Living Together, Living Apart?: Social Cohesion in a Future South Africa

Living Together, Living Apart?: Social Cohesion in a Future South Africa




The current buzz-phrase 'social cohesion' is bandied about with little reflection by South African leaders or spokespeople in politics, business, labour, education, sport, entertainment, or the media. Yet, who would not wish to live in a socially cohesive society? How, then, do we apply this ideal in the daily round when diversity of language, religion, culture, race, and the economy too often supersede our commitment to a common citizenry? How do we live together rather than live apart? Such questions provoke the purpose of the included 'interventions.' The 'interventions'-essays, which are short, incisive, and at times provocative-tackle issues that are pertinent to both living together and living apart: equality and inequality's public pronouncement; xenophobia; safety; chieftaincy in modernity; gender-based abuse; healing; the law; education; identity; sport; new 'national' projects; the role of the arts; and South Africa in the world. In focusing on such issues, the essays point towards the making of a future, in which a critical citizenry is key to a healthy society. Contributors include leading academics and public figures in South Africa today, including: Christopher Ballantine, Ahmed Bawa, Michael Chapman, Jacob Dlamini, Jackie Dugard, Kira Erwin, Nicole Fritz, Michael Gardiner, Gerhard Mare, Monique Marks, Rajend Mesthrie, Bonita Meyersfeld, Leigh-Ann Naidoo, Njabulo S. Ndebele, Kathryn Pillay, Faye Reagon, Brenda Schmahmann, Himla Soodyall, David Spurrett, and Thuto Thipe. [Subject: African Studies, Politics, Literature & the Arts, Sociology, Gender Studies, Xenophobia]

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ISBN-13: 9781869143329
Publisher: University Of KwaZulu-Natal Press
Publication date: 05/01/2017
Pages: 206
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About the Author

Christopher Ballantine, Michael Chapman and Gerhard Maré are professors emeriti who are affiliated to the University of KwaZulu-Natal. They have all published prominently in areas of the humanities and social sciences in South Africa.

Kira Erwin is a researcher at the Urban Futures Centre at the Durban University of Technology. Her publications focus on race, space and urban identities.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction 1

1 At Ease with Being 'Citizen' and 'Human Being' Njabulo S. Ndebele 7

2 Human Variation: What Can We Learn from Genetics? Himla Soodyall Faye Reagon 16

3 Agreeing to Disagree David Spurrett 29

4 The Danger of Empty Words: From Rhetoric to Action Kira Erwin 38

5 What Social Cohesion? Binding through Shared Austerity Gerhard Maré 45

6 Where Walls Don't Divide: Dreaming a Suburban Life Monique Marks 55

7 Bound by Tradition: Chieftaincy in a 'New' South Africa Thuto Thipe 68

8 'AmaNdiya, They're Not South Africans!' Xenophobia and Citizenship Kathryn Pillay 80

9 'Them' and 'Us': Politics, Poetry and the Public Voice Michael Chapman 88

10 'Urban Cool!': Social Bridging in Language Rajend Mesthrie 101

11 Sounds Like a Better Future: Musicking for Social Change Christopher Ballantine 110

12 Embroidering Controversy: The Politics of Visual Imaging Brenda Schmahmann 122

13 Broad Social Agency: A Way to a Better Society Ahmed Bawa 134

14 Coercion or Cohesion? Educators in a Democracy Michael Gardiner 145

15 Sexual Harassment and Violence: Higher Education as a Social Microcosm Jackie Dugard Bonita Meyersfeld 153

16 The 'Hidden' Curriculum of South African Sport Leigh-Ann Naidoo 162

17 The Global Obligations We Owe: A Source of Domestic Cohesion? Nicole Fritz 173

18 The Death of Jacob Dlamini Jacob Dlamini 183

Notes on Contributors 195

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