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Living the Posh Mom Life: The Fun, Fabulous and Fashionable Guide to Motherhood

Living the Posh Mom Life: The Fun, Fabulous and Fashionable Guide to Motherhood

by Jara Negrin, Amy Nebens

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The posh mom is a new breed of mother, one who's doing it all with style, smarts, and seemingly without effort. But contrary to popular belief, posh is not about spending cash and being perfect. No, a posh mom is just put-together, and anybody in any tax bracket can do it. From the founders of, Living the Posh Mom Life serves up info geared for this modern mom's ways (juggling commuting and carpooling, me-time and mommy-and-me-time), coupled with the perfect combination of reality and inspiration.

Loaded with tips, Living the Posh Mom Life addresses inner and outer beauty (soak up relaxation tricks), relationships (bond with your kids, your guy, your family, your friends), your home (don't make it a dump or a museum), entertaining (celebrate with grace and ease), and work (find that delicate balance). Plus, Picks are sprinkled throughout, pointing you toward must-haves and splurges that you crave and deserve.

So come in and discover, develop, and delight in your own poshness. After all, everyone's got the potential to be posh.

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ISBN-13: 9781402250651
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 05/01/2007
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Amy Nebens and Jara Negrin are founders of the Posh Mom movement and the website Amy, a former editor at Martha Stewart Living, is now a feelance writer of lifestyle books and for lifestyle and women's magazines. Jara is a successful entrepreneur in the urban restaurant circle, international fashion merchandising and in home remodeling. Both authors reside in Connecticut.

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Chapter One: Getting Started

Here we go again. It's the first day of preschool and the brigade of SUVs files into the parking lot-some drivers early enough for a morning gab session, others right on time, and still more stragglers who are way late but don't even have an excuse since they don't look like they did anything for themselves in those minutes, including applying a basic coat of lip gloss.

Moms and tots pour out, and hugs and air-kisses fly around, even for and from all those "good friends" who couldn't pick up the phone to call each other all summer. Taylor waits a beat before she steps out and surveys the situation, and then her own. Hair is looking extra sleek, the tee she's sporting is flattering her sun-kissed complexion (most from the fake stuff-she's addicted to SPF), and the Fiji pink polish tells all who peek at her pedicure that she is not giving up on summer yet. Yup, now she's happy she obeyed the early morning dreams that nudged her to get ready before she had to get the kids ready.

She smiles big at her little love safely buckled in her pony-covered seat (never too early to be instilling style), and her heart does a pitter patter that blows away any rush she ever felt from the private sample sale invites she was privy to pre-kids-Prada or not. The dimpled grin that comes back at her is the polar opposite of the fit-throwing frown her daughter sported just twenty minutes before, caused by a discussion of no flip-flops on the playground due to the sharp nature of wood chips. To her posh credit, Taylor counted to ten, shimmied the closed-toe shoe on (no, there was no shoving), made it to the car with plenty of time to drive without breaking the speed limit (too badly), and most importantly managed to have a scream-free ride, on her part, that is.

With a soft little hand (attached to a way cutely clad little bod) tucked into hers, she braves the rough crowd. Between the tragically messy, didn't-tend-to-myself-at-all-this-morning pony tails and I-just-threw-on-whatever-was-closest workout combos, she (thank gawd) spots a few members of her posse. Equally done but not overdone, they give each other knowing you're-looking-ca-yoote eyebrow arches or I-spied-those-capris-on-the-racks-and-they-look-awesome-on-you winks. Taylor spots a couple of new bags draped on their shoulders that she must cross off her shopping list, 'cause she would never do the copy-cat thing, especially on an item as key as a bag.

As she easily joins her crowd, throwing countless waves and "hi-right-back-at-you's" to acquaintances (posh and not), her daughter visits with her friends just a step away. Taylor dishes quickly because she has places to be: a coffee date with a friend whose last kid graduated from pre-school, a few minutes to check-in with her Blackberry (working part-time gives her the best of both worlds), then a fundraising committee meeting that should end right before she has to tune back in to her kid's tunes as her dictatorial deejay is strapped back into the backseat.
She's psyched that the forced face time with friends is kicking up again and almost forgets her purpose until she hears a distant, "I wanna go play with my teachers and friends!" Pulling herself away from the too fun chit-chat, she realizes it's her confident cupcake who can't wait, and she bids a hasty but ever sweet, "Talk to you later."

