Living Words: A Spiritual Source Book for an Age of Terror

Living Words: A Spiritual Source Book for an Age of Terror



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ISBN-13: 9780966430622
Publisher: JFL Books, Inc.
Publication date: 06/28/2002
Pages: 167
Product dimensions: 5.44(w) x 9.36(h) x 0.51(d)

Table of Contents

Addressing a War on Terrorism
The War Against Evil and Ethical Constraints1
This War Is About Religion and Cannot Be Won Without It5
Our Own House Needs Order9
In Judaism, There Are Always Rules13
Rules for Our Sake, Not for Our Enemies16
God Is in the Rubble20
The Proper Blessing for Terror23
Prayer in Response to Terror26
Rethinking Liberty in the Age of Terrorism31
Understanding the Power of Words of War36
A Light Unto the Nation40
Learning and Teaching
Helping Children Cope with a Violent World48
Looking Within52
Ritual, Text, and Creativity59
A Lesson Plan on Fighting Terrorism64
Books That Help Us Understand "The Other" and Participate in Repairing Our Broken World69
High Holiday Reflections
From Deadly Fire to Divine Sparks76
Transcending the Evil Decree85
Moments of Eternity94
A Bible's View of Living in a New and Fearful World103
The Yom Kippur World Order110
Reaching the Opposite Shore118
Enduring Unspeakable Loss126
A Knife in the Heart134
Are We Ready to Get Up from "Shiva" Yet?141
"Unetaneh Tokef"149
Living Well in Our "Dalet Amot"160
Contributors to Living Words IV
Editorial Board and Advisory Group of Sh'ma
Subscription Form for Sh'ma
Order Form for Next Volume of Living Words
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