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Living In The Light

Living In The Light

by Susan Newton


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"Living in the Light is a delightful fun read chocked full of practical no-nonsense advice. I found the wisdom useful and inspirational. One of the teachings state very succinctly what longevity research shows is critical to an extended, happy, and healthy life. Susan puts this truth this way, 'As each of you in your daily activities are able to accept rather than avoid your experiences, you will consciously choosing to be more of that which you originate from. The ability to accept automatically bring forward truth and responsibilty.' Brilliant! I recommend the read."

Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA
New York Times bestselling author of Choices and Illusions and Mind Programming

Bring heaven upon Earth...learn how to BE the light that lives within us all. Discover how your choices allow you to function as an unconditionally loving spirit in human form. Learn how to navigate through the dense emotions of the past that keep you in a cycle of turmoil. Through forgiveness, a shift in perception, awareness, and your choice, you will transform your life as you know it!

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ISBN-13: 9781682561942
Publisher: Amelia Publishing Inc
Publication date: 05/20/2016
Pages: 116
Sales rank: 902,853
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Living In The Light

A Divine Perspective and Guide to Living a Peaceful Life
By Susan Newton


Copyright © 2011 Susan Newton
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-3438-1

Chapter One

The Basic Construct

The basic construct is a way of life! It's a choice to implement some simplistic concepts into your everyday life on a minute by minute experience by experience basis. It requires you to make a choice to lead your life in an honest loving yet empowered way and then to remain committed to doing it on a regular basis. We live in a world that is filled with people; Spirits in Human Form, as spirit refers to us. We now know, thanks to all of the research that has already been done that we are all different parts of the same vibration. There are many wonderful resources on Quantum Physics available to expand on this knowledge.

Keeping in mind that we are All One, it makes sense then that each individual person's thoughts, words, behaviors, feelings, and actions have an impact on the collective consciousness that we are all a part of! This is where the Divine Perspective begins. It would be in everyone's best interest to have as many people as possible choosing to interact in an unconditionally loving and honest way. A way that would have you taking responsibility for your life and all that you are experiencing in it! Of course this isn't a new concept, there are many gifted teachers out there teaching and sharing the same thing in their own way. The way that I see it is that the more who are sharing it the more opportunities there will be for more to hear it! I have enclosed a book list of all the authors whom I have enjoyed reading so that you too can enjoy the wisdom from many different yet similar perspectives!!

So, The Basic Construct is a way of life that involves choosing to take 100% responsibility for your thoughts, words, behaviors, feelings, and actions and the experiences in your life; being 100% honest; learning to be 100% forgiving; learning to observe what you and others are choosing; being unconditionally loving, communicating, discerning, and interacting with your life circumstances and experiences. It is your relationship to everything that determines how you journey through your life. It is a choice to know that your life is happening for you and by you rather than happening to you! Choose not to be the victim; rather choose to be empowered by the knowledge that you always have a choice to find the "GIFT" in your experiences. Really when you think about it, what joy could possibly come from looking at the glass that is 1/2 empty, especially when we know that we draw to us more of what we are putting out there!

I know that committing 100% to anything sounds a little daunting and could be misconstrued as being limiting to your life experience rather than enhancing it. Keep in mind that the whole premise of this concept is founded in universal principals that are to be applied to where ever you are in the moment, allowing for presence to occur. In other words, the intention is for people to choose on their own to function from a more "light filled / positive" place. Being 100% honest and responsible is subjective and always relative to what you know to be true in that moment. Everyone's perceptions are based on their experiences with their past circumstances in this life as well as past lives. Their ability to be honest and take responsibility allows you to look and observe where you are and make changes when necessary. Living in the Light is simply a construct that can be applied to everything in anyone's life no matter where they are or what their "truth" is in that moment. The commitment is to allow for expansion to occur from wherever you are through the realization that you are only limited if you choose to be. As you allow yourself to "BE" where you are, you empower yourself to move forward in a different way. Truth and responsibility create presence and presence allows for growth and evolution.

So let's learn together how to create positive shifts in our perceptions of our life experiences and choose to be committed to make it happen. I have a t-shirt that says, "Meet Me on the Sunny Side of the Street," what a great motto to live by. This doesn't mean that you aren't going to feel like _________ sometimes! It means that instead of sitting in the _________, you'll find a way to move through it, and out of it, allowing for resolution of the circumstance and forward movement toward a desired solution. It really is just a choice and a commitment to make some small changes in your way of thinking, feeling, acting, and behaving that allow for significant changes to occur in your life, as well as the lives of others! Little by little, step by step, day by day, choice by choice, change by change we will get there together!

