Living Poetry: To Live a Life

Living Poetry: To Live a Life

by Mr Kee Phoon


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ISBN-13: 9781480244306
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/05/2012
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

By the age of 24, Richard knew that he could write. But it was not about a story of fiction. It was to be a story of life in the making. Fascinated with the ins and outs of daily living, he had wondered whether there is any happiness to be found in this over-crowded, fast paced and fast track world.
Having been to many places and talking to many people on this subject, it finally dawned on him that he must write this book to share with all the nice people who came to color his life.
His hobby was and still is, to ask his friends and even friendly strangers to give him a "title" for him to write them a poem. This hobby became a passion and his poems made him realize and understand more about life as he was writing the poems as well as what affected the man on the street most. As he wrote each and every poem, he knew that he was opening a Pandora box and each poem must end with good triumphing over bad. He believed all of us can beat the system of life mysteries and turn "unhappiness" into "happiness" inside our magnificent laboratory. Over the years, he has received simple, complicated and even strange "titles" of poems given by his friends e.g. "Anything", "Salt", "Skunk", "Mum", "Hospital", "Red Lights", and "Racing Horses" etc. Surprisingly, it was never a surprise for him. Give him a pen and something to write on and he would start writing "on the spot". Though his poem will take you over the mountains and up the ceiling and then land you in the dirtiest of toilets, be assured you may still enjoy it to the very last sentence. His belief is that if you found any hidden secrets to life's happiness in this book, do "share" it on the social media network you have. If you do not have a virtual wall, start with the toilet wall or even the dinner table. Be innovative, be creative, be foolish, but do not go to extreme!
For those looking for the survey as mentioned in the prologue, you can breathe easy and stop searching. There is only one sentence in the survey: "Did you feel more comfortable with yourself after reading the book?"
In the meantime, he wishes everyone happiness in life and "to be truthful, be silly and be compassionate" in all we do. He used to say, "Happiness has no meaning in life and only we can fill in the meaning for happiness when we begin to work and live a life." And how do we do that?

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