into all of these other levels of reality in your conscious waking state. Right now part of you is experiencing the New Earth. You can start to bring that awareness here right now, because what you're learning on the New Earth can also assist you on this old Earth.

Right now, on one of these dream layers, you're working out an emotional issue that has been with you most of your life. Right now, on another one of these dream layers, you are looking into the potentials of your future. What's out there? What can you playfully create for yourself for tomorrow, for next year? Right now, on one of these dream layers, you're experiencing a past life where there was an unresolved issue, a stuck energy, trying to release it. If you're aware of your dream layers while you're awake, it's going to make your life so much more full. You'll realize that the human part of you is just one aspect, and you'll discover a whole new way to solve problems and move energy.

Your dreams aren't just fantasy. They're not make-believe. Your dreams are as important as this Now moment because they are part of this Now moment. Dreams aren't random wanderings of the mind.

Your dreams are messages from your divine, and from parts of you that exist in the other realms. When you ignore your dreams, you're going to sleep poorly because your dreams are trying to talk to you. Keep a notepad at the side of your bed and give yourself permission to remember and write them down. As you journal your dreams you'll realize they are very important parts of you. You'll come to understand the language of your dreams.

I'm talking about those of you that are going through the divine integration process. I'm not talking about the average person here. Their dreams are different than the ones you're having. Your dreams are coming to you in a very simple language. Don't use a current dream symbol interpretation book. If you have one, if you've studied this before, let it go, because the symbols are different.

The language of dreams is changing. Your dreams are much more literal than they used to be. A lot of what you're dreaming is actually happening in the other realms. Your dreams also have to do with teaching that you're doing on the New Earth.

Intelligence Changes

Your entire mental process is in a state of transformation. You are used to solving problems in your mind, thinking in a very logical, analytical way. That's going to change. Your logic is restructuring itself in order to allow in a new way of "thinking." You are reorganizing and reordering your logic and rationale. On one extreme, you're going to become very frustrated because you won't think like you used to. You'll wonder why you can't focus, why you can't concentrate anymore. You'll think to yourself, "I must be getting older. I should take a supplement to make my thinking more clear." You might even think you're just getting stupid. You're not.

Your mind will still be involved, but you're opening some other very important parts of yourself, such as this thing we call gnost. It's your intuition or knowingness. You're also reconnecting with your divine intelligence. The connection has always been there, but you haven't brought it into practical use here on Earth.

This means that the way you analyze reality and the way you solve problems is going to drastically change. It's going to feel very odd at first, almost like you're disoriented or maybe going crazy, but you're not. You are reorganizing and reordering the process of combining consciousness and energy with your Body of Consciousness in the experience of life on Earth. Now that's a big mouthful, but it just means to expect a whole new form of intelligence in your life.

True intelligence goes beyond knowing that "two plus two equals four." True intelligence is the understanding that two plus two equals anything. It depends on your perspective, your beliefs, and your choices. Your logic says two plus two has to equal four, but your new energy intelligence will allow you to grasp the concept that two plus two equals anything you want.


There will be extremes in your life experiences because new energy is coming in, and the pendulum of old energy is swinging from one extreme to the other. When old energy and new energy join together, it will become a full expression rather than just an extreme.

On one extreme you are going to feel bursts of creative energy. You're going to feel the sudden urge to create music, write a book, or paint a picture. This creative urge will be overwhelming, and it may occur in the strangest places—while you're in a meeting, in a restaurant, or at a funeral.

On the other extreme, there are going to be times when you feel absolutely uninspired. You'll feel blank, nothing, and you're going to say, "Adamus, one minute I'm highly creative, the next minute I'm nothing." I'm going to say, "Yes, and so it is!"

These extremes are appropriate and important. Eventually the extremes meld together, but they don't go into neutral. They come back to full expansion and full expression. That may not make sense right now, so I invite you to feel into it.

There will be times when you are going to be very, very active with people in your life, activities, and schedules. There are going to be nights where you go to bed thinking you are so busy you don't know what to do. And on the other extreme, there will be times when you need to pause, to stop, to do nothing. You'll feel a sudden urge to shut everything out of your life in order to be alone with yourself. This is appropriate, because you need that pause for every part of you to catch up after all of the hectic activity.

When you're going through these very rapid changes, there will be times when you just have to stop. Your children, your partners, your biological families—everybody in your life is still going to want a piece of you, but it is time to be strong. You need to listen to yourself and gift yourself with a pause, with precious time to yourself.

This is very important. Don't avoid it. If it means calling into work sick just to be with yourself, do it. If it means going out for a long drive by yourself, just do it.

There will be times when you feel very connected with Spirit; intimately, deeply connected with the feeling of Spirit. It will feel like you're falling in love with yourself, but something far more expansive than just yourself. This feeling of intense connection will bring you to tears.

Then there will be times where you have the feeling of no connection. "Where is God?" You'll feel like there's nothing out there or within. You'll doubt that you had that very special experience with awareness of Spirit. You're going to have moments of deep connection with Spirit, and then other moments when you feel totally alone. This is appropriate. Don't deny these feelings; just understand that this is an extreme part of the new energy experience.