This is not a mom who would say "one second" to her child so she can spend one more second jabbering with a friend, but rather one who thinks that un-posh behavior is downright disgraceful. And the day beats on....

Never underestimate the power of posh. When you're working it, you feel good, think cool, have a blast, love tenderly, laugh out loud, and look your ultimate. It can be all good most of the time, if you've got it. Want it? Here's how to get it: Just go for it! But first, you need to figure out where your starting block is. You don't want to bum rush your maintenance or makeover-you'll stumble and possibly snowball into a nasty embarrassing fall that will set you back weeks or more in your training. You know what we're talking about-like the time you were horrified to find you overdid it in a boob- baring shirt and high heels for a casual girls' night out. Once you know where you stand and how much work you need to put in, you'll know just how to set the pace for your saunter across the finish line-or the climb to your posh pinnacle.

[AHD] Where Do You Stand?
Maybe you were the hip single girl who never thought she'd lose it-but "it" slipped away when maternity clothes and suburbia overtook your world. Or maybe you're trying so desperately to hold on to the life you led before kids that you're laying it on too thick and spreading yourself too thin. Or perhaps you're right on track, and you would just like to hear about others in their posh prime. Whatever your status, you obviously had the goods if you had the smarts to pick up this book. And, at some level, you've left your selfish part somewhat behind when you ran smack into the altruism of parenthood. But a Posh Mom doesn't have to let go all that matters. Sure, there are some peripheral NM (that is, non-mom) niceties that will suffer and that may even go by the wayside, such as taking half an hour to blow-dry every morning. But you were growing tired of that anyhow (or your arms were, right?) The Posh Mom has a willingness to say toodaloo to some of the outdated or old rituals or things.
for some new, amazing things in store. But a PM's everyday purpose and productivity remains the same as when she was without kids, even if there is a new driving force behind it (strapped into a five-point harness).
Her first day, week, even month home from the hospital (no matter what number child she's on) may have a PM second-guessing her posh status. In the melee of diapers, three a.m. feedings, pediatrician appointments, and plain old getting out of the house for a car ride with all the necessary gear, there doesn't seem to be much time for anything else.
Certainly a PM is entitled to be down for a count or two, but you know she doesn't fancy the position at all. Is she able to rally? If so, is it thanks to her guy, her friends, and her fab babysitter (if she's lucky enough)? Or was it due to her own superior, more-powerful-than-a-locomotive resilience? Or maybe she needs more time and more steps to finish the program-so that eventually, her grace, elegance, and groove picks up right where she left it under the blanket in the bassinet, enabling her to form sentences, return congratulatory phone calls, and write a stream of thank you's, even to her husband's cousin Delia for the obviously re-gifted baby blanket, (the previously filled-out tag hanging from the bag gave her up).
Before you reach your posh plateau (which will be different for every mom), you've got to grasp just how much posh you've got stashed deep down. Don't worry, we're not sending you off to discover that on your own. Take this quiz, tally your posh factor, and then you'll be good to get started, whether that means preparing to be the best Posh Mom you can be or preserving the goods you've already got.

I wanted to understand how I was going to go about finding true and lasting happiness in my life and how I was going to teach that to my daughter.
- Madonna
[end quote]

[sidebar] Quiz: How Posh Are You?
[# list]
1. It's just post-bedtime story. No one is calling "I'm thirsty," hubby's doing dinner with the guys, and you're amazingly enough not near ready to crash. Now what?

a. A delish bubble bath, a brain-candy "novel," then a catch-up phone chat with your best Poshie.
b. Make lunches for tomorrow, then hit the sack yourself. It's all going to start again in the wee hours of the morning and you'll need your energy.
c. Get a head start dialing your nightly round of gossip calls to friends.

