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Publisher: EMC Publishing
Publication date: 10/28/1999
Pages: 221
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PREFACE 6 INTRODUCTION 9 PART ONE MARMA SCIENCE 1 Marma Science 17 2 Marma Damage in Birth and Childhood 28 3 Marma Blockages in Adults 36 4 Marma and Tridosha 52 5 Marma and the Planets 63 PART TWO CARE OF THE MARMAS: THE WAY TO BEAUTY 6 Physical Health 71 7 Herbs and Marma Tea 89 8 Marma Skin Care 97 9 Sexual Attraction 107 PART THREE SPIRITUALITY AND BEAUTY 10 Meditation and Mudra 114 11 Mantras and Pranayama 127 12 Rejuvenation with Marma Science 137 PART FOUR INDIAN CUISINE FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY RECIPES 156 CONCLUSION 168 APPENDIX 169 GLOSSARY-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------189

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Anne E. Levine

I highly recommend Living in Beauty. Joseph Kurian is a gifted healer and this book helps one have a better understanding of what he does and how it works. I am an educator. The section of the book that I found to be the most profound and validating is his section on children and their well being. I have intuitively felt that children need to be with their mother, who stays at home for at least a few years and ideally for many in order for them to have a good foundation for harmonious living. Joseph talks about how children do best when they are home their mother for at least one year and ideally for 3 years and are breast-fed for a year and a half. He also addresses the issue of birth and talks about how placing the child on the mothers chest and not cutting the umbilical cord until after it stops pulsing really helps. My intuition tells me that these practices are more healthy and natural than what typically goes on in many hospitals in the United States. This book is a validation for what I have seen and have felt works best for children in order for them to feel secure and develop loving relationships. Read Live In Beauty! It helps one to understand a different modality of healing.

Paul Allen

Living in Beauty is an amazing book. Joseph Kurian provides many insights into the bodies natural ability to rejuvenate. Additionally, the book contains several very effective forms of meditation. It's a must buy!

Catherine Figueredo

I have really enjoyed reading every chapter of this book and am very impressed and thankful for the knowledge Joseph Kurian shares with us. I was particularly interested in Chapter Ten, Meditation and Mudras, as well as Chapter Eleven, Marmas and Pranayama and look forward to incorporating those simple practices in my daily routine. I have also used the Marma Skincare products for the past few years and love it! I highly recommend this book to people who desire to transform their life by raising their energy level and attaining a lasting state of well being.

Steven Harvey

Within you, and only within you, calmly awaits your perfectly balanced, beautiful self . . ."
Living in Beauty by Joseph Kurian, a world renowned healer and master of the ancient sciences of Ayur Veda, Dhanur Veda, Kaya Kalpa and Marma Science, is a long overdue and much needed masterpiece on the timeless science of Marma. Having its roots in Vedic Wisdom, this book is an excellent source of information and guidance for the lay person and healthcare professional alike! As a professional bodyworker specializing in Ayurvedic therapies, I found Joseph Kurian's approach to and explanation of marmas not only fascinating, but also full of practical insights as to the fundamental workings of the mind/body system.
Joseph Kurian's simple, clear and focused style of writing does justice to his vast wisdom and knowledge about both the theory and science of Marma. He has been able to successfully take the ancient knowledge of the Vedic Sciences and sequentially present how and why the disease process and the journey to perfect health and beauty evolves.
Living in Beauty is a generous contribution to the world of natural healing, providing everything you need to benefit from this ancient art. Marma science has been kept secret for thousands of years, having been passed on orally from one master to the next in each generation. In a warm and personable manner, Joseph Kurian shares this sacred science in a way that is very informative without being long-winded. His explanation of energetics is excellent with the use of drawings and beautiful illustrations & photos.
Also explained are how these vital energy centers (Marmas) cause illness when blocked, and health and beauty when the life-force is flowing freely. The reader is shown the importance of digestion and how to care for the marmas using herbs and skincare, as well as many self-applied health and beauty enhancement techniques which can be incorporated into one's daily routine.
The connection between outer and inner beauty is revealed through discussions of spiritual practices, ending with a program for rejuvenation. The final chapter is a treat for the palate and stomach, with healthy and delicious mouthwatering recipes for Indian food.
I highly recommend this beautiful book as a must read for all serious students of natural healing, and anyone wishing to improve their quality of life and well-being. Thank you, Joseph Kurian, for sharing this marvelous body of knowledge.
—(Steven Harvey RMT Owner of Perfect Health Ayurveda Day Spa Calgary, Alberta, Canada.)

