Live Your Road Trip Dream

Live Your Road Trip Dream

by Phil S White
4.7 7

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Live Your Road Trip Dream 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Perhaps you have imagined a life on the road, but just didn't think it would be practical or affordable. Maybe you should pick up Live Your Road Trip Dream, a comprehensive guide to planning and traveling on the road. Written by baby boomers Phil and Carol White, who spent a year traveling the country in a class B RV, they share dos and don'ts applicable for all ages and economic brackets. The Whites do an excellent job of covering every possible scenario: What do you do with your house when you're gone? What do you do if you're injured during your trip? How should you take care of your finances? And the list goes on. They provide budgeting tips based on their experiences with charts to fill in for your own planning, plus other practical items like a checklist of gear and a sample itinerary for ideas on how to organize one's trip. They also include excerpts from their journal written during the journey, sharing a sense of the trip that they themselves embarked on. Throughout Live Your Road Trip Dream, the Whites become your friends, the type who truly gives good advice. When they know a resource that would be helpful for a particular situation, they recommend the book or website. They share examples of their own trip when something worked or didn't work out, and perhaps what they would have done differently. Most importantly, they recognize that their trip is not your trip and the information they provide is intended to make your life easier and you are free to take what you will. If you didn't think taking an extended trip was in the cards, this book helps open the door to the possibilities. Whether your trip will be shorter or even longer than the Whites' trip of a lifetime, this book provides helpful information to address any concern. Although the authors are an older couple with a comfortable budget, they consciously offer advice applicable for all ages and for smaller budgets, as well. The Whites are positive and inspiring along the way, and leave you with a good feeling that your own dream trip can easily be a reality. Quill says: A great guide chockfull of helpful tips and tricks for road tripping.
Robert_H_Mottram More than 1 year ago
I like the way the Whites, Carol and Phil, organized their road-trip book. Approximately half of it is devoted to planning a trip. This includes budgeting, packing, and organizing one's life for an extended period on the road. The other part of the book is an interesting narrative that features excerpts from their actual travel journal. The Whites visited some of the same places my wife and I visited during our own year-long road trip, and it was interesting to see what a different take they and we had on many of these places.
Guest More than 1 year ago
People need to look at this book. It was well written. I enjoyed the book immensely. I loved to read it again and agian.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Carol offers many resources, things you ought to consider to do before you venture off on your dream road trip. Things like, if anything should happen to you while you are on the road, reviewing your will, power of attorney etc., these things who wants to think about them? Well, they are important. Questions like, 'if you aren¿t going to be living in your RV, can you life in your truck? or car?' That is an interesting question. I would highly recommend this book even for little road trips, it is full of insightful ideas in making your trip a fun and safe one.¿
Guest More than 1 year ago
Have you ever wanted to run away and take a `trip of a lifetime¿? This book will help you through all the twists and turns of planning and then setting off on your adventure. Live Your Road Trip Dream Travel for a year for the cost of staying home is an excellent how to book. Topics include: what type of trip to plan (long or short), budget setting, what to do with everything at home including the home, road and other emergencies and how to stay in touch. The second half of the book give you a brief journal of the Whites¿ personal trip to give you the feel of what it will be like out there. Looking at the cover, you know what expect inside. It is well thought out and informative. Once you open the book, the subject matter is broken down into small digestible chunks of information in a logical order. References are made to other books and websites that are helpful in the planning process. The Appendixes range from budget planning to checklists to inventory lists that make planning your trip a breeze. Chock full of useful advice and tips from cover to cover with antidotes of things that the White¿s experienced, help the reader understand what all is involved in taking a trip of this magnitude. The book is written in a way that makes you want to go out and buy an RV, boat, camping gear or whatever it is that will make your trip a reality. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is thinking about `running away¿ on their own dream trip.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book gets you to deal with all the hard decisions about leaving your kid/grandkids/pets/old life behind, missing important dates/ what to do with the house, how to budget...... all the excuses why you never did this road trip til now! But in the end, the book encourages you to finally take time for yourself! If you've never taken an extended holiday - JUST GO DO IT! And this book provides you with all the inspiration and handholding that you'll ever need. No more excuses. Just read this book and you'll be on your way if you really ever truly want to do this trip in your lifetime. Anyone who has ever dreamed of traveling all 48 states or Europe or going wherever their dream destination is should get this book. I once spent a year traveling and it basically changed my life. It took me nine years to return home for good and I find this book inspiring me to take another long trip. At least now I'd have a comprehensive checklist of what to do and not to forget, handy in this time of senior's moments. This book guides you through all the million little details that you will need to make decisions on when you go and when you're on the road. I can't think of anything that they've missed EXCEPT having more scenic pictures 'maybe without that van please!' and somehow making the first half of the book a bit more visually stimulating. I'm sure that they've got a ton of inspiring photos of places that they've traveled to. As I'm not an RVer or camper, I really appreciated the fact that they stayed in motels/hotels and not just campgrounds. It's nice to know that while their budget was pretty good, that it's possible to do it cheaper too.