Living Osho Love, A Book Review of Swami Anand Arun's Biography

Living Osho Love, A Book Review of Swami Anand Arun's Biography

by Prem Geet OceanicMedia

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Living Osho Love, A Book Review of Swami Anand Arun's Biography by Prem Geet OceanicMedia

“Lone Seeker, Many Masters” by Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun is a must-read autobiography for all seekers and a must-have for every library in the world.

Fulfilling Swami Vivekananda’s words from many years ago that “Arun will initiate a great spiritual movement in Nepal,” Swami Anand Arun has done exactly that and much more. Swami Arun has literally turned Nepal maroon, as Enlightened Master Osho had also predicted, with 6 Osho communes and 75 Osho meditation centers, 150 centers in 59 different countries, and a commune in America. He has initiated around 100,000 people in 90 countries.

For the first time in English, Arun tells his own story through a kaleidoscope of 31 enlightened ascetics and gurus who shaped his life, some of them women. “Lone Seeker, Many Masters” is a masterwork, the masterpiece of a lifetime of seeking. This generous outpouring from Swami Anand Arun reveals the author as the most precious flowering of a life lived in total surrender and gratitude. His timeless words are rich with truth and love, and will be read and savored time and time again for generations to come.

While paying homage to Swami Vivekananda, Arun’s unrelenting search comes to rest fully only in the being of Osho one a magical evening in 1969. Arun writes of seeing Osho for the first time: “His long black beard and hair danced to the rhythm of the evening breeze, his radiant face blanched with the rays of the moon, emanated grace. I looked at him in disbelief. I couldn’t believe a human body could be so beautiful. My heart was filled with the loftiest sentiments. He looked like a numinous being who had just descended from the land of the rishis…My heart started to beat in violent spasms and tears rolled down my cheeks unchecked. A long forgotten chamber of my heart had opened, some long-lost beloved was remembered.”

“Lone Seeker, Many Masters” by Swami Anand Arun is published by Osho Tapoban Publications in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2015, under ISBN 993789669-x.

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About the Author

Writer and healing workshop facilitator Prem Geet is passionate about offering enjoyable new ways to unburden the heart and feel better. Her refreshing relaxation group events share evolutionary sound, movement, and breathing practices. She has received extensive training in transformational group processes, stress-reduction, voice and movement awareness, behavioral kinesiology, emotional healing, numerous group meditations, dreamwork circles, breath education, and authentic self-inquiry processes. Prem has also taught meditation, free form dance, and numerous healing modalities to groups over 25 years. She has enjoyed the privilege of learning from notable healers and spending time at the feet of the world's most amazing mystics including Richard Moss, MD, Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun, Sri Karunamayi, Swami Satya Vedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi), Ron Hall, Rubens Faria, Leonard Orr , Sondra Ray and others, with extended group trainings, intensives, and meditation practices in France, Brazil, and Nepal. Prem Geet is an avid researcher of spirituality, world religions, and over 600 books of Osho discourses and 300 of his meditations. In her essays, she applies Osho impressions to every aspect of modern life, writing of "practical spirituality," love, money, business, history, sex, consciousness, courage, and transpersonal change. Her intriguing diaries of cultural and spiritual adventures all over the world shed a new light on the necessity for global peace and a new humanity. She is well versed in shamanic traditions, mysticism, yoga, and evolutionary practices that promote transformational healing of the soul. Prem Geet "Osho Rose" is a disciple of Enlightened Master Osho, and a devotee of Swami Anand Arun and Swami Satya Vedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi) and Amma, Sri Karunamayi. She is a frequent contributor to Osho News, and has also written for Osho World, Osho Newstreams, Osho Tapoban, and Osho Viha. Her work has appeared online in Forbes, Nasdaq, WallStreeter and many others. She also writes for Fortune 500 companies and CEOs, and has received numerous writing awards. Prem Geet is dedicated to sharing information about Osho's 21-day Mystic Rose Therapy, now available to Americans and the Osho Tapoban in Nepal! Learn more about Enlightened Mystic Osho's meditations, discourses and what is called his finest therapy for the modern psyche "Mystic Rose Therapy." You can heal suppressed grief and the impossible challenges of life in this radical 21-day meditation by Osho himself. You will be amazed. Osho says, "Discover vast inner treasures." Literary agent for Oceanic Media, Prem Geet looks worldwide for literary works that are funny, moving, brilliant and help humanity evolve. Favorite Osho words: "Be realistic. Plan for a miracle." Best advice: "Drop the past, drop your mind and be kind to your mind until you don't have one." All cover art and images by MPG Design and SRD Design Copyright 2011 - 2015. All rights reserved. Oceanic Media for literary, film and TV projects.

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Living Osho Love, A Book Review of Swami Anand Arun's Biography 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Passionate praise for the autobiography and commentary of the world's most loving mystic and long-time Osho disciple. This reviews a must-read by Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun of Nepal, founder of Osho Tapoban. Inspired!