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Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness

Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness

by Valerie Varan


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For those who have experienced a transpersonal or spiritual awakening, it can be difficult to come back to living in the day-to-day world. All of a sudden, you may be faced with challenges such as anxiety, depression, despair, the Dark Night of the Soul, and a multitude of other energetic and spiritual imbalances. Living in a Quantum Reality helps to identify the common side effects of wholeness consciousness and offers a variety of exercises, meditations, and healing methods to cope with having a higher consciousness in a world that is still struggling to catch up.

Living in a Quantum Reality helps you understand your "impossible" transpersonal experiences by integrating quantum physics into psychology and offering a user-friendly description of the many layers or spheres of energy and consciousness. This vision of the quantum self synthesizes spiritual thought with an array of scientific disciplines, and is supported by the author's own direct experiences, as well as her clients' experiences with larger reality.

This book is a step toward advancing the field of psychology, and especially the practice of psychotherapy, to catch up with the latest, more quantum, worldview, one that is more comprehensive for understanding the reaches of our human consciousness and psycho-spiritual experiences.

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ISBN-13: 9781618521040
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 11/30/2015
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 731,084
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC is a nationally certified and licensed professional counselor in Colorado. In her holistic, integrative (Eastern-Western psychology) private practice, she sees individuals and couples, specializing in issues of subtle energy awareness and awakening to higher consciousness love. Visit her online at

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Living in a Quantum Reality

Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness

By Valerie L. Varan

Red Wheel

Copyright © 2015 Valerie L. Varan, MS, LPC, NCC
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-61852-104-0


Introduction to Energy, Consciousness, and Your Quantum Self

Envisioning Yourself as Energy and Consciousness

You know you are energy. You feel it. In yourself. In the people and the things around you. If you didn't, you probably wouldn't be reading this book.

You know you are made of consciousness. You feel how this energy is brimming with intelligent awareness, with an aliveness that is more than what you've been taught in school.

For those of you who would really like to understand the "CliffsNotes" version of what quantum physicists are telling us about this energy, this consciousness out of which we are made, read on! Here is where we will simply define both energy and consciousness and differentiate between the various electrical, magnetic, and even torsion fields or layers of our being. The lower and the higher self talked about with some scientific vocabulary at last!

Energy as Power and Frequency of Vibration

We are made of energy, the vivifying power at our core that enlivens every atom, cell, and material body.

This energy or power pulses and vibrates as it moves in and out and throughout the body. We feel it in our heartbeat. We see it in our brain wave pattern. We know it by the sense of life and conscious awareness that it brings.

As this power pulses, it sends out energy waves of its vibration. Picture squiggly lines that appear to snake upward and dip downward repeatedly, in a repetitive pattern of cyclic peaks and valleys.

As these vibrations travel outwardly in all directions from their central pulse, they form patterns, like concentric rings or circles. We see these patterns really well when drops of a gentle rain fall upon a quiet lake or when a boat speeds by and sends out a wake behind it.

Each of these energy vibrations travels in its own unique style and pace (i.e., has its own energetic blueprint, signature or fingerprint), kind of like how some people prefer rap and others resonate to opera.

The rate at which these waves of energy move is called their frequency. The slower/lower their frequency or speed, the more material and solid the pattern these vibrations form for our eyes. The faster/higher their frequency, the more subtle or invisible is the pattern that we perceive, as with air or ether.

As you'll soon see, the many and diverse waves of vibration that comprise the self are constantly traveling, spiraling in all directions, and crisscrossing one another in all facets of the body inside and out. Picture children running and spinning all over the playground ... after having eaten all kinds of sugar!

For now, let's divide these energies into two categories, those vibrations that are slower than or at the speed of light and those that are faster.

The Slower Energies of Electromagnetism: The Lower Self within Time and Space

Electromagnetic energies are those that travel at or slower than the speed of light. In fact, they are an array of light, as we know light, ranging in color depending on their bandwidth of speed or frequency.

We see within a rainbow only the spectrum of light that is visible to human eyes. That is, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The red side of the rainbow is the slower moving light, the lower frequencies. The violet side of the rainbow is the faster or higher frequency light.

Each shade of color is also associated with a sound or musical note that is related to its frequency. For example, according to famed musician and sound healer Jonathan Goldman, very dark red corresponds to the note of G, darkish red to G#, reddish orange to A, and light or yellowish green to B. Bluish green is associated with the note of C, indigo to D, dark violet to E, and very dark violet to F.

This bandwidth of light or electromagnetic energy that is visible to our human eyes and audible to our ears is tiny, like the eye of a needle. In our current understanding, at least 96 percent of the larger reality is unseen by us and is still awaiting our detection and definition.

Within us, our electromagnetic matrix of light energy seems to be made up of highways of electrical fields intersecting with highways of magnetic fields, vibrating perpendicularly to each other and radiating outward as orbs or spheres of light.

Together, and blended with even higher energies, they form the field of energy that is our colorful aura, the one that radiates from us and that can be seen by those with extrasensory clairvoyant sight. The aura is the aurora borealis of our own earthly body, and it changes with every thought we have and with every emotion we send out.

