Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras: Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution

Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras: Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution

by Cyndi Dale


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The Ultimate Guide to Chakras and Energy Systems

As powerful centers of subtle energy, the chakras have fascinated humanity for thousands of years. Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras is a unique and empowering resource that provides comprehensive insights into these foundational sources of vitality and strength. Discover what chakras and chakra systems are, how to work with them for personal growth and healing, and the ways our understanding of chakras has transformed throughout time and across cultures.

Lively and accessible, this definitive reference explores the science, history, practices, and structures of our subtle energy. With an abundance of illustrations and a wealth of practical exercises, Cyndi Dale shows you how to use chakras for improving wellness, attracting what you need, obtaining guidance, and expanding your consciousness.


"In one thoroughly researched and beautifully written book you can learn...what it took ancient seekers a lifetime to uncover."—Steven A. Ross, PhD, CEO of the World Research Foundation and author of And Nothing Happened...But You Can Make It Happen

"A shining constellation of timeless wisdom and brilliant insights on chakras. This groundbreaking book is an essential conduit to whole-self healing."—Dr. Deanna Minich, founder of Food & Spirit

"Expertly researched, well written, and easy to understand. The go-to guide for understanding subtle energy systems."—Madisyn Taylor, bestselling author and editor-in-chief of DailyOM

"Cyndi's exploration of cross-cultural systems is stunningly complete...Very impressive."—Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738739625
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 11/08/2015
Series: Llewellyn's Complete Book Series , #9
Pages: 1056
Sales rank: 304,087
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 10.00(h) x 2.70(d)

About the Author

Cyndi Dale (Minneapolis, MN) is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant. She is president of Life Systems Services, through which she has conducted over 65,000 client sessions and presented training classes throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Cyndi is the author of more than a dozen books, including Llewellyn's Little Book of Chakras, The Spiritual Power of Empathy, and Awaken Clairvoyant Energy.

Table of Contents

Introduction 20

Section 1: Chakra Fundamentals and Basic Practices 26
Part I: What Are Chakras? A Pocket Guide to Your Body’s Points of Light 27
Chakras: One of the Three Subtle Energy Systems of the Body 28
Chapter 1: Your Spinning Wheels of Light 31
What Is a Chakra? 33
Chakra Structure 36
What Does the Spin of a Healthy Chakra Look Like? 40
The Three Main Functions of the Chakras 42
Deeper into Chakras and Energy 51
A Scientific Perspective of Chakras 54
A Thumbnail History of the Chakras 58
Subtle Energy Across Time 60
A Snapshot of the Chakras 66
Chapter 2: What Is Kundalini? The "Rainbow Serpent" That Activates Our Chakras 72
The Rainbow Serpent: Climbing the Chakra Ladder 74
The Sheaths of Enlightenment 78
The Love Story of the Chakras: Shiva and Shakti 79
The Benefits—and Challenges—of a Kundalini Awakening 82