2. Major sales are happening at the stores in town. What does that mean to you?

a. Hightailing it there. You've had half a season of denim-envy, squinting to make out the labels attached to other women's stitched back pockets-it's your last chance to copy them.
b. Nada. You've already done your shopping for the season.
c. A definite addition to your date book, no matter how packed your day. More gear in everyone's closet and more moolah left over for must-have splurges.

3. Crazy day already-and it's only 6:45 a.m. You can only spare a quickie shower and no time to coif. What's your hair plan?

a. air-dry on the go-without a second thought to the frizz that will ensue.
b. Tuck it cutely under a baseball cap you found on hubbie's rack.
c. A dollop of product and a takes-a-second-to-do sleek but chic pony.

4. You're at the supermarket with your three little peeps, ages 7, 5, and 3, when the perfect outing is zapped by your oldest, who insists she must have that neon-colored-made-from-ultra-fake-stuff-nothing-nutritious-about-it snack that you couldn't imagine anyone producing for consumption, let alone finding its way to your princess's stomach. As she digs in her pink Pumas and you stand firm in your own mules, you:

a. watch her adolescent attitude hit an all-time high, then quickly give in to quickly quiet her down.
b. let her hissy play out, then, ignoring any nosy passersby who seem to have nothing better on the agenda, tell her why you're not keen on the choice and that if she's ready to be reasonable, she can choose something else.
c. grunt at her through gritted teeth, completely lose your calm, and stomp out of the store (dragging your three kids by the arms). No kid of yours will ever embarrass you like that, ever.

5. A friend, but not one on your "best" list, is dealing with a mini dilemma with possible major consequences. You:
a. knock wood three times, thanking your lucky stars that the black cloud is not hovering over your white picket fence.
b. are sad for her but you're not crying-rather you're the town crier disseminating all you know to everyone you know.
c. Give her space, then give her a day and a call to empathize. Offer to do what you can, even if it's just subbing for her carpool duty.

6. Who do you feel a Hollywood mommy connection with?
a. Courteney Cox
b. Brooke Shields
c. Denise Richards

7. Your address book is chock full of friends:
a. only with kids-your world revolves around them. Those without see you as strange and vice versa.
b. old and new-you vow to keep ties with your pre-kid set but have made room for a select few mommy pals.
c. by the hundreds. The more (and the more connected) the better, you say.

8. You and your posh posse are lunching to celebrate a BFF's b-day. When the idle chitchat turns to down-and-dirty gossip, you:
a. start slinging the mud, it's way too much fun to resist.
b. as a self-appointed mother hen, give your expert opinion on the subject. You have spoken, hear you roar.
c. pass on the cattiness-take the high road (even though it's almost too tempting).

9. Dinnertime at your house is sit-down and together-time. When the phone jingles with your neighbor ready to dish details about tomorrow's tennis game, should
a. tell your kids, "just a sec" then gab for a minute or two.
b. don't give the ringing a second thought-there's no getting between you and moments with your loved ones.
c. check the caller ID in case of emergency, then let it go to voice mail-you'll call back.

10. For your kid's next birthday, plans include:
a. not much-just a few friends, a few games, and cake, of course.
b. calls to the hottest venues around to book time, (especially if tons of your friends' tots have already partied there).
c. a theme that's all about your little one's likes without going totally all out. Less is more, you always say.
[end # list]
a. 3 b. 1 c. 2