Electrical versus Magnetic

Electrical energies are the slowest, lowest frequency energies used to communicate information at the most dense physical layer of our body. In other words, electrical energy is most associated with the particles or things out of which we are made, like particles of electrons carrying a negative charge that gravitate toward protons carrying a positive charge within the nucleus of an atom.

When electrons travel along highways in our tissues, they are using electrical energy; they are actually generating electricity in the form of electrical currents. These electrical currents serve as communication signals to the rest of the body so that each part knows what to do.

According to research by the Institute of HeartMath, the electrical signals used by our heart are about sixty times the amplitude of the brain's. No wonder we're pulled to follow our heart!

On the other hand, magnetic energies seem to be mostly associated with photons, the smallest packets of light, that appear to blink on and of within our body. Yet they seem to naturally arise and accompany the electrical energy of the body's material particles, unless forced apart.

To better see the magnetic field in your mind's eye, think of the Earth's magnetic field, which extends from its core and connects with the incoming energies of the sun. Pictures of it show the field coming into the north pole as we know it, coming out of the south pole, and circling back up to the north on all sides.

In pictures of the biomagnetic field of the human body, we see a similar toroidal shape, with energies streaming through the crown of the head and the feet area and circling along the sides, all around us like a deep donut. When researchers are studying energy healers, they tend to measure how strongly the biomagnetic field emanates from the hands, heart, and around the body (up to fifteen feet!) of the healer.

Significantly, according to researchers, our biomagnetic field tells us more about what is going on inside our body than any electrical measurement. When we get an MRI scan, it uses magnetic fields and magnetic resonance (i.e., peaks and valleys line up) to align the protons of our hydrogen atoms in order to detect minute differences and changes within the structures and tissues of the body.

Within the human body, our heart seems to be the most significant transmitter/receiver of core magnetic energy. It has been shown to generate magnetic fields of at least five thousand times that of the brain (within which the pineal gland is said to be the strongest). Some estimate it to be up to a million times the magnetic field of the brain, especially during states of advanced energy healing.

We do know that the overall shape of our body's biomagnetic field depends mostly on the energetic current emanating from our heart and how coherent or organized it is. Any frustrations or negative emotions we experience reduce our heart coherence, while positive and loving states increase it. In a state of optimal coherence, we are experiencing unconditional love and gratitude. This is the state we seek when we are learning to meditate and to generate healing energy.

Yet every movement that takes place within the body sends out its own biomagnetic signature or fingerprint, which is picked up and responded to by all other parts of the body, as one tensegrity system (a term borrowed from architecture that refers to how a movement in one area of a structure is automatically compensated for by the rest of the structure).

Combined as one, our electromagnetic field is naturally a coherent set of light energy. Our heart's electromagnetic signals can affect or entrain the brain waves of another person, and we can thus become synchronized to one another. Furthermore, as we increase psychophysiological coherence with one another, we become even more sensitive to the electromagnetic signals of those around us.

The higher our heart coherence, the more likely our brain will entrain to our partner's heart signal, even when we are not touching one another. We will feel more intuitive when we are listening to them.

Through sustained sincere heart states of love and appreciation, the heart in a state of coherence entrains the electrical activity of our own brain, notably the alpha and lower frequency brain waves. It is in this way that when we practice states of positive emotion, especially the emotions of love and gratitude, we can cohere our heart's field, alter our brain activity, improve cognitive performance and decision making, change perceptual awareness, and enhance our immune system.

These electromagnetic light signals are used by our heart, the brain, and our entire nervous system to catalyze and orchestrate all of the biochemical and physiological activity in the body, even at a distance. These signals, exchanged by every cell, are the impetus for the more physical basis of the mind-body connection; they provide the pathway we can use to modify our neurotransmitters, change the wave signals in our brain, and transform our body and its behaviors.

So it appears that the heart motions or entrains the brain, which signals the rest of the body to play along with it, as three harmonious notes in a single chord simultaneously. And a change in one note creates a corresponding change in the other two.

This electromagnetic self we will call the lower self, because from it is comprised our three lowest, slowest vibrational layers. We can consider it to be the self where resides our physical body, our thoughts, and our emotions. Most of us call this aspect of ourselves our personality or personal self. Some refer to this self as the ego. We will use these terms interchangeably.

This lower self seems to contain the least amount of our individual soul energy. That is, at the building-block level of atoms and molecules, it may be that our magnetic energy (through our biophotons) is the faintest hint of our individual soul essence. And electrical energy comprises the most physical particle or body nature of us, through which our soul energy moves and expresses itself in a limited or containerized form.

But as we follow the layers of our being from body toward soul, energy seems to transition in form from electrical energy to magnetic, electromagnetic, photonic, and eventually into torsion fields of light.

The Superluminal Energies of Torsion: The Higher Self beyond Time and Space

Toward the higher vibrational pole of our even broader energy spectrum are torsion fields. Torsional energies are those that seem to be associated with the left-handed and right-handed spin motion of waves and "generate a twisting of space," according to MIT physicist Claude Swanson. Their signals appear to travel faster than the speed of light, so fast that they take no time at all!

