Living Justice: Catholic Social Teaching in Action

Living Justice: Catholic Social Teaching in Action

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

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Living Justice: Catholic Social Teaching in Action

This new Classroom Edition of the top-selling Living Justice retains the broad coverage of Catholic social teaching in the first edition with expanded use of tables and figures to enhance the pedagogic value of Fr. Massaro's clear, insightful book. Additionally, new coverage is included to focus on the environment and globalization from a Catholic perspective. By drawing on scripture, tradition, world events, and living examples of heroism and holiness, ranging from the simple to the extraordinary, Living Justice develops students' understanding of Catholic social teaching and provides inspiration for a committed life of service.

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ISBN-13: 9780742559967
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/08/2008
Edition description: The Classroom Edition
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 Preface Part 2 Chapter 1: Social Justice and the Mission of the Church Chapter 3 The Religious Motivation for Social Justice Efforts Chapter 4 Social Mission and Church Morale Chapter 5 Sharing "Our Best Kept Secret" Chapter 6 From "Charity Alone" to a Justice Orientation Chapter 7 Looking Ahead Chapter 8 Questions for Reflection Chapter 9 Topics for Further Research Part 10 Chapter 2: Going Public with Your Faith Chapter 11 Bridging Two Distinct Worlds Chapter 12 Tertullian's Question Chapter 13 The Perils of the Crusading Spirit Chapter 14 Religious Idealism: Its Contribution to Politics Chapter 15 Maintaining a Delicate Balance Chapter 16 Maintaining a Delicate Balance Chapter 17 Together on Pilgrimage Chapter 18 Questions for Reflection Chapter 19 Topics for Further Research Part 20 Chapter 3: Inheriting the Tradition of Catholic Social Teaching Chapter 21 The Documentary Heritage Chapter 22 A Look Back to the Nineteenth Century Chapter 23 Pioneers of Social Catholicism Chapter 24 The Writing of the Social Encyclicals Chapter 25 Questions for Reflection Chapter 26 Topics for Further Research Part 27 Chapter 4: The Sources and Methods of Catholic Social Teaching Chapter 28 The Four Sources of Christian Ethics Chapter 29 1. Revelation: The Role of Scripture Chapter 30 2. Reason: The Natural Law Chapter 31 3. Tradition: Theological Reflection in Church Life Chapter 32 4. Experience: Engaging in Social Analysis Chapter 33 Universal Principles and Local Applications Chapter 34 Questions for Reflection Chapter 35 Topics for Further Research Part 36 Chapter 5: Nine Key Themes of Catholic Social Teaching Chapter 37 1. The Dignity of Every Person and Human Rights Chapter 38 2. Solidarity, Common Good, and Participation Chapter 39 3. Family Life Chapter 40 4. Subsidiarity and the Proper Role of Government Chapter 41 5. Property Ownership in Modern Society: Rights and Responsibilities Chapter 42 6. The Dignity of Work, Rights of Workers, and Support for Labor Unions Chapter 43 7. Colonialism and Economic Development Chapter 44 8. Peace and Disarmament Chapter 45 9. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable Chapter 46 Questions for Reflection Chapter 47 Topics for Further Research Part 48 Chapter 6: The Role of Catholic Social Teaching Today Chapter 49 A Blueprint? An Ideology? A "Third Way"? Chapter 50 The Catholic Critique of Communism Chapter 51 The Catholic Critique of Capitalism Chapter 52 Applying Catholic Social Teaching in the Real World Chapter 53 Commitments to Social Justice: Heroic and Ordinary Chapter 54 Questions for Reflection Chapter 55 Topics for Further Research Part 56 Chapter 7: Future Directions for Catholic Social Teaching Chapter 57 Four Continuities: Further Shifts in Emphasis Chapter 58 1. Personalism Chapter 59 2. Humility before the Data of Social Analysis Chapter 60 3. Awareness of Social Sin Chapter 61 4. Public Theology and Concerns about Credible Witness Chapter 62 Two New Challenges: The Environment and Globalization Chapter 63 1. The Environment in Catholic Social Thought Chapter 64 2. Globalization Chapter 65 Spreading the Word about Catholic Social Teaching Chapter 66 The Surprising Future Chapter 67 Questions for Reflection Chapter 68 Topics for Further Research Part 69 Annotated List of Resources for Further Study

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