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Living the Questions, second edition: A Guide for Teacher-Researchers / Edition 2

Living the Questions, second edition: A Guide for Teacher-Researchers / Edition 2


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Living the Questions, second edition: A Guide for Teacher-Researchers / Edition 2

Teacher research is an extension of good teaching, observing students closely, analyzing their needs, and adjusting the curriculum to fit the needs of all. In this completely updated second edition of their definitive work, Ruth Shagoury and Brenda Miller Power present a framework for teacher research along with an extensive collection of narratives from teachers engaged in the process of designing and carrying out research projects to inform their instruction.

This edition includes a greater variety of short contributions from a wide range of teacher-researchers -- novices and veterans from all backgrounds and parts of the country -- who speak to the growing diversity in today's classrooms. Threaded throughout the chapters and narratives is a discussion of the emergence of digital tools and their effect on both teaching and the research process, along with an expanded number of research designs.

The book has three primary components: 1.Chapters written by the authors explaining key elements of the research process: finding questions, designing projects, data collection and analysis, and more 2.Research activities that enable readers to try out the featured strategies and techniques 3.Teacher-researcher essays in which teachers share details of completed projects and discuss the impact they have had in their classrooms.

Living the Questions, Second Edition: A Guide for Teacher-Researchers will take you step-by-step through the process of designing, implementing, and publishing your research. Along the way, it will introduce you to dozens of kindred spirits who are finding new passion for teaching by "living the questions" every day in their classrooms. You will be reminded of why you became a teacher yourself.

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ISBN-13: 9781571108463
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
Publication date: 01/13/2012
Edition description: Second Edition, second edition
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 208,622
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 4 - 17 Years

About the Author

Ruth Shagoury (formerly Ruth Shagoury Hubbard) can't imagine anything more fascinating than exploring the minds of children and adolescents as they grow as readers, writers, and language users. Though she teaches new and veteran teachers at Lewis & Clark College (Portland, Oregon), her passion for working with children keeps her connected to classrooms.

As part of her ongoing research, she works as a coresearcher with classroom teachers, spending time each week in public school classrooms. Ruth is committed to helping teachers share their teacher-research with wider audiences to help change the field. She is coauthor with Brenda Power of several books on the topic, including Living the Questions.

She has worked in Andie Cunningham's diverse kindergarten class, investigating English language acquisition, both oral and written. She is coauthor with Andie of the book Starting with Comprehension: Reading Strategies with the Youngest Learners.

For the past 2 years, she has worked in Katie Doherty's middle school classroom in an immigrant community in Portland, Oregon exploring reading and writing workshops with diverse learners. At Lewis & Clark College, Ruth coordinates the Language and Literacy program (with co-director Andie Cunningham), working with preservice elementary and secondary teachers as well as experienced teachers who are working to become reading specialists.

She has published numerous books as well as articles in journals such as Language Arts, Reading Teacher, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Voices from the Middle, Young Children and Anthropology and Education Quarterly. She is a regular contributor to the website Choice Literacy. Besides her work in classrooms and on campus, Ruth is currently committed to helping keep new teachers teaching.

With colleagues at Lewis & Clark College, she initiated a program for beginning teachers based on conversations and support. Her other local work includes serving on the steering committee for Portland Area Rethinking Schools, and collaborating with Headstart teachers as they investigate student-based approaches to early literacy. She is also a Courage to Teach facilitator, leading workshops and retreats based on teacher renewal.

Brenda Power was born in Wayne, Michigan, the daughter of a teacher and engineer. She received her bachelor and master's degrees from Michigan State University, and her doctorate from the University of New Hampshire, where she worked with Donald Graves, Donald Murray, and Thomas Newkirk.

She taught for many years at the University of Maine, leading professional development efforts in local schools, and authored or co-authored a dozen books. Brenda's passion has always been helping teachers bring their work to larger audiences: first, as the founding editor with (Ruth Shagoury) of the Teacher Research journal, and then as an editor at Stenhouse Publishers.

