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Living Life Riverside: Our Nightmarish Pursuit of the American Dream

Living Life Riverside: Our Nightmarish Pursuit of the American Dream

by Richard W Paradise


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“Living Life Riverside” is a tragicomedy about your vanilla-average Midwestern couple who, when they reached the age of fifty, stopped and asked themselves, “Is that all there is?”, decided their answer was “Hell No!”, and leapt blindly off a cliff in pursuit of the American dream by purchasing a historic, haunted, maintenance-deprived hotel in the 8,000-foot frozen extremes of Middle Park, Colorado.

My wife of more than thirty years and I, (with not one minute of hotel, bar or restaurant experience between us) believed that our purchase of The Historic Riverside Hotel, Bar & Restaurant, located in the 500-resident mountain hamlet of Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, would provide us with a career that we would enjoy and an income that would send us comfortably into retirement. Unfortunately, our dream turned into a nightmare due to a variety of circumstances unforeseen and red flags ignored, including the 2008 recession, a local bank owned by a pack of avaricious cowboys, and a previous owner whose only truthful disclosure regarding the property was that it was haunted—the only disclosure that we hadn’t believed at the time. From our purchase to our ultimate failure and foreclosure, “Living Life Riverside” details the highs and lows of the hospitality business and brings to life small-town kooks and characters, persnickety and peculiar hotel and restaurant patrons, stoner chefs, drunken plumbers, a full-time town mortician turned part-time maître d’ and accused felon, and, last but not least, the hotel’s collection of absolutely real pranksterous poltergeists and heart-stopping phantoms.

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ISBN-13: 9780692869475
Publisher: Eden Press
Publication date: 06/16/2017
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter One — The New Pioneers, pg 4

Chapter Two — The Seeds are Planted, pg 9

Chapter Three — A Little History, pg 16

Chapter Four — Back to Mr. Renta, pg 24

Chapter Five — The Bait is Taken; the Hook is Set, pg 33

Chapter Six — A Slight Case of Buyer’s Remorse, pg 39

Chapter Seven — Remodeling History pg 47

Chapter Eight — Living with Strangers, pg 54

Chapter Nine — Meeting Damien, pg 59

Chapter Ten — The Three Portals to Hell, pg 66

Chapter Eleven — Paying Customers, Our Raison d’Être, pg 79

Chapter Twelve — The Big Night and the Big Day After, pg 95

Chapter Thirteen — The River Room: Part I, pg 100

Chapter Fourteen — Words of Warning, Painfully Forsaken, pg 108

Chapter Fifthteen The River Room: Part II, pg 116

Chapter Sixteen — The River Room: Part III, pg 129

Chapter Seventeen — Local Government, pg 142

Chapter Eighteen — Local Color, pg 148

Chapter Nineteen — The Colorado River, pg 156

Chapter Twenty — The Hot Springs, pg 161

Chapter Twenty-One More Paying Customers, pg 170

Chapter Twenty-Two Ghosts of the Riverside, pg 183

Chapter Twenty-Three — More Local Color, pg 199

Chapter Twenty-Four — Damien the Mortician: Part II, pg 211

Chapter Twenty-Fve — Surviving Damien: Part III, pg 219

Chapter Twenty-Six — The Wheels Fall Off, pg 229

Chapter Twenty-Seven — … And the Car Crashes, pg 240

Chapter Twenty-Eight — The Survivors are Pulled from the Wreck, pg 257

Chapter Twenty-Nine — The Vultures Pick at the Carrion, pg 265

Chapter Thirty — One Last Final Final, pg 270

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