Part II: The Hindu Chakra System 89
Chapter 3: The Stories Inside You: The Hindu Chakra System 91
What’s in a Chakra? 92
The Development and Activation of Our Chakras 99
The Chakra Powers: Psychic Senses and the Siddhi 105
An Outline of Contemporary Psychic Abilities 110
Psychology, Personality, and the Chakras 114
Chapter 4: Muladhara—The First Hindu Chakra 118
Most Familiar Sanskrit Name and Meaning 119
Other Names 119
Location 119
Purpose 121
Color 121
Chakra Activation 121
Associated Gland 123
Body Parts Managed 124
Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 124
Action Organ 124
Vital Breath 124
Related Diseases 124
Psychological Functions 125
Associated Archetypes 126
Personality Profile 126
Deficiencies and Excesses of the First Chakra 126
When the First Chakra Is Balanced 127
Muladhara Symbols: The First Chakra Yantra 129
Muladhara’s Component Parts 130
Cosmic Realm or Plane 131
Ruling Goddess(es) 131
Ruling God(s) 132
Ruling Planet 132
Granthi (Knot) 132
Intuitive Abilities 133
Subtle Body Partners 134
Chapter 5: Svadhisthana—The Second Hindu Chakra 137
Most Familiar Sanskrit Name and Meaning 137
Other Names 137
Location 138
Purpose 139
Color 139
Chakra Activation 139
Associated Gland 139
Body Parts Managed 140
Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 140
Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 141
Action Organ 142
Vital Breath 142
Related Diseases 142
Psychological Functions 142
Associated Archetypes 144
Personality Profile 144
Deficiencies and Excesses of the Second Chakra 144
When the Second Chakra Is Balanced 145
Svadhisthana Symbols: The Second Chakra Yantra 145
Svadhisthana’s Component Parts 145
Cosmic Realm or Plane 148
Ruling Goddess(es) 148
Ruling God(s) 149
Ruling Planet 150
Granthi (Knot) 150
Intuitive Abilities 150
Subtle Body Partners 151
Chapter 6: Manipura—The Third Hindu Chakra 153
Most Familiar Sanskrit Name and Meaning 153
Other Names 154
Location 154
Purpose 154
Color 155
Chakra Activation 156
Associated Gland 156
Body Parts Managed 156
Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 158
Action Organ 158
Vital Breath 158
Related Diseases 158
Psychological Functions 159
Associated Archetypes 160
Personality Profile 160
Deficiencies and Excesses of the Third Chakra 161
When the Third Chakra Is Balanced 161
Manipura Symbols: The Third Chakra Yantra 161
Manipura's Component Parts 162
Cosmic Realm or Plane 163
Ruling Goddess(es) 163
Ruling God(s) 164
Manipura's Ruling Planet 164
Granthi (Knot) 164
Intuitive Abilities 165
Subtle Body Partners 165
Chapter 7: Anahata—The Fourth Hindu Chakra 168
Most Familiar Sanskrit Name and Meaning 168
Other Names 169
Location 169
Purpose 170
Color 171
Chakra Activation 171
Associated Gland(s) 171
Body Parts Managed 172
Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 176
Action Organ 176
Vital Breath 176
Related Diseases 176
Psychological Functions 176
Associated Archetypes 177
Personality Profile 177
Deficiencies and Excesses of the Fourth Chakra 178
When the Fourth Chakra Is Balanced 178
Anahata Symbols: The Fourth Chakra Yantra 178
Anahata’s Component Parts 179
Cosmic Realm or Plane 180
Ruling Goddess(es) 180
Ruling God(s) 180
Ruling Planet 180
Granthi (Knot) 180
Intuitive Abilities 181
Subtle Body Partners 182
Chapter 8: Vishuddha—The Fifth Hindu Chakra 187
Other Names 188
Location 188
Purpose 188
Color 188
Chakra Activation 188
Associated Gland 189
Body Parts Managed 190
Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 191
Action Organ 191
Vital Breath 191
Related Diseases 191
Psychological Functions 191
Associated Archetypes 192
Personality Profile 192
Deficiencies and Excesses of the Fifth Chakra 193
When the Fifth Chakra Is Balanced 194
Vishuddha Symbols: The Fifth Chakra Yantra 194
Vishuddha’s Component Parts 195
Cosmic Realm or Plane 196
Ruling Goddess(es) 196
Ruling God(s) 196
Ruling Planet 198
Granthi (Knot) 199
Intuitive Abilities 199
Subtle Body Partners 200
Chapter 9: Ajna—The Sixth Hindu Chakra 203
Most Familiar Sanskrit Name and Meaning 204
Other Names 204
Location 204
Purpose 204
Color 205
Chakra Activation 205
Associated Gland 205
Body Parts Managed 211
Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 211
Action Organ 211
Vital Breath 211
Related Diseases 211
Psychological Functions 212
Archetypes 212
Personality Profile 213
Deficiencies and Excesses of the Sixth Chakra 213
When the Sixth Chakra Is Balanced 213
Ajna Symbols: The Sixth Chakra Yantra 213
Ajna's Component Parts 215
Cosmic Realm or Plane 215
Ruling Goddess(es) 216
Ruling God(s) 216
Ruling Planet 216
Granthi (Knot) 216
Intuitive Abilities 217
Subtle Energy Partners 218
Chapter 10: Sahasrara—The Seventh Hindu Chakra 225
Most Familiar Sanskrit Name and Meaning 226
Other Names 226
Location 227
Purpose 227
Color 227
Chakra Activation 227
Associated Gland 228
The Pineal Gland: Sahasrara's Endocrine Gland 228
Body Parts Managed 239
Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 239
Action Organ 239
Vital Breath 239
Related Diseases 239
Psychological Functions 240
Archetypes 241
Personality Profile 241
Deficiencies and Excesses of the Seventh Chakra 242
When the Seventh Chakra Is Balanced 242
Sahasrara Symbols: The Seventh Chakra Yantra 243
Sahasrara Component Parts 247
Cosmic Realm or Plane 249
Ruling Goddess(es) 249
Ruling God(s) 249
Ruling Planet 250
Granthi (Knot) 250
Intuitive Abilities 250
Subtle Body Partners 251
Kundalini Matures: An Overview 256

