Llewellyn's 2014 Moon Sign Book: Conscious Living by the Cycles of the Moon

Llewellyn's 2014 Moon Sign Book: Conscious Living by the Cycles of the Moon


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Since 1905, Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book has helpedmillions take advantage of the Moon’s dynamic energies. Use this essential life-planning tool to choose the best dates for almost anything: getting married, buying or selling your home, requesting a promotion, applying for a loan, traveling, having surgery, seeing the dentist, picking mushrooms, and much more. With lunar timing tips on planting and harvesting and a guide to companion plants, this popular guide is also a gardener’s best friend. In addition to New and Full Moon forecasts for the year, you’ll find insightful articles on growing a tea garden, cultivating roses, organic and natural food labeling, the Moon and earthquakes, outer planets in water signs, and Greek lunar folklore.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738721545
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
Publication date: 07/08/2013
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 823,695
Product dimensions: 5.34(w) x 7.96(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Llewellyn Publications has grown and expanded into new areas of personal growth and transformation since it began as the Portland School of Astrology in 1901. Along with the strong line of astrology books the company was founded upon, Llewellyn publishes books on everything from alternative health and healing, Wicca and Paganism, to metaphysics and the paranormal-and since 1994 has published a growing list of Spanish-language titles.

Llewellyn has long been know as one of America's leading publishers of New Age books, producing a wide variety of valuable tools for transformation of the mind, body and spirit. Reach for the Moon-and discover that self-help and spiritual growth is what Llewellyn is all about.

Table of Contents

What's Different About the Moon Sign Book? 5

Weekly Almanac 7

Gardening by the Moon 61

A Guide to Planting 69

Companion Planting Guide 73

Moon Void-of-Course Kim Rogers-Gallagher 75

Moon Void-of-Course Tables 76

The Moon's Rhythm 82

Moon Aspects 83

Moon Signs 83

More About Zodiac Signs 90

Good Timing Sharon Leah 92

Personalizing Elections 93

Llewellyn's Astro Almanac 94

Astro Almanac 95

Choose the Best Time for Your Activities 107

How to Use the Moon Tables and Lunar Aspectarian 129

The Five Basic Steps 130

Using What You've Learned 133

A Note About Time and Time Zones 134

January-December Moon Tables, Lunar Aspectarian, Favorable & Unfavorable Days 136

2014 Retrograde Planets 160

Egg-Setting Dates 161

Dates to Hunt and Fish 162

Dates to Destroy Weeds and Pests 163

Time Zone Map 164

Time Zone Conversions 165

Weather, Economic & Lunar Forecasts 166

Forecasting the Weather Kris Brandt Riske 167

Weather Forecast for 2014 Kris Brandt Riske 171

Economic Forecast for 2014 Christeen Skinner 215

New and Full Moon Forecasts for 2014 Sally Cragin 234

2014 Moon Sign Book Articles 249

The Moon as Calendar and Timepiece Susan Pesznecker 250

Ancient World Lunar Myths Sally Cragin 256

The Moon and Earthquakes Bruce Scofield 266

Natal Moon Sign and the Path to Trust Amy Herring 273

Extreme Weather and the Outer Planets Carole Schwalm 283

Natal Ceres Sign and Your Relationship to Food Michelle Perrin Astrology Detective 288

Growing Roses Misty Kuceris 301

The Rich Flavor of Tea Gardens Charlie Rainbow Wolf 307

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