Michael Murphy

I found myself reading Joseph Kurian's book almost non stop. I have read many of the current offerings in this area of Ayur Veda and Indian literature. This book is set apart by the living knowledge it provides for us to use on a daily basis to gain maximum health, beauty, and vitality. He ties together the connection between the individual and the universe we live in most clearly. Living in Beauty is simple and clear in describing the daily self help practices of this Vedic tradition. Marma science is the root and most powerful aspect of any of the Indian healing arts and J. Kurian is a true Master in that pure oral tradition of South India.

Renee Papadopoulos

From dieting, exercise, gyms and spas to plastic surgery, many of us are focused on beauty and happiness from the outside. Joseph Kurian shows us how to use our gifts from God-our bodies, minds and spirits--to become the most beautiful beings that we can be. From the inside out. So eloquently written, I found myself reading and re-reading each word to absorb as much as possible. Not only an interesting and educating read but a practical guide which I know I will use as my health "bible".
A client of Joseph Kurian's for the last few years, I instantly felt and saw the positive and life-altering effects of Joseph's creams, herbs and oils and rejuvenation treatments. Now I fully understand the history and methodology of his work and why I now feel better than I can ever remember. What a wonderful gift God has given us through Joseph Kurian. Please read Living in Beauty and pass it along to your loved ones--I have!

Judith Milburn

Everything is connected to Everything. Intuitively I know that and have had some vague sense of it. But when I read Joseph Kurian's Living in Beauty, I realized that he knows from a deep awareness and experiential base how things are connected. Beauty, health, emotional well being, spiritual awareness, and personal charisma all reside in the body and are based in the marma system. When the marma system, the subtle energy system of the body, is open and functioning appropriately, the body has access to the nutrients and information needed to create health and beauty, as well as to open one's intuition to experience physiological rejuvenation and radiant living.

Joseph transforms the modern conception of beauty. To Joseph, beauty is the full expression of radiant aliveness that comes from the natural ability of a person to fully become who he or she is. It is the releasing of the potential for the Divine energy to activate our lives; it is the opening of the heart to experience the love and wonder of life.

As a child, Joseph was blessed by a wise old man who just appeared one day, and then just as suddenly, disappeared. But during this short appearance he changed the course of Joseph's life forever. When he directed energy into Joseph entire body, Joseph's destiny was changed; he was pointed in the direction of being the carrier of many precious herbal formulas and marma knowledge that he was to bring forth into modern life. Living in Beauty is the introductory book of what I trust will be many more books bringing this oral tradition into modern life, deepening our understanding of these ancient wisdoms and their relevance to our life.

When I read Living in Beauty, I was deeply moved by Joseph's life experiences and by his ability not only to see beneath the surface but also to transport the reader to see the same in-depth picture. I knew I was reading the work of a true master of Marma Science, a man who had deeply studied the body and its relation to the subtle energy system and spiritual awareness. I know from experience that not only can he see where the difficulties exist, but he is also able to release these blockages-often blockages other modalities have failed to reach. When he releases the blockages which may have been determining our physiology and our character since birth, he sets in motion a process which, as it says, can be so profound as to change the destiny of our lives.
Joseph lays the groundwork for an understanding of how the knowledge of the body, of the subtle energy system, the plant kingdom, gemstones, and the heavenly bodies can be integrated and used to maximize health, well-being, and spiritual awareness. When our bodies are cleansed and balanced, and the interactions of these natural systems calculated, we can experience health, beauty, and our own natural charisma rather than experiencing fear, sickness, and negativity.

As I read Living in Beauty, I knew I was reading a book written by a person who has had the personal experience of what seems to be the training of a yogi. A person who has undergone the personal discipline to open to the deepest knowledge available. Joseph's knowledge is not only academic but also pragmatic, based on his own experiences as a student and eventually as an accomplished master. For Joseph Kurian, living in beauty is the process of living in full energetic health - allowing the body to operate as the body was intended, the mind to be fully active, the emotional energies to be fully open, and the spiritual energies to connect and enliven all the other aspects.