Part III: Fundamentals of Chakra Medicine 260
Chapter 11:Why Are Chakras Important? The Benefits of Chakra Medicine 263
The Far-Reaching Benefits of Chakra Medicine 264
Chakra Medicine: Your Lexicon of Terms 276
Chapter 12: Chakra Medicine Methods I: Preparation and Analysis 280
The Chakra Medicine Building Blocks: From "A" to "Z" 281
The Four Intuitive Styles 290
Locating the Chakras 292
Evaluating Issues Through the Chakras 294
Chapter 13: Chakra Medicine Methods II: Healing 312
Chakra Cleansing 313
Pulling Out or Moving Chakra Energy 319
Energizing or Charging the Chakras 321
The Light Wand: A Universal Sewing Kit 322
Aligning the Chakras 323
Beliefs and Your Chakra Anatomy 326
Chapter 14: Chakra Medicine Practices: Eastern Methods 335
The Yamas and Niyamas: The Importance of Living a Clean Life 335
Pranayama: The Breath of Spirit 337
Mudras: Signs of the Soul 345
Making Use of the Eyes 353
The Four Bandhas 356
Chakra-Focused Asanas 358
Chapter 15: Chakra Techniques: From Mantras to Gemstones—and Everything in Between 368
Mantras and More: The Music of the Spheres 368
Yantras: The Shapes and Colors of Light 372
Reiki Symbols for Your Chakras: Another Form of Yantras 377
Archetype Healing Through the Chakras 379
Homeopathy as Chakra Medicine 381
The Power of Flowers 383
Chakra Flower Essences, Gemstones, and Oils 396

Section 2: Chakras in Depth—Historical, Scientific, and Cross-Cultural Understandings 405
Part IV: The History of Chakra Knowledge Through the Lens of Ancient India 407

Chapter 16: Ancient Vedic Scripture: The Four Canons 409
The East Indian Backdrop: The Four Main Vedic Scriptures 410
Dating the Vedic Canons 413
The People Behind Vedic Scripture: Who Was There "In the Beginning?" 416
A Key Philosophy of the Vedic Scriptures: The Yugas 420
The Rig Veda and the Chakras: The First Appearance 424
Echoes of the Vedas in Other Parts of the World 426
The Evolution of the Hindu Gods 428
Chapter 17: Chakras Taking Form—Divining Three Movements from the Upanishads and Other Early Sacred Texts 434
Ancient Tantric and Yogic Developments: A Brief History in Relation to Orthodox Hinduism 436
The Upanishads: Vedic Underpinnings of Chakra Magic 441
The Earliest Upanishads: Roots of Chakra Consciousness 446
Mid-Range Upanishads 451
Non-Vedic Texts from Ancient Times 461
Chapter 18: Following the Light of Tantra and Yoga 465
What Is Tantra? 466
A History of Tantra 470
A Closer Look at the "Hands" and Divisions of Tantra 475
A Review of Vedic "Versus" Tantric Traditions: Differences and Similarities 478
A Sketch of Yoga 480

Part V: The Science of Subtle Energy 487
Chapter 19: Your Energy Primer: Understanding Physical and Subtle Energy (And a Few Matters in Between) 490
Critical Definitions 492
A Primer on Energy: Toward a Working Definition 495
The Apple Universe: Classical Physics 498
Laws of Classical Physics 513
The Orange Universe: Quanta and More 516
Laws of the Orange Universe 517
Toward Explaining Subtle Energy 522
The Multidimensional Model: Subtle Levels Between the Physical and Heavenly 545
Did Earlier Peoples Harness Subtle Energy? 548
Chapter 20: Chakras as Part of the Subtle Energy Anatomy 555
The Big Picture: Meet the Family of Subtle Energy Structures 556
The Subtle Channels 557
The Energetic Fields 574
Energy Bodies in Addition to the Chakras 581
A Snapshot of the Energetic Anatomy 593
Chapter 21: The Science and Structure of Chakras 596
Chakras as Psychophysiological Organs 597
Chakras and Fields and Frequencies 614
Chakras and Embryonic Development 636
The Structure of the Chakras 641
Chapter 22: Kundalini Rises—The Chakra Serpent 650
Kundalini in Indian Literature: The Mother of Love 651
A Homeward Journey 654
The Stages of the Kundalini Climb 655
Kundalini in the Body: The Science of the Shakti 682
Beyond the Science: The Snake as Transcendent 697

