Local Knowledge Matters: Power, Context and Policymaking in Indonesia

Local Knowledge Matters: Power, Context and Policymaking in Indonesia


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Local Knowledge Matters the critical role that local knowledge plays in public policy processes as well as its role in the co-production of policy relevant knowledge with the scientific and professional communities.The authors consider the mechanisms used by local organisations and the constraints and opportunities they face, exploring what the knowledge-to-policy process means, who is involved and how different communities can engage in the policy process. Ten diverse case studies are used from around Indonesia, addressing issues such as forest management, water resources, maritime resource management and financial services. By making extensive use of quotes from the field the book allows the reader to examine the perspectives and beliefs of community members around local knowledge and its effects on individual and community life.

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ISBN-13: 9781447348078
Publisher: Bristol University Press
Publication date: 08/04/2018
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.75(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Kharisma Nugroho is a research associate at the Indonesian Alliance for Policy Research (ARK Indonesia). Fred Carden is principal at Using Evidence Inc. Hans Antlov is technical advisor at RTI International’s Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia.

Table of Contents

Acronyms v

Foreword Leonard VH Tampubolon vii

Preface xi

1 Introduction: local knowledge matters! 1

Knowledge in policy processes 6

Types of knowledge in policy processes 11

Knowledge hierarchies 14

The knowledge sector in Indonesia 20

Local knowledge in policy making in Indonesia 22

Outline of the book 24

2 Forms of knowledge and policy Influence 29

Types of knowledge in public policy making 30

A typology of knowledge 32

The interaction between knowledge sources: local knowledge and citizen participation 39

Knowledge-to-policy processes and local knowledge 40

Conclusions 42

3 Local knowledge in democratic policy making 43

The study of meaning and local knowledge 44

Public decision making, bureaucratic power and local knowledge 46

Working politically 48

Local knowledge and participatory development 53

Conclusion 57

4 Stories of local knowledge 59

Case study 1 Water for all - Perkumpulan Pikul (Pikul Association) 60

Case study 2 'Baleo! Baleo! Baleo!' - Poros Photo 63

Case study 3 Pranata Mangsa: When traditional knowledge meets science - Centre for Anthropological Studies, University of Indonesia (PUSKA UI) 65

Case study 4 Fish sovereignty in sasi Iompa, Haruku - Centre for Regional Studies and Information (Pattiro), Jakarta 69

Case study 5 The river that brings life to the city - Institute for Islamic and Society Studies (LK3), Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan 73

Case study 6 Wisdom fends off disaster in Pakis village - Bandung Institute for Governance Studies (BIGS) 75

Case study 7 Revitalising Keujruen Blang - Centre for Education and Community Studies (PKPM), Aceh 78

Case study 8 Blessings from mawah - Foundation for People's Welfare (YKU), Aceh Besar 81

Case study 9 Zero compromise in Torong Besi - Centre for Politics and Government, Gadjah Mada University (POLGOV UGM) 83

Case study 10 Traditional insurance - Lembaga Advokasi HIV/AIDS (LAMA) Institute for HIV/AIDS Advocacy, Kendari 85

5 Generating and managing local knowledge 89

Generating local knowledge 89

Interaction and adaption with the local environment 92

Interaction between forms of knowledge 95

Locality and origin 98

The political economy of generating and managing local knowledge 103

Methods and instruments to codify information and knowledge 106

Methods and instruments to manage information and knowledge 111

Conclusions 116

6 Using local knowledge in policy making 119

How is local knowledge communicated? 119

Who to influence 127

The politics of local knowledge to policy 130

7 Conclusion: Improving public policy through local assets 139

Knowledge assets and strategies 142

New roles, new rules 146

Going forward: a level playing field 147

References 153

Index 167

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