Living in Different Cultures

Living in Different Cultures


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ISBN-13: 9781888215496
Publisher: Fathom Pub. Co.
Publication date: 04/05/2019
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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Part One Personal Background

Chapter 1 Palestine: Immigrants to the Land of Their Dreams

Chapter 2 Palestine 1935-1940

Chapter 3 Cultures and Values Regardless of Religion

Chapter 4 A Powerful Group Culture: Adoption Case

Chapter 5 A Culture of Protective Relationships

Chapter 6 The View and Status of Women

Chapter 7 Attitude Toward Age and Education

Chapter 8 Culture of Self-Defense: Consequences of Bringing People Together. The Haganah

Chapter 9 Army in Israel Today: Cementing Disparate Groups into a Nation

Chapter 10 National Values and Principles

Chapter 11 “Lawyering” in Mandatory Palestine

Chapter 12 A Legal System for Many Cultures: The Ministry of Justice

Chapter 13 The Air Force

Chapter 14 Facing and Reacting to Different Cultures

Chapter 15 Value and Limits of Arguments, Manners

Chapter 16Role of Music in Bringing People Together

Chapter 17 Adjusting to a New Mix of Cultures

Part Two An Israeli in America

Chapter 18 Coming to America in 1949

Chapter 19 Coming to America in 1963: Loss of Identity

Chapter 20 Living in America Permanently: How Did Life Change?

Chapter 21 Learning the Culture of Financial Institutions

Chapter 22 Being a Professional Woman in America

Chapter 23 Visiting, Advising, and Teaching in Different Countries and Cultures

Part Three Conclusions

Chapter 24 What Is Culture?

Chapter 25 Approach to Interacting with Other Cultures

Chapter 26 How Can Cultural Differences Be Managed?

Chapter 27 Achieving Change or Adaptation of a Culture

Chapter 28 Building Relationships with People of Other Cultures



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