Channeling through Susan: We are here and we are excited to be a part of this document. Of course there is much wisdom to be shared with those who are ready to listen. We are very grateful for the opportunity to bring these principles forward in a way that many will resonate with. Of course your world at this time is going through great shifts and changes that are providing opportunities for "Spiritual Growth," as you call it! It is our intention as we unite with you through this writing to experience unconditional love together in a very clear way for all to experience. Peace is always our intention and your openness to view things from a "new" perspective will allow for many great changes to occur. We are honored to be discussing this with you at this time! We love you so much

The Choice for Personal Shift

I would like to share some of my personal life experiences at this time, as this book is a direct result of my interactions with them. I am often asked the question, "Have I always been like this"? The answer to that is a resounding NO! Up until I was in my thirties, I had no knowledge or understanding of what "spirituality" meant. I had been raised in a religious setting that did not encompass the spirit world the way I know it now. I remember thinking quite clearly that many things didn't make sense to me and that often time's people who were supposed to be "good Christians" seemed to be not very nice people. I know that I share in many others view of this topic and I believe that it is changing rapidly now more than ever.

I remember coming to a place in my life that stopped me in my tracks and I literally asked the question out loud through tears, "Why does this keep happening to me?" As soon as the words exited my lips, a shift occurred that changed my life forever. In that split second, I realized that I was the one making the choices for myself and that if I wanted to experience something else, I was the only one responsible for making a different choice. This realization shifted my perception on everything. I began to understand that I had been functioning as though life was happening to me rather than for me. I had been blaming others for "unpleasant" experiences in my life and reacting, rather than taking responsibility for choosing who and what I interacted with. It was an empowering shift that occurred as I look back on it, but at the time it didn't feel that way. I made a choice in that moment to co-create a personal shift by looking at my life as though I were responsible for all of it. I began to read and go to events and workshops that would allow me to become more of what I was capable of. The more I learned, the more I found to learn. Over the course of the next ten years many different shifts and experiences occurred, some more enjoyable than others, but all an important part of my growth.

For me the choice to look at things differently opened my intuitive abilities more and more. I began to receive information in many different ways from what I refer to as Spirit. All the information was very consistent in that the theme was all about being and sharing how to make choices that allowed for unconditional love to be brought forth through conscious choice here on Earth. As a result, I have created the book, the website, and the Non-Profit organization, as well as a constant and committed effort to share as I live by example. I wouldn't say it has been an easy road, but it has certainly been a fulfilling journey that I am still learning from. Although we are all seemingly different and unique, we all have the same opportunities to choose how to interact with our life experiences. Everyone is really dealing with all the same stuff, just in different degrees and levels of intensity. No matter what the choice to interact lovingly and intelligently is always there for the making!

Every section of this book is going to incorporate some if not all of the other sections. This is because it's all one concept/construct that has many different aspects that all work together. This section is focused on making a conscious choice to co-create a personal shift in your life. It doesn't matter if you have experienced Spiritual awareness before, if you are in tune with your intuition, if you're religious, if you're black, white, red or yellow, or male or female. What does matter is that you're willing to take responsibility for your life and do it in an unconditionally loving way! Everyone can choose to make a change in the way that they view the world as well as their life experiences within it!

So, step number one is to choose to make a change by taking responsibility for your life. Know that your life is happening for you and by you, and begin to make choices that allow for change to occur where necessary. Understand that interaction and communication through your thoughts, words, behaviors, feelings, and actions with others are reflective of your relationship with yourself. How you choose to communicate can be a beautiful gift to all that is. As we choose to honor and respect ourselves and others we honor our population as a whole. Choose to make a shift and take full responsibility for your life.

Channeling Through Susan: We are here and excited to share that as you allow for beauty into your life in the form of unconditional Love, a transformation occurs. It is of the utmost importance for as many as possible to choose empowerment through unconditional Love for themselves with in their relationships. It is time for the separateness to end and a united front to unfold. Of course we would love for all to request the guidance and wisdom that is able to enter through their Higher Selves and to begin to implement those choices that allow for peaceful interaction to occur. It is our desire for your relationships to be founded in principles that allow for honor, respect, empowerment through unconditional love, responsibility, and honesty. All of these things facilitate a more joyous and peaceful environment for all to cohabitate in. Use your moments for choices that uphold these principle and be easy on yourself as you make these changes. Because of course it is not about putting pressure on yourself, rather it is about your ability to love and honor yourself and your fellow spirits in human form as you expand together. We love you so much

Taking the High Road

This expression is a perfect way to remember how to interact with your life experiences. There is more meaning here than meets the eye. Similar to Living in the Light, Taking the High Road means to choose those things which honor and respect yourself and others. What a wonderful way to live. In choosing the "High" road and the thoughts, words, behaviors, feelings, and actions that go with it you are connecting to your Higher Self. We all have a Higher Self; that part of us that knows what the most appropriate and empowered thing to do is. Our Higher Self does not exist outside of truth and responsibility, because it is directly connected to the source of infinite wisdom that we all have access to all of the time. We access it through our choices as we live our lives as Human beings upon Mother Earth. In other words if you are choosing to participate in jealousy, resentment, greed, hate, lies, etc. you are not dealing with your Higher Self because that is not what the Higher Self is.

