L.L. Bean Outdoor Photography Handbook

L.L. Bean Outdoor Photography Handbook


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L.L. Bean Outdoor Photography Handbook by Jim Rowinski, Kate Rowinski

For those nature lovers who wish to record their adventures and discoveries on film (which is just about everyone), the L.L. Bean Outdoor Photography Handbook offers the best practical advice and instruction for quality results. Now updated and expanded to include instruction for digital photography, the book covers the gamut on the issues facing the outdoor photographer: dealing with changing lighting conditions and contrast, setting exposures and manipulating the image, handling equipment outdoors and selecting the right film for the subject, and creating close-ups and dealing with distances. For the 35mm or digital enthusiast, this text will teach you how to come home with your best shots ever.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781592283132
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2007
Series: L. L. Bean Series
Edition description: REV
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Jim Rowinski is the former Director of Fly Fishing for L. L. Bean and past Coordinator of the L. L. Bean Fly Fishing Schools. Jim’s photo credits include numerous national magazines, catalogs, calendars and seven books as the principal photographer. He has taught photography and fly casting since 1980, and wrote “The L. L. Bean Guide to Outdoor Photography” with his wife, Kate. He and Kate live in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Kate Rowinski is a writer and catalog consultant, and author of several children’s books. The Rowinskis live in Virginia.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     ix
Introduction     xi
How to Use This Book     xiii
Exposure, Light, and Film     1
Painting with Light     2
Measuring ana Controlling Light     4
Shutter Speed     4
Aperture     7
Light Conditions     10
Bright Sunlight     10
High-Contrast Subjects     10
Back Lighting     12
Low Light     14
What Is Film?     15
Choosing the Right Film     16
Color Slide Film     16
Color Print Film     16
Black-and-White Film     17
Film Attributes     17
Speeds     17
Color Sensitivity     18
Equipment     21
The Camera     22
Exposure Control     22
Metering Methods     23
Shutter Speeds     23
Focusing Screens and Viewfinder Accessories     24
Manual or Auto-Focus?     24
Depth-of-Field Preview     24
Motor Drives     25
Lenses     25
Angle of View     25
Wide-Angle Lenses     26
Short Telephoto Lenses     26
Long Telephoto Lenses     26
Zoom Lenses     27
Camera Supports     27
Filters     29
Skylight Filters     30
Polarizing Filters     31
Warming Filters     31
Neutral-Density Filters     32
Motor Drives     32
Other Accessories     33
Composition and Perspective     35
Identifying Your Subject     37
Form and Light     39
Perspective: Choosing Your Vantage Point     41
The Rule of Thirds: Subject Placement     43
The Power of Lines, Texture, and Repetition     46
Format     50
The Landscape     53
Basic Landscape Design     54
Simplify, Simplify, Simplify     54
Illustrating Scope     57
Illustrating Depth     59
The Ever-Changing Light     62
The Edge of Light     63
Weather     65
Special Places     65
Mountains     66
Canyons     67
Seascapes     69
Moving Water     70
Deep Forests      70
Fall Foliage     73
Close-Up Photography     75
Equipment     76
Composition     78
Depth of Field     83
Lighting     85
Natural Light     86
Artificial Light     88
Shooting Wildlife     91
Equipment     92
Animal Nature     96
Stalking and Concealment     100
Getting the Great Shot     102
People in the Outdoors     105
Faces     106
Composition     109
Lighting     112
Special Conditions     116
Winter     116
Water     117
People in Action     117
Encountering the Unusual     121
Wild Skies     121
Virga, Rainbows, and Clouds     122
Sunrises and Sunsets     124
Lightning     125
Following the Heavens     126
Star Trails     127
The Moon     127
The Sun and Solar Eclipses     130
Aerial Photography     130
The Special Challenges of Fieldwork     133
Basic Camera Packs      133
Coping with Weather     134
Cold     134
Heat     137
Humidity     139
Keeping Your Equipment Clean     140
Dust and Sand     140
Water     141
Storage and Display of Prints and Slides     145
Storage     146
Slides     146
Prints     147
Display     147
The Slide Show     147
Prints     149
Digital Technology and the Digital Camera     151
The Digital Camera     153
Megapixels     153
Memory     154
Zoom     156
Exposure     158
Choosing Your Camera     159
Point-and-Shoot Cameras     159
The Next Level     160
Advanced Cameras and Professional SLRs     160
Capturing and Sharing Your Digital Pictures     163
Direct Printing to a Printer with a USB Connection     163
Memory Card Slots     164
Docking Stations     164
Transferring Images to Your Computer     165
Downloading to an On-line Photo Service     165
Making the Most of Your Images      166
File Formats     169
Choosing a Desktop Printer     171
Organization and Storage     174
Glossary     177
Index     187

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