Living Intelligence Or The Art of Becoming!

Living Intelligence Or The Art of Becoming!

by Dr. Rimaletta Ray


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Dr. Rimaletta Ray is a scholar and a college professor of Psycholinguistics. Dr. Ray has been working in different universities and colleges of the USA for 25 years. She is currently teaching in the Norwalk Community College in Norwalk, Connecticut, promoting inspirational self-growth, by generating in her students an insatiable desire for knowledge, self-perfection, and full self-realization. Dr. Ray believes that education is inseparable with inspiration and that inspiring oneself is an indispensable skill to be developed from birth.

Dr. Ray is a founder of the Auto-Suggestive Psychology that is pivotal for a personality development, and she consistently promotes her ideas in all her books. Auto-suggestive work proves to have a special self-hypnotic value that generates an energizing, self-perfecting effect on the psyche of a person. Self-induction starts with aware attention being focused on Self, and it always works because a clear-cut plan of action generates energy that beats mental-emotional chaos in the mind.

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