Again, everything is connected and is an indicator for you to monitor yourself. Pay attention to your own ways of interacting and see where you are. Of course as we go through this process we are going to uncover all sorts of areas that we are able to change. After all, it's a waking up process in the many different areas of your life. Take it step by step and little by little and be easy on yourself, but not too easy on yourself. Your self motivation will be very important in your ability to make changes that require you to step outside of the box you've been living in. Remember, once you step outside one box, you will be living in a different place that you will get to step out of as well! Always be open to this process and enjoy each place that you find yourself in. It is a limitless way to live that allows for the principles of the construct to be applied no matter where you are in your presence and awareness!

As you make these changes, be open to communicating with Divine wisdom. By this I mean wisdom from the Angelic Realm, your Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters, and so on. The more you choose to "Take the High Road" the closer in vibration you become with this wisdom. You are literally clearing a path way for the "higher" vibration to enter! You're tuning your channel to their station! It is also very important to request this guidance to come into your life. The wisdom and guidance that is always around us is ours to receive, but we must ask for it. We must use our free will choice to request the wisdom and then use our free will choice to become what we have learned, integrating and implementing the wisdom into our lives.

In order to make these changes, you have to remain committed to your choice to lead your life in a different way by "Taking the High Road." It's easy to identify those things that aren't the "High Road." Each individual expresses themselves through their thoughts, words, behaviors, feelings and actions. This is where the work is. You must become an observer of your ways of expressing yourself. What thoughts do you have, what words do you use, what behaviors do you exhibit, what feelings do you feel, and what actions do you take. Since we know that "The High Road", "Spirit", "God" is only truth, unconditional love, respect, honor and peace, anything other than that isn't it. Let's identify right now the difference between the two vibrations, as well as how to bridge the gap between the two!

Spirit is unconditional love, peace, respect, honor and joy. Thoughts that represent this vibration are loving, joyous, understanding and compassionate, as well as respectful in an empowering way! It's very important to require respect and honor for yourself as well as respecting and honoring others. Words that represent this vibration are "I'm happy for you", "I love myself", "you are doing a great job", "how wonderful that you are able to experience prosperity", "you look lovely", "I am proud of you", "will you share with me how you are feeling", "I don't understand fully what you mean but I respect your position", "I can see that is important to you", "that behavior is unacceptable and disrespectful", "I would love to communicate with you about this in a respectful way". Behaviors, feelings and actions, if in alignment with your thoughts and words will be supportive and representative of what you are thinking, feeling and acting. In other words, if you are truly happy for someone, you'll think how nice it is that are enjoying their life, you'll say that you are happy for them, you'll feel happy for them, and you might give them a hug or shake their hand.

This is where it can get a bit sticky! We often times say one thing and do another or say one thing and feel another. This is where you are able to be the observer of what you are vibrating and identify where you are out of alignment with your Higher Self. The Higher Self functions from and through the heart and the goal is to unite the heart with the mind. This is how we bring "Spirit" into Human form, thus bringing Heaven upon earth through our conscious free will choice. As we learn to use our free will choice in ways that support unconditional love, respect, and honor we invite consciousness, awareness and peace to exist in our experience. So your work is to know what "Spirit" looks like in Human form and then choose to become that. It has to be your choice to live this way! The desire comes from within and it is that desire that brings you the courage and strength and empowerment to journey along this path. It's truly a path of enlightenment!

In order to identify what is of a "high" vibration, it is helpful to know what isn't of a "high" vibration. Once it's written and you have read it, there is no excuse you can use for doing it. If you use thoughts, words, behaviors, feelings, and actions that are of a denser/lower vibration after you know the difference, you have chosen to do it! The purpose for illuminating the path is so that you can consciously choose to journey along it in a different way. Journey, so that you can acknowledge where you are, being present, identify what needs to be changed and make the changes. This is how we can each choose to bridge the gap between an unconscious journey through our lives to a conscious journey that allows "Spirit" to exist in Human form, bringing heaven upon Earth.


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Table of Contents


Love and Blessings Susan....................xi
The Basic Construct....................1
The Choice for Personal Shift....................5
Taking the High Road....................9
Forgiveness: Letting go of Right & Wrong....................15
Does This Serve My Highest Good....................19
The Commitment of 100% Responsibility....................23
The Commitment of 100% Truth....................27
The Commitment of 100% Forgiveness....................31
The Commitment of Observation....................35
What is Unconditional Love....................39
Finding Peace in the Pain....................43
Communication or Confrontation....................47
Perception and Opinion....................55
Acceptance or Avoidance....................57
Discernment or Judgment....................61
Interaction or Reaction....................65
Was it really meant to be?....................69
Identify the Issue ... Focus on the Solution....................73
Live In The Light....................77
Choose It-Become It-Enjoy It-Love It....................79
Thank you....................81
Additional Channelings....................83
Special Support Thank You's....................107

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