a. 2 b. 1 c. 3

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3

a. 2 b. 3 c. 1

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3

a. 3 b. 1 c. 2

a. 1 b. 3 c. 2

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3

a. 1 b. 3 c. 2

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3

[bhd] 10 – 16
Pre-natal Posh
You're definitely a mom who's all about her kids. You seem to live and breathe for them. Don't get us wrong, we do too, and we think it's a must-have Posh Mom quality-but so is recollecting that you've also got a life and you're in the prime of it. Whether it's hanging with friends, volunteering, working, or just stealing a few secs to catch up on the world (ask a friend without kids to fill you in-oh, that's right, you don't have any), it's vital you focus on the "m" word-not "mommy" but "me." Doing so is far from a luxury, it's an absolute necessity that will actually make you a hotter, hipper parent.
Don't think that your kids will feel abandoned-they'll not only still love you, they'll be proud of you and think you're a whole lot more fun-and you'll be proud of yourself too.
And when you've got more going on for yourself than well-visits to the pediatrician and the germs your kids picked up there, you'll dazzle the dinner party crowd filled with NMs and NDs (non-dads) by being able to jump right into a discussion about a just-released, award-winning film documentary. You might even be a whole new kind of sexy to your husband by putting the kids mostly out of mind when you put them to bed and cozy up to him in yours.
A Posh Mom gets that she's got to be at least minimally primped before heading out the door-clearly you're not yet heading in that direction. Regardless of the time left to primp after rallying the kid troops each morning, you've got to make do and make something out of your 'do, not to mention paying a bit of attention to your outfit, too. Don't go for red carpet style, but do go for presentable at the a.m. drop-off wave. That means learning to groom your locks in a quick but cute style even when they give you sass. It also requires some mix-and-match of-the-moment closet staples that make the what-to-wear scenario a no-brainer. (Like tiny tees and the latest jeans-you can't go wrong and you'll look oh-so-right oh-so-early in the morning.)
You've got your work cut out for you-but you're off to a stellar start. After all, "live for your kids" is our number one Posh Mom motto . Now you've just got to get through mottos 2–14. Remember that while kids are essential to a Posh Mom's existence and are responsible for her eternal bliss, they don't define her. She's got lots to round it out: her man, good friends, fab style, and, of course, an amazing sense of self in all she says and does.

[bhd] 17 – 23
Think You're Posh but You're Not
Easy, rough rider. You want so badly to be fabulous it hurts-you and everyone around you who has to watch. No worries. We're here to help, starting by reining you in. Remember that being a PM is not about putting up appearances or proving that you're posh. It's about thinking it for yourself then letting it work its way out naturally.
It's understandable that you want to be in the know, but you don't have to let everybody know when you are. That's the difference: A PM knows she gets it and that's good enough for her. Listen, why make chain phone calls so you can be the news bearer on the "is it a muffin top or is it her first trimester" status of an acquaintance three-times removed, when you could have been saved up your energy to get busy with your hubby when he got home?
To you, being tapped in means having your tentacles in every social circle you can. You'd rather be exposed to the masses rather than tucked into a private corner table with one or two true pals. You might be staking your social claim, but your kids are not always the beneficiaries. They seem more of an accessory you can cast off (to the babysitter, at a playdate, with your parents) when your social agenda needs attention. Maybe you're scared to be unavailable to the social set who counted on you for advice, friendship, and fun pre-kids, and you want to have lots of entry space in your PDA for all the new moms with little ones. Go ahead, freshen your mani for a girls night out, you deserve it. After all, a PM indulges in kissing the kids goodbye for a time. But don't forget that she does not employ the kiss-off on a regular basis. And there are certain moments (meal times, bedtime, bathtime) that are absolute quality time in which she doesn't let anything interfere. Remember that you have a fabulous family at home who want to dine with you (even if dinner came from a macaroni box) and go drinking (water spiked with O. J.) and hang out all night (books, videos, lullabies, and their attempts to pass out in your bed). And you don't even need to be slotted into their calendar.
When not at home, sometimes it's okay to let a fit play out (as long as it's not so over the top that it will cause the store you're in to start losing clientele), and it's your job as mom to retain complete composure. Yelling, dragging, and under-the-breath expletives are totally uncalled for and completely tacky-not at all indicative of a Posh Mom's demeanor.
Your posh radar is set to ultra-sensitive frequency. You know just where all the town Poshies send their kids to classes, what jeans brand they favor now, what houses they're moving into, and where they travel over the winter and during the summer. And if you can't join them (shop the shop, walk the walk, vacation in the Caribbean), you tell the news to anyone and everyone. Stop it. Every PM thinks for herself. Not every piece of clothing has to be a designer original, but your thoughts and ideas certainly do. And remember, you're setting an example for your kids, who think you spew the gospel. It's your duty to pass posh on to them-the real thing, not the wannabe.