Living in Beauty is at once the account of a personal journey of a young Indian man as he was transformed from an ordinary young man to a gifted healer/herbalist with the title of Gurukkal, master of the Dhanur Vedic and Marma Sciences. Joseph is a modern man well-versed in the ancient Indian wisdom of health, beauty, and spirituality. This book that is just the tip of the iceberg of an Indian healer/herbalist's vast repertoire of knowledge and its practical application.
—(Judith Milburn, clinical psychologist, Director of the Center for Conscious Living Huntington Beach, California)

Melaine Sachs

According to ancient Indian tradition, radiant beauty is allowed to shine when energy and light are free-flowing in the subtle channels of the body (marmas). Living in Beauty is a unique discussion of how these subtle channels can be opened by a master of this science who fully understands western culture. Joseph Kurian presents esoteric and down-to-earth information alike in a charming, relaxed, story-like manner. He offers mantras, mudras, exercises, and practical life suggestions to help each of us embrace our full beauty.
—(Melanie Sachs, author ofAyurvedic Beauty Care Owner of Diamond Way Health Spa San Luis Obispo, California

Sharon Ranney

I received Joseph's book as a gift...a true gift it was. Being a Client of Joseph's and being privileged to experience his Healing Programs and the use of his products, this book was naturally the next experience for me.
It's wonderful to have knowledge so vital to our very being, shared, andLiving in Beauty shares the knowledge of Marma science with the inspirational power to guide anyone toward their desired state of health, beauty and vitality. This is a beautiful book written by a truly beautiful Master.


