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by Stephen P. Dunn

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This collection of 41 poems is the sixth volume of poetry from Dunn, who teaches at a state college in New Jersey and in a graduate writing program at Columbia. Dunn uses a simple vocabulary and a direct, accessible voice to evoke the passions and ruptures of lovers, and to narrate events in his own and his family's lives. He writes about a couple after an argument, when each is drawn to the other yet is unwilling to compromise; he describes what happens to love over time, and what men talk about among themselves. In ``The Gulf'' a man bemoans his lack of understanding of what a woman endures, physically and emotionally, each menstruating month. Elsewhere, Dunn writes in verse that verges on prose about the year his father was unemployed and made friends over the phone with an obscene caller. In a steady, unpretentious voice, Dunn reexamines occurrences of everyday life. (March 31)
Library Journal - Library Journal
When we get weary of some conversation we often say ``You don't have to go on and on about it''something we often do ourselves. As television detective Maxwell Smart would say, ``It's the old on and on trick.'' Halliday's poems are like interminable conversations, and though there are probably a thousand ways to write any poem, conversations we might enjoy having over the fence with a neighbor are not necessarily of interest to anyone else. We don't need a vista to the horizon to appreciate the small flowers at our feet. There are some wonderful lines and good poems here, but perhaps the poet's statement in the poem ``Get It Again'' sums up this book: ``you got the point some time ago.'' He's right. W. R. Wilkins, P.L. of Pasco , Washington

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