[bhd] 23 – 30
Posh Present and Accounted For
You still got it, baby. You're just as hip and utterly amazing as you were before you got the word you were cooking up a mini posh package. You didn't lose yourself, you just expanded your horizons (and your belly), because being a mom was going to be just as grand as any single or married-without-children life you were leaving behind.
You walk into a room and people notice, but you probably don't even notice they do. Your grace and style are the epitome of posh. You love fashion, live for products and appreciate all they can do, couldn't do without your friends, and treasure your family. Your parenting techniques come so naturally that Oprah's people should be booking you as a guest to share the wealth. But you know it's not as easy as some may think. Sometimes even you don't know where your patience reserve comes from, like the time when you kept composed after the juice box spurted all over the leather seats in the car whose odometer hadn't even reached triple digits.
You had kids when the time was right (or when the pregnancy stick finally read positive), and you appreciate every minute of every day with them. You treat being a mom as the most serious and important position ever, one that even puts the kibosh on other happenings in your life. But you know not to turn down every invite out that doesn't involve the little peeps, since you deem "me time" away from mommy time as tres important. No doubt you get guilt in your gut when you kiss their little cutie faces goodbye, but you know they'll be just fine (you employ the best babysitter out there) and that they'll benefit from a refreshed you.
Your goals are set to earth's reality meter, and you never expect you'll be posh all day, every day-and you don't try. Bad days happen-and when they do, you kick in to automatic mode for today, and plan to start anew tomorrow. Then you plug into your support network. You'll phone your sister or one of your trusted BFFs to vent so you don't take your sour state out on your kids. But most of your days you make good ones. You're not feigning June Cleaver, but you're shooting to make it as good as it gets-for yourself and your family.

[ahd] Moving Forward
Trust us. We get that your days are so jam packed with driving your little Miss and Mr. Daisies, making lunch, planning dinner, managing the house, minding your marriage, attempting to keep a social life, and, oh yes, scheduling your personal to-dos, that there's not time left to put anything else heady on the agenda. Well, make room for this. You'll be glad you did. No plane ticket or full tank of gas necessary to embark on an amazing journey to track down your hip and happening inner self. With it in your sights, you turn inside out so you can start revealing (and dressing the part for) what you're really made of.
You've already taken the very first step: hunkering down to get the lowdown. You answered the questions (a Posh Mom knows she needs to count on herself, so make sure you've answered each question with enduring honesty), then sat through a pretty good dishing about what's posh about you and what's not. Kudos. It's hard for a girl to look in the mirror (except when it's the skinny dressing room variety) and listen to someone else dress her up and down. But we said what we said because Poshies tell the truth to comrades-and the advice and info we dispense as a result will be as valuable as any you get from a dear old friend, one hundred percent for your best.

[quote] Mothers are the most instinctive philosophers.
- - Harriet Beecher Stowe
[end quote]

So be prepared to do some soul searching before you go searching for the perfect jeans. Anyone can have the sense to match up Prada belts and shoes, but that doesn't mean she has the sensitivity to know that her good friend is stressed about an upcoming MRI (most likely nada) even though she insists she's not. Blessed with good sense as well as good style, a Posh Mom is the well-rounded mom and woman. The Posh Mom Mottos on page TK. [Proofreader: need final page number here]
are what she drives toward-and are where PMs in the making and on a maintenance schedule need to begin.

