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Living Green For A Better Tomorrow by

Learning About Living Green For A Better Tomorrow Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success! 10 Ways To Help Our Mother Earth!

The Earth has a fixed amount of natural resources - some of which
are already consumed. So as population development greatly strains
our finite resources, there are fewer resources useable. If we mean to
leave our youngsters and grandchildren with the same standard of
life we have savored, we must preserve the foundation of that
standard of life. We save for college educations, dental orthopedics,
and weddings, but what about saving fresh air, water, fuel sources
and soil for future generations?
Living Green For A Better Tomorrow
10 Ways To Help Our Mother Earth

Chapter 1:
Green Up Your Wash

Most of us are completely aware of the need to use
environmentally friendly products.

Wash It Right
The environment is a big issue and there are numerous areas that are
being targeted by the "green movement" one of which is laundry. So
take a moment to think about what you pour into your washing
machine and how much energy you use washing clothes as well as
drying them.
Using cold water over hot water will save about 3 times the amount of
energy used when washing. Some European detergents are
formulated to use hot water when washing, so stick to detergent made
in America which work fine with cold water.
Use soap that works well in cold water and start your wash by filling
the washer with water before adding the soap and then finally the
clothes. Using a small amount of baking soda can also cut back the
amount of detergent needed for a wash. A large amount of cleaning is
a result of the agitation of the water and not by the detergent.
Use a detergent that's environmentally friendly. There are many types
of detergent but it is unclear which are natural and safe for the
environment so you may have to do your own research. Don't be
tricked by marketing-- check for yourself what is really in the
detergent and what you're spending money on
If possible hang dry your clothes. Dryers use a large amount or
electricity and money. Plus if you hang dry your clothes the fresh air
and the sunlight naturally whitens them. Clothes will turn out cleaner
since most stains are set in by the heat of the dryer.

Chapter 2:
Green Up Your Electricity

Most of us are aware that we need to go green to help save our
planet. There are some benefits to going green as well. Are you
aware that you can save money by being environmentally
friendly? The following are some tips on how you can easily
save some cash by going green at home.

Save The Power
One of the easiest steps you can take to go green at home is to change
your light bulbs. Using compact fluorescent light bulbs will consume
less electricity than a conventional light bulb. This will lower your
electric bill meaning more cash in your pocket while you do your part
in bettering the environment.
Get in the habit of taking shorter showers. Taking a shower for an
hour will not get you any cleaner than taking just 15 minutes. This
will use a great deal less hot water and consequently you will use less
energy which will save you money on your water and energy bill.
Turn things off when you are not present in the room. There’s no
need to use power on something no one is around to use, do this and
you will notice the amount of electricity you save and the amount of
money you save.
Keep things unplugged that aren't being used. For example, chargers
for phones, electric heaters, or even your T.V. Even when you’re not
using these electronics they still consume power when they are
plugged in. Unplugging them will save power as well as some cash for
In the winter, use the oven as a heater when possible by keeping the
door open after you have cooked a meal. Make sure to turn the oven
off before doing this to ensure safety. Going green with your
electricity is simple all it takes is a little effort.

Chapter 3:
Green Up Your Food

The health of our environment greatly depends upon the
choices we make to reduce toxic emissions and limiting the use
of dangerous chemicals. Did you know that what's best for the
environment is usually what’s best for us as well? Read the
following tips to learn how you can eat green and benefit from
it as well.

What You ...

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