She founded Choice Literacy in 2006 as a multimedia resource for K-12 literacy professional development. Brenda edits a weekly newsletter for literacy leaders, The Big Fresh, with over 50,000 subscribers worldwide.

"I still love teaching and writing, though most of my teaching now involves coaching individual writers," writes Brenda. "The technology remains a challenge for me - I definitely think I was shortchanged in the engineering end of my family gene pool!"

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Chapter 1 Why Teacher Research? 1

Research Workshop

"Celebrating 'Things I Learned Last Week'" 9

Featured Teacher-Researchers

"Teaching and Researching Riffs" Jane A. Kearns 12

"Process Versus Product" Jill Ostrow 15

Chapter 2 Questions Evolving 19

Research Workshops

"What's Coming Apart So It Can Come Back Together?" Ruth Shagoury 26

"Strategies for Working Toward a Research Question" JoAnn Portalupi 30

Featured Teacher-Researchers

"Real Magic: Trusting the Voice of a Young Learner" Susan Harris MacKay 33

"Real Teachers Don't Always Succeed" Annie Keep-Barnes 40

"You Get What You Ask For: The Art of Questioning" Heather Rader 45

"The Power of Wonder Questions" Andrea Smith 49

Chapter 3 Research Designs 53

Research Workshops

"Hanging Around" Brenda Miller Power 72

"Testing the Water with Mini-Inquiry Projects" Jerome C. Harste Christine Leland 74

Featured Teacher-Researchers

Research Plans of Michelle Schardt, Emily Gromko, Sarah Christenson, Christina Wallace 76

Chapter 4 Harvesting Data 91

Research Workshop

"When to Write: Strategies to Find Time for Note Taking" Brenda Miller Power 120

Featured Teacher-Researchers

"Middle School Readers' Mid-Year Surveys" Katie Doherty 124

"Focusing on Student Talk" Sherry Young 127

"Assessment: Inside and Outside Views" Andrea Smith 129

Chapter 5 What Likes What? Data Analysis 135

Research Workshops

"Language Patterns; Reflecting with Transcripts and Wordle" Heather Rader 159

"The Draw a Reader Test: Informal Assessment Supporting Teacher Inquiry" Suzy Kaback 162

Featured Teacher-Researchers

"180-Degree Turn? Or Close to It?" Audrey Alexander 167

"Simple Truths" Ellie Gilbert 169

Chapter 6 Citing a Tea Bag: When Researchers Read 171

Research Workshops

"You're Invited" Kimberly Hill Campbell 178

"What's the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About…?" Melanie Quinn Ruth Shagoury 185

Featured Teacher-Researchers

"Writing a Literature Review: Joining a Conversation in Progress." Jessica Singer Early 180

Chapter 7 Honest Labor: Writing Up Research 187

Research Workshops

"Seeing What Is Not Seen: Another Reason for Writing Up Teacher Research" Ruth Shagoury 200

"Making Deadlines" Julie Housum-Stevens 204

Featured Teacher-Researchers

"5 Easy Steps for Starting a Blog" Mary Lee Hahn Franki Sibberson 205

Chapters 8 Sustaining Research: Building and Extending Research Communities 209

Research Workshop

"A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight': Reflecting on Life Experiences" 223

Featured Teacher-Researchers

"The Anticipation Guide: A Tool for Study Group Leaders" Suzy Kaback 228

"To Fart or Not to Fart: Reflections on Boy Writers" Jennifer Allen 231

Epilogue: Why Not Teacher Research? 235

Appendix: Teacher-Research Designs Catherine Doherty Bitsy Parks Lara Murphy Gloria Trabacca Molly Taylor-Milligan Laura Martinez Saundra Hardy Chrystal Freer Gabi McGregor Ellie Gilbert

Bibliography 269

Index 281

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