[ahd] Words to Live By: The Posh Mom Mottos
Because of her independent nature, a PM would never subject herself to others' rules of thought. It is perfectly acceptable for her, however, to be in agreement or inspired by those ideas that are particularly well-crafted (modest, aren't we?). So think of the Posh Mom mottos as guides. Individually they are not new news, but together they are a front page story. Read through them, picture yourself partaking, and most important, don't write off any that don't do it for you (a PM never passes judgment). Some of these mottos are aspirations you may deem foreign now, but soon enough they will become second nature. For example, if number four, "Revel in the everyday" seems like too much work, just make it work for you. On those days when your only view of the kids is in the rear-view mirror, where you can see them either experimenting with different ways to buckle while karate starts in five (and sensei gives looks that say "karate chop" to late arrivals) or fighting over the last piece of Double Bubble before one of their other thousand activities, revel in that. Treasure the beautiful, sweet faces-sticky gum mustache, whining, and all. Even though you can't fathom it now, as every older mom who coos at your baby in the Gap tells you, it goes by so bleeping fast.
Write down the mottos on the first page of a fabulous book or journal (ooh, do we feel a shopping trip coming on?). Find one in your favorite color or in a print that charms your vintage capris off. It can have lined pages (for those neat and neurotic Poshies) or blank slates (some PMs do their best thinking when free-wheeling). And get a pen just for this purpose too-one that is off-limits to sticky, pudgy little fingers who like to doodle with anything within reach and will carry it off to toy boxes unknown. Humor us here-even if your preference veers more toward the PDA technique, for this exercise it's necessary to break out penmanship and be in technology-free sync with your thoughts.
Make a cup of cocoa or a hot cup of tea, or have that refreshing glass of soda you've been craving but trying to keep far from your little one's taste buds. Curl up on a favorite chair or perch on the pillows you painstakingly picked out for your bedroom but never seem to be around long enough to lounge on, and have some good old-fashioned "me time" (we knew you could do it).
Your first assignment: Study the mottos. Decide which seem most imminently attainable, including those ideals that may already be ingrained in your every day. Is it true that you tell your kids you love them a hundred times a day, and that you hug them whenever you get a chance (or they let you)? Go girl, onto the next.
A PM juggles any number of these at various times during the day, and you should strive to do the same. Surely a girl can't always put herself on the to-do list, especially when she's putting kids and family first. But Poshie is guilt-free after a day of playing princess and ponies (on her hands and knees and with a saddle on her back), and she doesn't think twice about planning "early to bed" night for the kids-leaving her extra time for online shopping, magazine perusing, or catching up on TiVo. And she sets goals, always reaching higher, whether in the boardroom or the exercise room. This motto thing is no different. Start with one, two, or five mottos a day that you think you can hit. Shoot for seven, then ten, and more. (Hint: For instant gratification-something every PM loves-make one of your must-hit mottos "put yourself on your to-do list." If you're keeping a journal, you're doing just that!)
Work your book like you know you can work a room, in whatever fashion works for you. Make each page about one motto. Or assign pages a day and give your chosen mottos space there. Then recap at the end of the day or the week-whenever and wherever you can find some quiet, private time to write and reflect. (It might be best for you to pick a night of the week for this task and stick to it-maybe one night the kids are spent from a day packed with activities and will likely crash early.) Then crack open the journal and start putting your pretty pen to paper, charting your posh progress.
This exercise is more than patting yourself on the back (although with all the points you're racking up, that action might burn some unwanted calories). A PM is always clued in to what's remarkable-and not-about herself. She walks around with the mottos naturally ingrained in the forefront of her mind-right behind her side-swept bangs-and you should too, eventually. For now, writing it all down at the end of the day will get you dancing to the resulting beat of it and keep you on your soft, just-pumiced toes in the future. Like when you say sayonara to that fourth lunch date for the week and choose instead to pick your daughter up from school (saving her the long, sweaty bus ride home) and then take her out for ice cream. Or when you're about to pop into a meeting at work and you call home to tell the kids you love them instead of taking one last look through your notes. Do either of these, and you've "lived for your kids." When you see a sale sign and sail in, when you count to ten when you really wanted to raise a completely monster-mom voice at your little terrors, or when you dashed into a bookstore to buy the latest best seller for bath time (yours)-all qualify as reaching the mottos and are fodder for your written words.
But don't just spill all the good stuff you're up to. Any Posh Mom knows she's got to face the bad stuff head on if she's going to beat it, just like a bully on the playground needs confrontation. Let's say you were idly gossiping about a chickie in town (who has tried to get a little too friendly with your hubbie at parties), or maybe you said a few choice words to the guy in the pickup who cut you off while your children looked at you wide-eyed. Sometimes seeing "your bads" in black and white makes you face facts and realize you never want to own that horrid behavior again.