Your life is going to shift. Energy is going to move, and then it's going to feel like it's getting stuck. Then it will move again and then it will feel like it's getting stuck again. This is all a natural part of the process of awakening and entering into new energy.


In your awakening you'll find that it's very important to have time with yourself. In the past, many of you needed to be with other people in order to feel safe or comfortable. Some of you had a difficult time being alone, or you confused loneliness with being alone. Now you will need time by yourself.

Allow yourself to have this time. It is very important because this is when you bring divine energy into your life. When you have a lot of commotion around you—city noises, people, traffic, offices—it's more difficult to bring in the divine. Make sure to give this to yourself. It's a beautiful gift. You'll feel it from within. It will whisper, "It's time to be by myself." Don't allow your other issues of family, jobs, and duties to keep you from having that time. Don't make excuses. When you hear that call from within, acknowledge it and act on it.

There are spiritual physics at work within you at very beautiful and deep levels. It's important that you listen and not ignore them anymore. You get these feelings but your mind suppresses them, or you don't trust yourself, or you procrastinate. You say you'll do it later, but do it now. Listen with your heart. It's a beautiful, amazing transformation process.

Body/Mind Communication

Your body is going through a fundamental change in the DNA structure. It's changing the way your body and mind are connected, and the communication system between your mind and your biology.

The old biological communication system has been around since the times of Atlantis. There has been a very specific way the mind and the body communicated with each other. Now the mind is no longer trying to control the body. The body and mind are melding together. So you don't have a physical body and a separate mind and a separate spirit; they're starting to meld together into the Body of Consciousness.

You'll notice that your body starts acting different; it's not what you're accustomed to. There are going to be side effects such as stomach problems, body aches and pains, a feeling of physical weakness, being tired, and a variety of other things. Take a moment to feel into your body. What are the things you've been going through lately?

Now, here's another issue that is affecting many of you: gaining weight. You say, "I'm eating less than ever but I'm getting fat." Then you go on a crazy diet and you get even fatter, and you say, "What's with this? I am supposed to be spiritual. I'm supposed to have control over my body."

Wrong. All wrong, because you're still using the old energy system of mind control. Somehow you think this is coming from your spirit. It's not. You're still trying to use your mind to control your life, rather than being in a state of grace where your body, mind, and spirit work together naturally and seamlessly.

If you listen to your body rather than worry about it, you'll begin to be more relaxed. You'll begin to understand this new meld that's taking place. You'll know exactly what your body needs.

The mind has been operating the same basic way for hundreds of thousands of years.

Certain patterns, energetic balances, and neurological and electrical transmissions occur in a very specific sequence when you think. You have thoughts, as well as mental feelings. Mental feelings—you might call them emotions—have very little to do with true feelings. Emotions are created by your mind; therefore your emotions are limited and actually artificial. They are not the true feelings and awarenesses.

You're beginning to feel mentally out of balance. Some of you think you're losing your ability to analyze, to focus, and to think rationally. It affects your body when you get concerned, and suddenly you feel like you're having a total breakdown. "What's happening?" you ask. You're going through a natural process—the mind and the body starting to join together, your divine starting to come in—and it's a beautiful thing.

The Call

Have you heard a calling lately? Or perhaps it feels like a persistent knocking at the door? It's not coming from out there in the heavens and it's not coming from Archangel Gabriel. It's coming from within you.

The call is coming from your Body of Consciousness, your integrated body/mind/spirit. Your Body of Consciousness also includes your full potential of consciousness, not just your limited human consciousness. It's been trying to get your attention but you've tried to shut it down, much like you'd shut a window if there was a barking dog outside. You would ask yourself, "What is that noise? It's so irritating!" The calling is from your Self—to you.

The call is for you to come Home to you, here and now. It's the call for integration, with no agenda other than to reunite with you. It wants nothing but to be with you, to share the experiences of life, to bring a level of passion that has been closed off for a long time.

The Body of Consciousness has been fragmented into parts that want to come back together. It does it through you in this Now moment, in this no-incarnation that you now exist in, in this identity that isn't from yesterday, but is the I Am of today. It wants to come back.

Through your awareness you're going to understand and sense this calling. It's been trying to call you in your dreams. It's been trying to call you with little nagging voices, little body aches and pains, and emotional discomforts. It's been trying to get your attention. Listen to it. It comes from within.

It's not necessarily going to talk to you in words, and it's not going to tell you what to do. This "You" doesn't want to tell you what to do; it just wants to be with you. It doesn't want to say, "You have to take this job or be with that person," because that would be absolutely contradictory to what consciousness and awareness is, and to who you are.

Excerpted from LIVE YOUR DIVINITY by Adamus Saint-Germain, Transmitted by Geoffrey Hoppe, Linda Hoppe. Copyright © 2012 Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Hoppe. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction: A Message from Adamus Saint-Germain xv

1 Into Your Awakening 1

2 Your Body of Consciousness 35

3 The Current Energies of Human Consciousness 39

4 The Alchemy of Light and Dark 53

5 Mastery of Self 65

6 Becoming a Multidimensional Human 81

7 You and the New Energy 97

8 Potentials and Manifesting 111

9 Your Sovereignty 135

10 Your Five Angelic Senses 145

11 Ahmyo and Makyo 161

12 The End of Duality 165

13 Nothing 171

Glossary 177

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