Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl

by Nessie Strange


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ISBN-13: 9781719587990
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/02/2018
Series: Living Dead World , #1
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Living Dead Girl 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Living Dead Girl is a bit of an enigma. It is at once a romance and an urban fantasy, and simultaneously neither. This paradox gives it an unsettling feel, but in the end I found it a satisfying read. Even though it is not formally delineated as such, this book feels like a story in two distinct parts. “Part One” reads like a contemporary New Adult romance. It tells the story of Jen falling for Jack in the midst of the challenges inherent to family, career, and relationships often encountered when trying to indentify one’s place in the adult world. The story is sweet, the banter witty, and the growing affection and love between Jen and Jack believable and enjoyable. This first half of the book feels like it’s headed to the happily ever after we all love and expect in a good romance. But then there’s “Part Two”, and despite the lulling romance of the first half, the reader knows the other shoe is going to drop. The novel’s blurb tells us that Jen is murdered. She comes back as a zombie to avenge her death and clear Jack’s name when he is wrongly accused of her murder. This section reads like a dark, gritty urban fantasy. In parts it turns macabre and violent to a point it ventures into a kind of poetic horror. It also contains the only section that lagged for me: the few chapters where Jen is coming to terms with her death before she figures out how to become a zombie. These two divergent parts give the novel its unsettling mood. Part of me railed against having my happily ever after pulled out from under me. After all, I am not alone in enjoying a happy, satisfying ending. There’s a reason there was so much public outcry after the infamous “red wedding” episode of Game of Thrones. Another part of me appreciates how this metaphorical pulling out of the reader’s rug mirrors Jen’s journey as she deals with her own loss of her expected happily ever after with Jack. There is a twist in the end that reopens the door for a more optimistic future in the afterlife, saving the book from a tragic ending ala Hamlet. It also sets up a potential urban fantasy series that would follow a premise I didn’t entirely see coming. If a series is Ms. Strange’s intention, it will be interesting to see if it becomes a more predictable urban fantasy story line or if she keeps finding ways to create the disconcerting feel of this novel. Either outcome could be satisfactory. This is a challenging book in the sense that it has the potential to disappoint the reader looking for a romance and the reader looking for an urban fantasy/horror/zombie story. In the end, I think it is a challenge worth taking. I give this book 4 stars out of 5.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm thrilled to see this book make its publication debut. Nessie's writing style was the first thing that attracted me. I'm typically a fan of paranormal romance, but even though this book has some romance, it's not the sexy, hulking alpha male variety. It's witty and keeps you turning pages. The dialogue is fresh and youthful and the characters are flawed, but still maintain their lovable characteristics. And Sam is just plain fun. This is definitely more Urban Fantasy than paranormal romance. but it's fun and leaves you wanting more. Five stars well-earned.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book seemed a bit all over the place to me. Where I thought more detail and emotion should have been shown there wasn’t but, in other areas where it shouldn’t have been as necessary it was overly detailed emotion. The love story is cute but seemed a bit juvenile. I mean, these are people in their 20’s. You would think in your 20’s it would be a bit less stomach butterflies and a lot more lust or passion. The one love scene if you can call it that left something to be desired, again a bit juvenile, and kind of awkward. I kept feeling like these were young teenagers and not young adults. It almost felt dirty reading it thinking of them as kids. It felt wrong. I had to keep reminding myself that this love was adults. It seems as there is some deficiency or disconnect in the understanding of love and passion in the writing, especially for people in their 20’s. The love story here would be more fitting if the characters where in their early teens instead of young adults. If they were younger the utter lack of adult passion would make a lot more sense.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I actually found this book on twitter by searching Rob Zombie and saw this hashtaged by the Author with line quotes from the book. I should have known better when I noticed the quotes were the same few lines over and over again as I had scrolled through. I should have know better when I saw the title. Anyone searching Rob Zombie, like me, or his song Living Dead girl will find this book. Don't be fooled like I was. I'm shocked this actually got published. It should have been a free book. So much of it seemed to be a rip off of something else try to make it an easy search and easy sell, like the title. I will give the cover artist 5 stars. The cover is great but that is about it. Etopia was scrapping the bottom of the barrel on this one.