Living Beyond the End of the World: A Spirituality of Hope

Living Beyond the End of the World: A Spirituality of Hope

by Margaret Swedish


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Living Beyond the End of the World: A Spirituality of Hope by Margaret Swedish

In this bracing lamentation, Margaret Swedish outlines a series of interrelated forces that could well undermine the fabric of life as we know it: global warming and climate change; the depletion of petroleum sources; overpopulation and the exhaustion of natural resources; the collapse of a debtor economy; and the escalation of global violence. Letting these pending threats speak for themselves, Swedish poses a challenge to people of faith: What kind of human beings will we be as we approach this difficult period in human history? Finally, she outlines the values, the vision, and the spiritual resources that might nurture a new human community and thus ensure a future for coming generations.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781570757679
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 05/28/2008
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Acknowledgments     xvii
Permissions     xix
Introduction: Regarding Our Predicament     xxi
Science crashes up against biblical belief     xxiii
Cultures and ethnicities come crashing into our space     xxv
Founding myths clash with the real world     xxvi
The obsolescence of the nation-state     xxviii
Of Earthquakes and Hurricanes or, Learning to Face Disaster     1
Living earth     2
When humans try to outwit nature     8
Investing in disaster     14
It's about a relationship     18
Climate Change or, Facing Human Extinction     21
It's happening     23
Because of the warming     25
The End of "Cheap Oil" or, The Imminent Upset of Our Way of Life     40
The energy conundrum     41
A lesson shelved     43
Our energy predicament     46
Dirty coal and the death of mountains     49
Food or fuel?     55
Farewell to the energy pipe dream     61
Living Beyond Our Means or, Embracing Simplicity Whether We Want To or Not     66
Spending down life     69
Being better off is killing us     73
Multiple collapses     77
What to do with all those poor people     81
The setting of religion must enlarge     83
A World of Trouble or, It's Going to Get a Bit Tense Out There     87
The new foreign policy: It's all about access     90
Blowback and the balance of power     92
Oil = corruption and repression     95
The United States spreads its military tentacles     97
Water and food, you know, what we need to live     100
Finally, inescapably, 9/11     104
The End of the American Dream or, When Dream Turns into Nightmare     107
An unaffordable middle class     112
Road kill     115
A yawning gap     118
Living on credit     121
How bad is it?     123
But we're not happy!     124
So who are we really?     128
Alienation from Nature or, Letting an Old Story Go     131
Living wrongly     134
The problem with social justice     137
Is our religion up to it?     143
From alienation to connection: Restoring trust in nature     148
In search of a new story     151
Business as usual must stop      154
Ecological Hope or, Living Beyond the "End of the World"     158
A creation story     162
Enlarging our sense of God     166
Turning toward what?     168
A dark night, a deep dying     172
The role of US Americans     174
Are we up to the challenge?     177
And in Conclusion or, What Kind of Human Beings Will We Be as We Go Through the Crisis?     180
First, restoring a primary relationship     184
Kinship     186
The role of religion     191
Turning     193
Living in a world of trouble     195
Getting to work, the great work, that is     197
Loaves and fishes: A spirituality for the coming times     199
Notes     205
Index     215

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