Please make yourself comfortable. Relax in your favorite chair. I would like to tell you the story of Marma Science as it has been related to me by my predecessors.
There are aspects of our world that are timeless. This pure Indian tradition dates back as far as the beginning of recorded knowledge. The wisdom of marma holds the understanding of these triangle-shaped energy centers, universally interconnected in a vast triangular energy pattern and individually interwoven throughout the human body. Marma Science has been kept alive in an oral tradition since ancient times; its principles still apply to us today. Our minds and bodies are different from those of our ancestors, but our spirits (or souls) are the same. The same life force energy that flows within us also connects us universally through marmas.
It has been a blessing to be able to study, learn, and refine this ancient wisdom. The past fifteen years of my research and personal hands-on experience have helped me to organize this information. Many of these subjects you may never hear about again or read about in any other book. The special teachings set forth in this book could only be found in the most closely guarded oral traditions of ancient India, until now.
The knowledge of marma is considered sacred. As my master who taught herbalism said, "Marma has been kept secret for thousands of years. I have seen so many students, even those from my own family, and I have not been able to find a person who can spread the knowledge of marma in the right way. Everything has to be done with a respectful manner, for only then will the effect be there. Otherwise, a very strong energy effect will be missing; there will only be the herbs. There will not be any Soul or Life with energy power to go along with the herbs. You, however, will be able to spread the knowledge of marma to the world in the proper manner."
Kerala, India
The Vedic masters with whom I apprenticed instilled in me the purity, validity, and power of the Indian traditions. The herbal formulas they entrusted to me are invaluable, as are the formulas from the tribal healers who practice timeless arts of wellness. I spent many years studying the Vedic sciences and the Indian martial arts.
There is some correlation among the Indian sciences, as well as between the Indian sciences and such disciplines as modern reflexology and acupuncture. However, they can all be traced back through history to the Indian traditions.
Fifteen hundred years ago, a great Buddhist monk came from Kancheepuram in Talminadu, South India. Like Siddartha, he had been a prince. Bodhidharma had been taught the ancient medicine along with Buddhism and the Indian martial arts.
Setting out into the world, he traveled along the Silk Road to spread Buddhism throughout Asia. He also conveyed the medical modalities and martial arts which, over time, were adapted into many other systems -- acupuncture and Oriental martial arts, for instance. Since then, these traditions have spread out all over Asia in different forms, but the fundamental concepts and understanding of the marma system are still found in the original form in southern India.
If you observe the Indian culture, you will notice an extensive use of body ornaments and jewel tattoos. These are not only for decorative purposes, but, more importantly, for medicinal purposes of stimulating marmas in daily life. For example: wearing gold jewelry on the side of the ear stimulates the spine; wearing gemstone jewelry on the earlobes prevents illness; wearing jewels on the nose helps one to sleep better. Nowadays, jewelry is considered decoration for women, but in India, it has been worn by men and women up until the last generation. Every part of India has recognized this common practice of preventing illness, which we do not find in any other part of Asia.
India was once divided into thousands of countries. Now it is unified, but each of its cultures retains its own knowledge and standards. My home state of Kerala on the Malabar Coast in South India is one of the oldest centers of traditional learning. Kerala rests at the midpoint of the old spice route and has historically played an important role in the sea trade between the Western and Asian worlds. The finest quality herbs and spices were carried by European traders to the West, along with tales of the Eastern traditions. As a result of these traders, South Indian culture spread out in different forms - from the Greek and Roman eras through the commercial expansions of the Dutch, Portuguese, English, and Arabs.
Kerala is not a rich place from the modern world's financial perspective, but it is very rich in culture and the quality of life of its people. The standard of living in Kerala is acknowledged to be among the best in the world in terms of food, housing, education, and health care. Kerala has an astounding 100 percent literacy and a high level of economic equality. The paradox of having a good standard of living without much money is due to the harmonious cooperation of the people and their ability to live conscientiously, valuing their resources.
Inspired by the knowledge of energy relations, the people of Kerala have been able to cooperate even with different religions and cultures. Their standard of living has evolved along with the cultivation of the ancient Vedic Sciences. To examine their system of community is to realize that all aspects of society are coming from the same energy concepts as in the ancient marma system. With economic equality for everyone, production of its own food, financial independence, and a balanced state of health and beauty, Kerala is an excellent example of social achievement in human culture.
Keralites appreciate their natural environment. South India is a place of paradisiacal beauty with incredible mountains, lakes, and sea. In Kerala, people are very interconnected with Nature. There is abundant wildlife, including tigers, lions, and monkeys. Eight or ten elephants walking together is a normal sight in the mountains of Kerala. It is so beautiful and mysterious because of the way Nature intermingles with humans.
We are designed to respond to the visual and sensory stimuli of a beautiful environment. A tree, for example, has marmas, and it has feelings. Trees have senses and we enjoy their existence. When we are in healthy balance, we can see how connected we are with all living organisms.
This story illustrates that invisible connection. When I was about fifteen years old, my father was partially paralyzed and confined to bed for nine months. We tried all the treatments available to help him, but nothing worked.
The month before his death, we brought him back to our house. After a week, he showed an interest in walking and was able to go a short distance with support from others. One morning, when the natural world around us was very quiet, my father was trying to walk when suddenly he lost his strength and collapsed. There was a huge papaya tree standing in the front yard. As children, we all used to climb on it. The papaya tree is like a coconut or palm tree; it is tall and very strong. As my father fell, the papaya tree also fell to the ground. There was no wind whatsoever and yet the papaya tree came crashing down. At the same time, there was an uproar from the domestic animals that were behind the house.
People who have knowledge of mysteries know that we can recognize what is going to happen by signs provided by Nature. The collapse of the papaya tree was a symbol for my father's death. All the men who were standing near the tree said of my father, "This is the last walk he is going to have, even the tree recognized it."
Indian Knowledge
From the ancient time, India has been very much connected to the outside world. There were universities in India four thousand years ago which provided the knowledge of everything that humans needed to know in order to flourish. People traveled from all over the world to study science, architecture, medicine, astrology, and spirituality in India. In Indian cities such as Malanda and Thakhasilla, people learned herbalism as well as the planning of houses, streets, and water drainage systems.
Through all its long history, India has known of the eternal existence of soul and spirit. The Indian culture recognizes that spirituality goes beyond variations of different religions, and thus it respects all religions. The Indian philosophy has the understanding that, when we die, the body will turn to dust and the soul will escape to find the next life. People there have known about astrology, the distance of the planets, and the particular influences of each one. The planets in the vastness of space may be empty of biological life, but they do emit a mysterious energy.
Our ancestors thought all these topics through very well, without a profit motive blurring their perceptions. There are so many valuable insights that have been lost to us because of money and control. The people who consciously assisted the evolution of the natural sciences had the pure intention of sharing this knowledge with everyone.
My efforts have been to coordinate the knowledge of Marma Science. I have created the herbal creams and teas so people could enjoy life, have self-confidence, and feel good about themselves. Bringing happiness into society brings harmony and joy into our lives. Everyone can feel secure. This was the pure intention of the great, ancient masters.
The scientific background which inspired my herbal formulas dates back to antiquity. For centuries, people have been trying, testing, and seeing the results of herbs and marma knowledge. The energy is subtle, yet we can see and feel the results. Many years of patience and curiosity brought me to this ultimate knowledge of beauty. It is important to understand natural truths and utilize them in our normal lives. Living in beauty means living in joy, happiness, and contentment.
How to Use This Book
Living in Beauty is organized into four parts. Part One explains Marma Science, what happens when the marma (energy) centers are blocked or out of balance, the interconnection of Marma Science and Ayur Vedic principles, and planetary influences. Part Two shows the reader how to care for the marmas through herbs and skin care, and the importance of digestion. In Part Three, the connection between outer beauty and inner beauty is revealed through discussions of spiritual practices, ending with a program for rejuvenation. Part Four is a treat for the palate and stomach, with healthy and delicious recipes for Indian food.

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