These torsion fields have been documented to alter mass or matter, even across great distances (that is, nonlocally), and work forward as well as backward in time. As such, they defy both space and time.

At this level of energy, it is as if all is one present moment. It is like there is some unseen conductor who is orchestrating a beautiful symphony, all at once and across great distances. And though the trombonists may not see the drummers, all musicians are playing in harmonic synchrony, in tune with one another across the echoes of space and time. Mindboggling for sure!

Yet these torsion fields are currently being studied by scientists to learn how they might be responsible for subtle energy and phenomena such as telepathy or group mind, intuition, the power of intention, remote viewing, energy healing at a distance, and other "magical" types of psychic abilities.

Clearly, at these levels of energy resides way more of our soul energy, our more subtle energy light body radiating waves of power outwardly in all directions, much like the physical sun. As our own central sun, the soul is the strongly coherent core power of energy within us that shapes the electrons and molecules into the pattern for our outer physical body. It is this torsion or subtle energy aspect of ourselves that exists first nonlocally beyond time and space and is the part of us that continues after death of the physical body. For as we know, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another.

Many of us have the sensitivities to feel the presence of this higher self. In psychology, we call it the multidimensional transpersonal self. In physics and energy medicine, it is called the subtle energy self. In religious circles, it is commonly referred to as the soul self, spiritual self, or simply Self. This is our faster layer of energy that seems to be comprised of torsional energy vibration and beyond.

In Our Wholeness, We Are a Multidimensional and Holographic Matrix of Energy

There are apparently infinite layers to the matrix of quantum energy that comprise our being, both visible and invisible.

In our wholeness, we are nonlocal and multidimensional in our nature — electrical, magnetic, photonic, torsional, and an even greater number of unique dimensional layers of intelligent energy than we can ever measure — all interwoven and moving together beyond spacetime as one whole or integrated field, just like within white light, when the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet layers or frequency bands coexist simultaneously as one integrated and overarching field of energy.

It does seem that some great initial Source of power radiates pure energy, which is instantaneously transformed and transduced from higher and more formless states of energy into slower and lower (increasingly physical) forms and structures of energy as it makes its way to us eventually as torsion, as coherent laser-like light, as a blueprint field of biophotons, as magnetism, and then electricity. In other words, the originating layer or Source projects another layer into existence or reality, which creates another layer, and so forth.

This is how we come to have this more dense electromagnetic light body, the personal self we sense as "I." As it turns out, we literally are "light from light." (Remember E=MC? Where energy is matter or matter is energy depending on the speed or frequency of its light?!)

It is this aspect of projection and reflection that we can call the holographic self. For it is in this way that we are created in the multidimensional light image of Source. A hologram is a three-dimensional light image (think of the projected Princess Leia in Star Wars), a coherent energy blueprint that is formed from unique patterns of energy waves as they merge together. The key for us to truly realize, as a multidimensional or quantum self, is that in a hologram, the information for the whole is contained within each part.

Stanford neurosurgeon Karl Pribram indeed found that the brain works as a quantum holographic processor of all of these amazing energies.

From his and others' work, we have discovered that mind and memories are evidently not produced by or localized in the brain. Instead, the information or memory bank for the whole self is orchestrated nonlocally and is holographically embedded — and therefore known — within each part and cell. This is apparently a technical basis for why buried memories can surface during a massage and why body-based and energy therapies, such as tapping and imagery, work to release traumas and pain from our tissues, regardless of whether the trauma is of this present life or some other dimension past or future (yet consider that all lives are really simultaneous lives at the level of the soul and are interconnected through the spacetime point of our present moment awareness).

Photons, the little packets or quanta of coherently organized light usually associated with magnetic energy, actually exist at multiple frequency levels and, as such, project quite an unimaginable array of spatial information. Photonic fields truly serve as a significant part of our holographic template, upon which all of our cells depend for their growth. Our biophotons, the photons within the sphere of our electromagnetic body, couple or are "in phase" with our DNA, allowing for the transfer of energy and information (i.e., entrainment) from all of these realms and into the physical body and, as such, are great mediators for our multidimensional consciousness (as we will discuss in the next section).


Excerpted from Living in a Quantum Reality by Valerie L. Varan. Copyright © 2015 Valerie L. Varan, MS, LPC, NCC. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Chapter One Introduction to Energy, Consciousness, and Your Quantum Self,
Chapter Two Layers of the Quantum Self — Consciousness Map and Symptoms of Imbalance,
Chapter Three Nine Varieties of Transpersonal/Spiritual Anxiety,
Chapter Four Coping with the Dark Night of the Soul and Transpersonal/Spiritual Depression,
Chapter Five Developing New Definitions of Love from Transpersonal/Spiritual Experiences,
Chapter Six Finding Happiness, Meaning, and Purpose,
Chapter Seven Subtle Energy Imbalances and Emotional Boundaries,
Chapter Eight Conclusion,

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