Living a More Meaningful Life

Living a More Meaningful Life

by Inderjit Kaur


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In life, if we get guru teacher who guides us in our difficult times and show us to be grateful in all our happiness, we are blessed. Nothing can be more supreme to this. We deal with disappointments and failures, we get annoyed by the little failures, and we get focused on negative aspects at this times, but once we try to generate our alternate thoughts in different perspectives at this time of distress and reach success, nothing can be more better than this.

This book deals with how to simplify, rectify, reconstruct, and revive again our lives, adding more meaning to our lives, which is a privilege. The essential part or important dynamics of the book is, it replenish with great fervour, enthralling the readers how to get out from different hard times from the very pivot and how to resolute retrieve our distress, our unhappiness, our failures and bring them into the radiance of glory, attaining a pinnacle of success into a meaningful, wonderful life. In forty-five short essays, readers get acquainted to how our thoughts, our experiences, our actions are all corelated. How to deal with them more peacefully, more caring, more of ourselves, believing in ourselves first.

The author highlights all the probabilities of life that we deal with and how we can simplify how we can add more meaning to our lives, which is the gift from the divine supreme, by just embarrassing the problems and hard times, understanding different aspects, searching broader avenues, encouraging our inner souls to seek good, think good, render good, and ultimately feel good and happy.

This life is beautiful; being happy is peerless. This is the beauty of the book-simple thoughts mesmerising into how can we make our lives more happy, more peaceful, more meaningful.

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ISBN-13: 9781482811803
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/25/2013
Pages: 152
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