[ahd] Get Inspired
Your finely tuned posh radar (poshdar, if you will) allows you to pick up all that's fabulous from people around you. From those tidbits you may be tempted to glean what you like and what you don't, what makes you feel good and what doesn't, what you'd like to emulate and what you wouldn't. And rightly so, it's called inspiration, and a Posh Mom in the making needs to draw on it. Start with the obvious: Magazines, favorite celebrities, characters from movies or books. All are a wealth of information that you can apply to all parts of your everyday, from style, to beauty regimens, to family togetherness, food choices, kids' names, and more.
Then look to other places closer to home: friends, relatives, people you pass in the market or see in the park. Is there anything about them that strikes you as hitting the mark? Use that "she's got it" feeling as your I-can-be-like-her motivation. After all, you want to admire yourself (and have others do the same), too. You know what we're talking about: when you're on the phone with your sister, both sets of kids screaming in the background, and she excuses herself to speak in calm but still strong tones. Your jaw is dropping to the hardwood floor cause her little speech worked, so you give it a try and are astonished that it works in your house, too-and now there's no sending your brood fleeing from the room in fear of losing story privileges that night.

[ahd] Buddy Up
As much as a PM likes her alone time, she also values the companionship of good friends. So don't set off on this ride alone. Enlist the help of a pal you can count on, be completely honest with, and are totally comfortable talking to. After all, you will be divulging your imperfections (few and far between that they are). It would help if she also aspires to be posh, even if she doesn't know it yet. Or better yet, if she's your icon, ride the coattails of her already established Posh Momness. Either way, it might be your sister, your oldest friend, or the newest one you clicked with when you moved to town. It should just be someone you trust with your life-okay, just your lifestyle, but it's still ultra important. It's imperative you hold her opinions in high regard and she should feel the same about yours. A PM values friends who are good listeners and who won't put on a pout if she's truthful (never cruel)-and Posh Mom would only give the same in return. Your posh partner needs to be someone who can tell you (without you minding) that the hair you thought looked so cute in the same updo you sport to sleep in (since college) is just not happening when you're out and about-or that your husband's jean jacket from the eighties (you've had it since you were former high school sweethearts) was cool then-lumberjack flannel lining and all-but is so not now, so stop wearing it. And you should feel you can do the same for her. She's also the one to call and say, "What do you mean you're not going for girls' night out? Get your behind in gear-I'm picking you up in half an hour."
And when you get there, don't feel like you need to strut your stuff at a cranked-up volume-whether that's your rekindled interest in geology or your newly purchased underpinnings. You're just going to be good company 'cause you're starting to think by the seat of your own derriere-lifting jeans-not just by the ones filled with your little one's droopy diaper. Use your journal as ammo when you find yourself falling into the familiar and easy (but boring by now) conversations about preschool and playdates. Talk up the premiere of a TV show you watched, the riveting book you just read (imagine!), or the hottie trainer who just started working at your gym. There's also pleasure in listening with wide opened (and undisturbed) ears to the forays of your friends, as you sit back and sip a cocktail. Cheers!

Anatomy of a Posh Mom
No matter the duds she's donning, these are the innate attributes a Posh Mom wears morning, noon, and night. Check out this checklist like you would another Poshie, from head to toe-this is the picture of posh:

Head (can't see this one, but trust us, it's there)
Chock full of confidence. Aspires to be fabulous, not perfect
Nurturing, loyal, and sometimes worn on her sleeve
Always done-never over coiffed (even when time allows)
Two distinct-and well-groomed-beings
Enough mascara to make up for less than a full night's sleep
Boogie-free, even if her children's are not
Not so glossy as to prevent petite puckers
Never scary, even after a Starbucks pick-me-up
Earrings and Necklace
Gifts from her guy who saw her performance in the delivery room
Never without. Keeps her (relatively) on schedule for carpool or commuting
In a pale shade (best for concealing chips until she can squeeze in a manicure)
Sensational, of the moment, a big splurge, and big enough for her and her kids' essentials
The perfect fit and dark-washed to hide tiny fingerprints.
Covered due to lack of shower shave time
No VPL-ever
Stylish yet not too runway as to cause blisters when carting children and large shopping bags
Fragrance (at wrist and neck)
And an extra spritz on her hair when there's no time to wash.
Her ultimate and most precious accessory.

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