Living and Working in France: Chez Vous en France

Living and Working in France: Chez Vous en France

by Genevieve Brame

Paperback(Fourth Edition)

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Whether you are going to France for work, study or pleasure, Living and Working in France: Chez vous en France will be your trusted companion. Geneviève Brame's book, first published in 1993, shines a practical, political and cultural spotlight on French values and customs. The author gives you the keys to unlock the mysteries of the country she knows best - her own. She introduces you to your new surroundings and helps you find your way through the labyrinth of administrative and immigration procedures. Sections on the socio-economic environment, the European Union, language, travel, health, home, education and the French lifestyle will provide answers to all your questions.

Living & Working in France: Chez vous en France offers an attractive and realistic image of the country. It contains all the essential information you will need, plus the little details that reveal the diversity of the French experience and take you beyond the hackneyed clichés. This book is aimed first and foremost at welcoming newcomers, but it is also for those who have been there for a while, to help them prepare for their naturalization interviews.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780749454098
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd.
Publication date: 11/28/2008
Series: Living & Working in France Series
Edition description: Fourth Edition
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Geneviève Brame is a consultant in the International Mobility Department (Global Employment Solutions) at Ernst & Young Société d'Avocats in Paris. Inspired by her intercultural communications work with multinational companies, Geneviève has written a number of books for French and foreign expatriates, both adults and children.

Table of Contents

1.         The French way – les Français: usages et humeurs    

            Who are the French?  

            Social contacts and relationships       

            Courtesy and conformity       

            The art of living… and living well – art de vivre… et bon vivant   

            Mode et couture         

            What gift from France?         

2.         France


            French institutions     

            Diplomatic relations   

            France’s population in numbers         

            French and also European      

            International organizations in France 

            An economic point of view   

            22 metropolitan regions         

            1 departments: 96 in the Hexagon     

            City folk and country folk     

            A detour around Paris and Ile-de-France      

3.         Living and working in France –         

            résider et travailler en France 

            International mobility: an old story   

            French law     

            Immigration regulations         

            Working in France     

            Studying in France     

            The legal structure of French companies       

            Organization and hierarchy    

            Employee representation        

            Company representation        

            Foreign representatives          

            An outline of social legislation          

            Social security

            Taxation – fiscalité     

            The rhythm of life      

            Professional ways and customs – us et coutumes professionnels

4.         A few words about the French language       

            A French conversation           

            The French language  

            The keys to communication   

            Learning French         

            Deciphering codes     

            The French media      

5.         Home comforts – accueil tout confort           


            Searching for a home 

            Rental/lease contract – contrat de location/bail         

            Rent or buy?  

            House and personal insurance – assurances du logement et des personnes   

            Moving in and moving out – déménager et emménager        



            Dogs and cats

            French weather          

6.         Buyer beware! – consommateur averti!         

            Money and currency  


            Useful hints    

            Legal advice – conseils juridiques     

            Cars and traffic          

            Security and the police          



7.         Youngsters – E… enfants, elèves, étudiants 

            The French family      

            ABC for the little ones          

            French school 

            Nursery school – l’école maternelle   

            Primary school: from maternelle to the école élementaire   

            Secondary school: from 6th to terminale       

            Collège and lycée       

            International studies  

            Welcome to foreign students 

            Higher education       

            Private schools           

            European programmes           

            Things to know          

8.         Let’s talk about health                       

            The French and their health   

            Choosing a doctor      

            Hospital or clinic – public or private?

            Some medical and paramedical specialities   

            Nursing care   

            The chemist’s shop – pharmacie        

            Emergency – 24 hours a day  

            Healthy children        

            ‘Prevention is better than cure’          

            Mineral water: do the French put water in their wine?          

9.         Leisure and pleasure – loisirs et temps libre   

            Free time        

            Throughout the year   

            Pastimes and passions



            Holiday time  

            Once a year    

            Bistros and café terraces        

10.       Comme chez vous… en France                     

            At home… in France 

            An enriching experience?       

            Four phases of adaptation      

            The spontaneity of children   

            Homesickness and nostalgia  

            Friendly places           

            Useful information                 

            Key dates in the history of France     

            Political and economic organizations                         

The metric system                              

Forming a company in France

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