Part VI: Chakra Systems of Asia 701
Chapter 23: Chakra Systems of India 703
The Kriya Yoga System: Of Chakras and Kshetras 705
The "Spock" Points: Ayurvedic Marmani and the Chakras 708
Shaivism: Hinduism Emerging from India 717
Guru Gorakshanath: A Nine-Chakra System 727
Chapter 24: Tibet: Indian Tantra Meets Buddhism 732
Buddhism: A Backgrounder 732
Tibetan Buddhism and the Channel Wheels 739
Meeting the Medicine Buddha: The Tibetan Buddhist Medical System 747
Channel Wheels Versus Chakras: Differences Between Systems 751
Kalachakra Tantra: Stars Across Time 755
Himalayan Bonpo: A Tibetan Energy System 766
Chapter 25: Other Asian Chakra Systems 771
Taoist Alchemy and the Microcosmic Orbit 772
Reflexology and the Chakras 783
Zen: Meditation Buddhism 784
The Korean Chakra System 786
Thai Massage and Energy Lines 791
From Japan: Shiatsu 791
Kubota Healing System: A Chakra Blend 793
Choa Kok Sui: Pranic Healing 794
Part VII: Ancient Chakra Systems Across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas 797
Chapter 26: The African Continent 800
The Kamitic Tree of Life 802
Early Egyptian Energetics 803
Zulu Energy Bodies 809
The Yoruba Chakra System 810
Chapter 27: Chakra Systems of Old Europe 817
Scandinavian Chakras: The Vikings Go Esoteric 818
Celtic Chakras 822
Greek Chakras 823
Traditions Related to Greek and Other Western Thought 830
Christian Chakras 836
Chapter 28: The Middle East 840
Zoroastrian Chakras: The Holy Immortals 842
Sufi Chakras: The Lata'f 849
The Jewish Kabbalah and Sephiroth 857
Chapter 29: Chakra Medicine in the Americas 864
North American Chakra Medicine Concepts 865
Hopi Chakras 866
The Tsalagi (Cherokee) Energy System 869
The Sioux Nation: Energies of Spirit 873
The Iroquois: "The Mystic Potence" 874
Intertribal Centers of Higher Knowing 875
Mesoamerican Chakra Systems 878
Huichol Indians and the Light of the Gods 880
The Ancient Mayan Chakra System 884
South American Chakras: The Andean Chakra Systems 889
Part VIII: Modern Western Chakra Systems 914
Chapter 30: Early Western Mystics and Esoteric Orders 918
A Profile of Paracelsus: A Mystical Light Bridging East and West 918
A Foundational Esoteric Order: The Rosicrucians 921
The Order of the Freemasons 932
The Early "Easterner:" Johann eorg Gichtel 935
Swedenborgiasm: Representing the Spiritual World 940
Mesmerism: Of Hypnotherapy and Animal Magnetism 942
Homeopathy: Like Cures Like 943
Odinism: Nature’s Unceasing Natural Force 944
The Golden Dawn 944
Manly Hall Integrates Chakras—Across Time 945
Spiritism: Communicating with the Dead 947
Chapter 31: The Theosophical Society 949
An Early Theosophist: Helena Blavatsky 950
The "Soul" Theosophist: Alice Bailey 955
Charles Leadbeater: Theosophical Giant 970
Chapter 32: Chakras Come of Age in the West 990
The Later "Easterner:" Sir Arthur Avalon 991
Education and Beyond: Rudolf Steiner 993
The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E ) and the Sleeping Prophet 1002
The "Fourth Way:" The Subtle Anatomy Opens a New Path 1010
Psychology Opens Its Doors: Carl Jung 1010
The New Age: The Culminating Movement 1014
Chakra Psychology: Christopher Hills 1017
Putting It All Together: Anodea Judith 1019
Spiritual Traditions Front and Center: Carolyn Myss 1021
NASA Scientist Describes Energy: Barbara Ann Brennan 1027
East Is West: Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD 1030
Chakras Around the Body: My Own Twelve-Chakra System 1034
David Furlong: Adding an Earth Chakra 1037
Katrina Raphaell et al: Transpersonal Chakras Make a "Stand" 1038
The Subtranspersonal Chakras 1039
The Hara Line 1040
Chakra Changes over Time 1045

Part IX: Chakras "Et Cetera:" Natural and Unusual Chakras 1048
Chapter 33: Chakras in Nature 1050
Chakras and the Earth's Songlines 1052
What Do Earth Chakras Look Like? 1064
The Effects of Earth Chakras 1065
Earth Chakra Systems 1068
The Keys of Enoch: Chakras and The Egyptian Mysteries 1074
Crop Circles and Other Metaphysical Earth Art: Images from the Stars? Or … 1076
Of Earth and Sky: Rudolf Steiner's Astrogeographia System 1079
Animal Chakras: The Energy of Our Earth Friends 1083
Twenty-one Minor Chakras 1085
Bud Chakras 1085
Chapter 34: The New and Unusual Chakras and Chakra Systems 1086
Unusual Chakras: A Sign of Times to Come? 1087
The Expanded Twelve-Chakra System 1095
Amazing Energetic Bodies 1103
Emerging Systems of Kundalini 1111
A Final Note: An Emerging Paradigm of Unified Energetics 1112
Conclusion: Your "Great Perhaps" 1114

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