Living The Life

Living The Life

by S. P. Chockalingam


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Living The Life by S. P. Chockalingam

A doctor, a justice, a planter, an entrepreneur, a farmer and other similarly placed workers met and provided their own perspectives on ‘life’ and what ‘the life’ means to them. Although some of them are real life stories they are presented with pseudo names. How all of them ‘live their lives’ or how ‘the life lives their lives’ described in the first chapter of the book.

In other chapters, how the extraordinary, self-automated engineering marvel of the human body architecture with the ‘life’ inside withstands and survives the influences, pressures, and winds of changes of different kinds at different times of forces and factors on its voyage in the turbulent waters of the sea of life are explained.

Also, the interconnectedness of the ‘life’ within the body and outside the body is discussed. Interdependence and interconnection with one another of various organisms and with every other human and every other thing in the world are detailed highlighting the importance of holistic approach to life.

Finally, how the inbuilt nature of being spiritual will help to navigate safely, successfully with meaning and purpose the life’s voyage with the adoption of the holistic way of life is brought out in detail in the book.

The author is a post graduate in Economics. He served as a banker for about 40 years. He is now a student and practitioner of Yoga and Meditation for 15 years and a writer.

In 1983, he had a unique privilege of meeting His Holiness Dalai Lama in Jakarta. He shook hands and held H.H. Dalai lama’s hands for quite some time and conversed with him. This meeting according to the author was the greatest transforming and defining a moment in his life.

He published his book THE LIFE—Is It Mystical or Real and Painful or Magical? in 2014. It was published in the USA by Partridge Publications and distributed globally.

The web-site is:

He is also the author of 6 books in the Tamil language one of the oldest and classical languages in India. All of them are in poetry form. One is Meenakshi Andhadhi with 100 verses in Anthraksha (Sanskrit) form. This means that the last word in the first verse will become the first word of the second verse and it goes on the same lines till the 100th.verse.This is a unique style of poetry form in the Tamil language. This was made into audio musical C.D. music set in Carnatic music. This C.D. is sold all over the world wherever Tamil population live.

He lives in Chennai, India after his wife passed away recently having lived with him for 56 years as life- partner with happy and fulfilled life. His three children and seven grandchildren live in the USA.

Keywords: Life, Living The Life, Three Pillars, Role Playing, Materialism, Better World, Saving The Life, Being Spiritual, Holistic Way Of Life, Mindfulness Meditation, Dalai Lama

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ISBN-13: 9781506903798
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Publication date: 01/26/2017
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.38(d)

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Living The Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I must say the book is very absorbing from the start and builds up the anticipation for the author to unlock the mystery of life. And even as the author unfolds his profound views on life, the imagery he creates along the way with rich metaphors from ancient times to present day science leaves you wanting more. I think it's an excellent reference book to boot, an encyclopedia of subjects ranging from history to literature to science to sociology. A book like this comes along once in a decade or so, much like the flower Strobilanthes Kunthiana. A thought-provoking book on leading a meaningful life. Drawing from a rich reservoir of wisdom accumulated through unique life experiences, painstaking research and a lifelong passion for reading Mr. Chockalingam leads the seeker through a self-reflecting journey. The conversational narrative amplifies the intrigue and the anticipation of the moment of revelation. The author keeps a brisk pace interlacing memorable anecdotes with the voices of other great thinkers to amplify his advice for a good life. Mr. Chockalingam's Living the Life is a must-have personal encyclopedia on the art and science of living. It is a spiritual book, a self-help guide and it is a policy paper on saving the world all rolled into a concise book of 170 pages leaving the reader wanting more.
LINGAM More than 1 year ago
Winston Salem NC February 16, 2017 Meera Gopalan Everyone at some point in time will like to unlock the mysteries of life-I feel this book will help one in that quest. It is an inspirational book that deals with life not just in general terms but in a literal format amplifying in depth the very nuance of life. The Author captures the reader's attention by explaining the question " Whose Life is it anyway?" which is both witty and enlightening! The book extensively covers the subject of life as it begins from birth to the very end. The manner in which an individual matures, endures changes when affected by internal, external factors all through the various stages of life. The Author has laid out few liabilities of contemporary living; such as excessive dependence on technology, misuse of nature by mankind etc. Concurrently Mr. S P. Chokalingam has correspondingly and effectively presented how humanity can be mindful, adapt spirituality, positive use of education,modernization,globalization etc. He does that by gently advocating the need to live life in a holistic manner-that a holistic approach will lead to a peaceful and a harmonious life!